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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 12, 2018

Deliberate Deception!!!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again grey, cool, drying island of Nantucket! Great to be with you once again on a meteorological transition day here on this blessed sand bar; the driving torrents of rain exiting the region a few moments ago.  Indeed, joyfully broadcasting LIVE from mid-Cape–historic and ever quaint Centerville–on this gloomy Monday morning, Twelfth Day of February, 2018.  Just a few days before Hallmark’s big “Valentine’s Day” here in the good ‘ole US of A.

“I love you!”

Deep State deception chugging along “Agenda 21/30″ path unabated.  With “5G” on the radiated horizon, that card from Hallmark will most likely contain (or already does), an RFID chip in line with the coming attraction, “the internet of things”, where everyone, everything, under the sun, will be connected.  That means you too brothers and sisters! Step right up folks, your ‘Mark of the Beast’, I mean ‘real ID’ is ready for your enjoyment, convenience, compliance, new and improved ’speed’… Hallelujah! Yes, at long last those closed Sam Club’s, Wal-Mart’s and other corporate quasi government entities will be retooled for the implementation and execution of mass micro-chipping the U.S. population, (if the EL-ite’s have their way!).  Make no mistake about it folks, this threat is very real and ongoing, under the noses of some very smart, educated and goodhearted American and international people out there in the Ether of what life has become on this planet.  A world where you no longer need to leave your house…

For anything!

Lo, we are living in the Matrix designed to control ones’ every move.  Dependent on emerging technology like the ’smart’ phone, 5G’s new microwaves will immerse the populace and further the deliberate damage physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Don’t believe me?  READ some studies!  Laptops causing sterility in men, brain tumors, etc… The newest Hollywood excrement, a movie entitled “Cell” is being released and is on par with all the other predictive programming horse$hit one can view on the now dominant “Netflix” out of Los Gatos, California. The fine film depicting a citizenry just as addicted to their new best friend, AI–hidden within their beloved I-phone that the “love” so much–taking over the world in the near future.  Then, programmed prediction shows suddenly something goes horribly wrong and they all become zombies…


In order for the magic to work, the Illuminate, or the people who really control things in this world, must broadcast their intentions just like they did with “9/11″.  The 2001 mystical tale of jets flying into buildings, vaporizing, leaving NO trail behind…


Who knew a plane could do ‘dat?  I guess ‘dat jet fuel must have been  mighty hot! Pay no attention to the Thermite “behind the curtain” though!  Never mind it’s blazing 4000 degree Fahrenheit temperature, them red, glowing ooze bubbles below ground zero for weeks after the towers went down.  Does jet fuel cause ‘dat?  That is some really hot stuff!

The American people will buy anything they SEA on TV! This act of conspiracy/cowardice was publicly displayed on U.S. currency, before it happened!  Broadcast within ridiculous cartoons such as ‘the Simpson’s’ and even Hollywood blockbusters’ such as 1985’s “Back to the Future”. The old ‘Twin Pines Mall’, suddenly turned into ‘the Lone Pine Mall’; during the same movie… “Can you say ‘Freedom’ Tower?  Sure, I knew that you could.” (credit: the late, great Fred Rogers). This ‘time’ the predictions go even further; as the whole of society, saturated in cell use, will, according to this prediction of ill will, be reduced to violent, depraved monsters whose will is completely controlled by those in absolute POWER!

Will someone just tell them sad, dark souls we love ‘em?  Would they just accept that?  No?

To be continued…

“Dilly, Dilly!”


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