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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 5, 2010

Deep Blue

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The Nantucket Sound can change colors overnight, going from a light green during storms to a deep blue that resembles the Pacific on summer day…  Greetings from Cape Cod and the Islands!  I hope you are well, wherever this correspondence is reaching you.  From the looks of things in Washington D.C., the chances of getting anything passed in the Senate that might actually serve the American people, the very reason Senators and Congressman are elected into their respective offices to begin with, is melting like the polar ice caps.  Indeed, it is all connected.  The fight to keep the “status quo” rages at this moment in “time”, 6 a.m. EST, as our friends wake from a comfortable slumber at the Four Seasons or Hyatt, eat a hearty breakfast and head out into the cold of another Washington D.C. morning.  With attache cases full of fun facts, the fearless lobbyists meet with Senators like our buddy Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell (minority leader, R), who will be more than happy to take that bribe to kill health care, bank reform, climate change, and any other bill that might impede the “progress” of the party of NO and their goal to regain as many seats in the House and Senate in the upcoming 2010 elections as possible.  Meanwhile, our other over exposed, in more ways than one, antagonist– Senator, and I use that title with humor and love, John, “orange juice”, Boehner (R, OH), will receive another large check from Morgan Stanley, the “investment bank”, whom he met with yesterday to talk about the weather.  That didn’t take long.  Ah, Washington in the winter!  I love the smell of money laundering on the Potomac.  At this juncture, whatever President Barack Obama proposes, in good faith, will be rejected and the American people will suffer.   These are the FACTS.  You can say that the sky is green all you want, it does not make it true…  People might begin, however, to think you are crazy or more to the point, just another politician steeped in the tradition of selling your soul for a pouch of gold.  Sound familiar?  Have a nice week end!  Peace~ M

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