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June 23, 2010

Deep Water

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Thunderstorms rolled through the region overnight, along with a steady rain, and Dowses Beach had a whole different feel to it this morning, with grey clouds flying by at a steady clip–a good day to be one with nature…  The creator of the new docu-film “Gasland” (now playing on HBO) appeared on “The Daily Show” with John Stewart Monday night, bringing forth a new revelation on how the petroleum industry has taken this country, poisoned it, profited from it, and left it twisting in the wind… Leaving the whole Gulf issue aside for a moment, we turn our attention to natural gas and the wondrous benefits of this “non-polluting” form of energy that is not regulated in the slightest, and is causing much misery across this country of ours.  The good folks at energyindepth.com (a PR firm dedicated to hiding the truth about the industries activities and the consequences therein), will be happy to feed you as much horses#$t as your palate will allow.  You may have heard of these gas wells that are set up in 34 states across the country now, on private land, where the natural gas company will approach it’s unsuspecting victims, lease the property, then drill down to the shale below the surface with high pressure water and 596 chemicals, shattering the rock, or shale where the gas is trapped, extracting said gas, and profiting from the whole affair.  Sounds like a win-win right?  WRONG.  This “safe” natural gas is anything but, as the boom in this unregulated industry goes on unabated.  The wells (for drinking water) on countless properties that have been affected by this drilling, have become contaminated to the point where household pets are losing hair, children are getting sick and the land upon which the extraction was taking place is now condemned, leaving the land owner with a worthless piece of property, poisonous water and a house no one wants to live in–while the company that did this to them is no where to be found.  According to the natural gas industry, they only use 12 chemicals to extract the natural gas–another lie by the petroleum industry.  It was wonderful to see courage in an independent film maker in this day and age of sell outs, as we watch footage of a man living in say, Texas, running his water at his kitchen sink with a lit match next to the faucet, and BOOM!, an explosion from the faucet that is 5 feet long and 3 feet high.  Nice.  “Nothing says lovin’ like a home cooked meal, oh my God I’m on fire…”  Welcome to the new America, where your kitchen sink has now replaced Al Qaida as your biggest fear.  Congratulations Natural Gas industry, you are our new American heroes, in good company with big oil, big coal, big banks, big insurance, and bigger military industrial complex!  The natural gas industry is exempt from the safe water drinking act, the clean water act, the clean air act, and any action by the Environmental Protection agency.  This all thanks to “Dick”, “where did I leave my heart,” Cheney whose pen created the 2005 “Energy” bill passed by 74 percent of congress, including, then, Senator Obama.  To insiders, this bill is called the “Halliburton loophole,” and for good reason.  The move made billionaires out the executives in this field, who are akin to marauding invaders, destroying whatever is in their path.  The only difference being that it is perfectly legal.  Thanks Dick!  This problem is rampant in 34 states in the U.S., and could begin to affect drinking water in metropolitan areas such as New York City, where the “drilling” is so wide spread in upstate New York it is a certainty.  With the 596 chemicals embedded in the poisoned water, the H20 makes its way into the streams and estuaries that feed into major rivers like the Hudson, eventually leading to reservoirs and yes, your kitchen sink.  There are 15,000 gas wells in Fort Worth, Texas alone, which is more than enough food for thought as to how much the Cheney/Bush administration took from this great country of ours–2 unfunded wars–cost to the tax payer, 3 trillion thus far, a banking industry that owns America and will not open up credit to small businesses, thus stifling the economic recovery, an insurance industry that fleeces doctors, hospitals, and patients daily for profit, and the worst of all, an oil industry (along with a smaller, yet growing, natural gas industry) that because of oil owned government agencies like the MMS (mineral management services), we now have the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history…with no end in sight.  Why no end in sight?  Because the Obama administration does not have the power, it seems, to stop them from continuing to drill in deep water in the Gulf of Mexico.  A place already choking from black oil plumes as far as the eye can see and moreover, when we know now, that the “blowout preventers” have a 45 percent chance of failing–allowing for another, perhaps worse, oil spill that would destroy that region and perhaps the world’s fishing for hundreds of years to come…  Yes, by all means, Mary, “I’m not really a bimbo”, Landrieu (D-LA), let us definitely allow these lying, cheating killers to continue to drill in deep water when they have proven that they cannot handle any kind of spill, but can certainly handle the spin.  Mary claims that “jobs” would be lost, and I say SO WHAT!  Why are those jobs any more sacred than the millions of jobs that were lost due to George W. Bush’s policies in the 00’s?  Oh, the oil industry is different, they are God fearing Christians–you know, “our kind of folks”… when Jesus does come back, and hears all that was said in his name, he may never stop throwing up.  There are only a few thousand jobs that we are talking about here, as there are only 33 wells in question, as opposed to 3500 (non-deep water) that continue to drill as of RIGHT NOW.  These 33 wells are only 1/100 of the production that is going on in the Gulf, and in light of the death that the Cheney administration brought on the Pelicans of the Parishes, I think a six month moratorium is not only appropriate, but does not go far enough.  According several experts in this arena, six months is not enough time to weed out all of the corruption that is embedded in MMS, along with the shady relationships that senators and congressman have with the oil industry…you crazy dancin’ puppets on a string!  Some clown judge overturned the moratorium yesterday, and the Obama administration appealed it immediately.  But, should this go to the Supreme Court, we know that “Justice” John, “corporations are people too,” Roberts will save the day–for the corporations.  His blatant lust for the corporate entity above common law and sense is now legendary, and the “small” people should not be afraid.  For these good men and women on the Supreme Court could never be bought and sold, like so much cattle.  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF– all of the men and women, beautiful birds, sea creatures and marsh lands therein, may you have a BETTER DAY SOON. Have a nice one folks!  Peace~ M

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