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February 23, 2011

Deep Pink Sound

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with on this frigid morning here in Osterville, the tiny seaside village next door to Hyannisport, home to the late, great President Jack Kennedy and his beautiful wife Jackie Onassis Kennedy, who I, for one, wish was here at this “juncture” to bring this country back from the brink of a corporate hijacking of the highest order. While the world waits in great anticipation for the next move by the now quite insane leader of Libya, Moammar Khadaffi, one of the many ways to spell his name, whose country is going up in flames as I write these words, who looks as if he will take his 41 year reign as just another Middle East dictator to the limit, with fears that he may launch a biological attack on the people, his own people, whom he has already opened fire on with guns, tanks, mercenaries and planes loaded with bombs.  Yes, as the “world” waits, i.e. the markets, who else do you think I am speaking of, for the region to simmer down, with the U.S. stock market taking a big dive yesterday fueled, pardon the pun, by fears of oil productivity slipping below the world’s demand, ever increasing, putting the burden squarely on the shoulders of Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest producer of oil, who has great fears of their own, as their neighboring and quite literally connected by a bridge brother to the east, Bahrain, scrambles to meet protesters demands in that Middle Eastern country after a bloody demonstration sparked international outcry and condemnation–as we all wait in great anticipation to what will happen next, we may understand it a little better if we all came to the same conclusion that this is all interrelated. The parallels between the unrest, no, strike that, the explosive fever that is gripping that region, a fever the Middle East has not seen in centuries, over JOBS, food, clean water, and opportunity is playing out right here in our own backyard.  A few years ago, we were not talking about “collective bargaining” or unions, as the country was just hoping, against hope, that the U.S. economy would not go off a cliff, taking the world with it.  Why were we on that cliff in the first place?  Deregulation of Wall Street, combined with the extraction of the EPA’s teeth, a point I will address in a moment, by the BUSH administration, how soon we forget, that began with Ronald Reagan, via then Treasury Secretary Donald Regan, former CEO of Merrill Lynch, in 1980.  For over 30 years now, the right wing political force in this nation has been indistinguishable from their financial bed partners, i.e. the big Wall Street investment banks, big oil, big insurance, big coal, big “natural gas”, big pharma, and big retailers like Walmart, mirroring each other’s every move.  From the 2005 “Halliburton Loophole”, chief architect, Vice President Dick Cheney, where natural gas companies like Halliburton and Koch Industries, whom Cheney was the CEO of prior to becoming the Vice President of the United States, were, for the first time in our nation’s history, allowed to drill for “natural gas”, the poisonous gas extraction process in public lands all across the nation, effectively destroying the environment along the way with the 596 chemicals used in the “fracking” process. This factual, real understanding of our nation’s ugly history, leads us to what the newly elected republican tea party, funded by KOCH INDUSTRIES, among other monstrous corporations, wants for the crippled EPA, environmental protection agency–more teeth extractions.  They want to take away the EPA’s authority to monitor green house gases, or carbon emissions, the cause for global warming, or “climate change”, combined with limiting their ability to do anything about the coming storm of the devastation global warming will ultimately bring, as their funding will be cut, (see republican budget counter proposals) making it nearly impossible for that government agency to do it’s job protecting our national treasures such as the beautiful marsh lands of Louisiana that were decimated by bp’s “Deep Water Horizon” fiasco, not to mention that most pristine national park our kids and our grand kids, as well as all of US, should be able to enjoy, parks like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, or ANWR, in Alaska, an area big oil wants as it’s own personal profits playground, fearing nothing, for if they do spill oil, who will really care anyway?  Certainly not the Polar Bear, the Caribou, or the Arctic Fox. This is only the EPA.  What is transpiring in Wisconsin is a game changer that the “men behind the curtain”, “men” like David and Charles Koch, are responsible for, for they are the masterminds behind this whole hijacking of people’s rights, the fundamental rights of common workers to gather, to organize and to most of all have a voice as to what they will do, where they will work, and in what conditions said work will be performed in.  125 years ago, the ‘Bayview massacre’ occurred in the state of Wisconsin, the birthplace of workers rights, and in that tragedy was born the concept and application of said “collective bargaining rights” that gave us the forty hour work week, week ends, fair wages (minimum wage), clean and safe working environments, and mostly the ability to voice their opposition to greedy management that have now morphed into greedy multi-national corporations that see labor and unions as red meat for new slaves that they can pay third world level wages, while they get richer and richer off of our land, our waters, our people’s backs, and soon to be our children’s backs.  There is a coming storm in this nation, mark my words, and it will not be pretty.  Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has dispatched the National Guard to Madison, as well as other parts of the state, as he gets set to lay off thousands of workers in that state as a punishment to the ‘Wisconsin 14′ who have bravely left the state in protest of Walker’s bill that amounts to nothing more than a corporate hijacking of America.  Walker has, in this age of ’shared sacrifice’, granted huge tax breaks, over 122 million dollars worth, to corporations in that state, such as our friends over at KOCH Industries, the “men” behind this devious plot against ‘collective bargaining’ rights for public employees, for by eliminating that last hurdle, the republican tea party, and more importantly, it’s masters, the people who pull their strings, will take away the VOICE of the people, and moreover, their ability to organize and challenge raw extortion, for if you look up extortion in the dictionary, a few pages from the definition of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, where the captives feel sorry for their captors, you will see a picture of Scott Walker staring right back at you.  A new poll out yesterday revealed that 61 percent of the American public stands on the side of the rights of public employees to bargain for their rights collectively, for it seems AMERICAN does it not?  This is an attack not only on the workers rights, but on education in this nation, for who better to know what their students need than teachers?  But, republicans do not care about real KNOWLEDGE, only attained through the discipline of higher learning, no, they want the American public to be as dumb as they can possibly be, reading fake U.S. history churned out by the likes of the Texas Board of ‘Education’, whose presses are busy at work ‘re-writing’ classic novels by Mark Twain, the country’s best satirical writer, such as Huckleberry Fin, where they literally take out key words that were meant to be ironic and evoke emotional change within the reader. By making the public as dumb as they can can possibly be and still pay for their subscription to Comcast and have the brain power to shop at Walmart, supplemented by the republican corporate owned airwaves, such as FOX NEWS, they will be prime for some real serious brainwashing, the mind controlling propaganda that the republicans hope at least 50 percent of our population will buy hook, line and sinker, thus, creating a rift between the intelligentsia and the coming plutocracy, who will have all of the slave workers it needs to turn this country into a military state that will be controlled by big business interests–a PLUTOCRACY, or ‘rule by the wealthy’. Not a pretty picture is it?  So, pink slips for the common ‘little’ American man, or woman, while the richest nation in the world gets even richer, richer for the top two percent, while the ‘American People’, whom the republican party constantly gushes over with their favorite ‘talking point’ given to them by Frank Luntz, starve to death, with no voice, no leader and no hope.  Egypt, ironically, looks like it will be a freer country than ours in a few years time.  Full circle indeed.  Have a wonderful day folks and GOD’S SPEED to the ‘Wisconsin 14′ and the newly affected workers in the states of Ohio and Indiana…may the Holy Spirit descend upon your cause with great urgency and fierce determination.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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