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July 15, 2011

Dear Dad, I Hate You!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good to be with you on this Friday morning, a stellar one out there in Osterville today, as a big Canadian high pressure system came in yesterday and cleared out all of that horrible humidity, ushering in lower temperatures and clear skies, oh, “I’m sorry did you want to talk about the weather or did you just want to chit chat?”… (credit the classic Bill Murray film, Groundhog Day).  I’m sure all of that is good news for Adam Sandler, a whole host of comedians and actors from Saturday Night Live, Susan Sarandon , James Caan, and several other notables, as they continue filming just down the street from my house here in this little, tiny, tiny town a mere football toss away from our thirty-fifth President of the United States of American, Mr. Jack Kennedy and his beautiful wife Jackie, who, along with the rest of that incredibly gifted and generous family, CHANGED the course of this nation’s destiny, opening up avenues of fairness and balance that had previously been mired in the corporate culture of greed and corruption that we see so often today in our nation’s Capitol, as our politicians attempt to mask their TRUE INTENTIONS by acting like a hoard of junior high school creeps who enjoy bullying  weaker (and less vicious) kids out of their collective lunch monies.  As Adam films the above mentioned title to this new comedy he is creating, I have to say it once again so I believe it myself, in Osterville, our “Daddy”, the ‘leaders’ in Washington–’parents’ who hold the keys to this nation either thriving as one, or falling away as separate, to either creating a more perfect UNION, or demolishing the principals this nation was founded upon via Republicorp’s modus operandi PROFIT OVER PEOPLE, namely, FREEDOM, JUSTICE and the pursuit of HAPPINESS–will be ‘back at work’ today, as President Barack Obama pushes this all important Friday deadline to the max.  I put it to you Eric,“you go girl”, Cantor, the House republican leader, “how is a nation of so called ‘free’ people able to pursue JUSTICE and Happiness when the system is rigged in favor of the richest among US?” (as in the wealthiest 400 individuals in this country owning 50 percent of the wealth, or roughly 150 million people!), whose profit margins and way of life DEPEND on the poor, middle class and minorities doing poorly, taking away rights afforded by unions for example, keeping the poor down (along with the middle class, hence the FACT that NO jobs bills, that have been presented the members of the House, have seen the light of day), while ‘voodoo economics’ or ‘trickle down’ or ‘free market capitalism’ continues unabated and uncontested, for the most part, an evil process started, in earnest, thirty years ago under then President Ronald Reagan (under the direction of then Treasury Secretary Donald Regan, a former Merrill Lynch CEO), a process of writing legislation that would eventually enhance corporate powers inside the beltway, thus, effectively controlling all three branches of government–the Judicial, the Executive and the Legislative–continuing the vicious downward cycle of the working poor (wages have risen by 1 percent in the past thirty years while the top two percent have gone up 278 percent), while increasing the wealth and POWER of the multi-national corporate conglomerates, who meet, in secret, in exotic locals such as Aspen, Colorado, Palm Beach, Florida, etcetera, to discuss STRATEGY to keep the grift alive and kicking.  The big losers, it turns out to the surprise of many of FOX NEWS viewers, is them.  For the last time I checked, red necks are not allowed in five star restaurants at the top of Aspen Mountain, hell, most red necks don’t even know where Aspen is on a map.  Yet, three quarters of FOX NEWS viewers are dumber than a fifth grader (don’t blame me, they have a tv show that PROVES IT) and are thus, easily manipulated with bright, shiny lights, and objects, simple to understand talking points that leave the ‘thinking’ up to republican strategists such as Karl Rove or Frank Luntz.  In the end, unfortunate men like Rupert Murdoch, a man who knows everything about every aspect of his vast news empire, News Corporation, on both sides of the Atlantic, and indeed, all over the world, get away with it–or do they? It seems to all of those in the world with IQ’s above 70, that Murdoch KNEW about the wire taps on that poor murdered little girl, terrorist victims in the UK (very possibly here in the U.S., as in the victims of 9/11) as well as Members of Parliament, going all the way up to the Prime Minister of England, then PM Gordan Brown, hacked for information about his infant son’s health condition, not to mention celebrities, members of the Royal family, and countless others yet to be named, where POLICE at Scotland Yard, have been accused of taking BRIBES from Murdoch’s minions, releasing sensitive information that has severely damaged many lives–so many that it would take an equal number for Murdoch to utilize for all of the apologies he would surely have to make, looking a whole lot like the evil magician in the Christmas tale ‘Frosty the Snowman’, where Santa eventually catches up with said ‘magician’ and demands satisfaction–effectively destroying any semblance of TRUST in journalism, a business that has become disturbingly commercialized and compromised over the years, succumbing to the temptation of crossing over sacred lines of human decency, where TRUST has become a very rare commodity indeed.  The head and publisher of the Wall Street Journal (one of the three large news sources owned by Murdoch in this country, the others being FOX NEWS and the New York Post) Les Hinton (The Wall Street Journal being Murdoch’s most ‘trusted’, high end market valued and prestigious newspapers in the world), yes, Mr. Les Hinton, also chief executive of Dow Jones, was, during this flurry of illegal activity and police investigations, that is just now coming out, Chairman of News International, Murdoch’s powerful and profitable holding group of London papers and tabloids, including the Times of London, and is implicated in the cover-ups of illegal wire taps that have effected hundreds of British citizens, from the highest to the lowest, and thus, effectively bringing the chickens home to roost in this nation, a chicken soup that I imagine might just be good for Rupert, ‘arrrrgghhhh matie’, Murdoch’s soul. If it has not already been claimed by “somebody” else already.  The power that Murdoch HAD in the U.K., spilling over into the ‘colonies’, was unmatched and unprecedented.  His ability to sway elections and manipulate public discourse and policy gets at the very core of the problem with corporate owned airwaves and the reason most people in this nation, as well as in most parts of the world, live in a cave, with the only source of LIGHT coming from the dimly lit flat screen television sets, and their endless Blackberry messages, intruding upon their living rooms and lives, with a giant head attached to say, Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly’s body, shouting out exactly what Rupert, “Dear Dad, I Hate You”, Murdoch’s mouth and twisted mind wants you, the British/American public/world public, to think, say, and do.  Why is it that the New York Post, a real piece of crap, makes so much profit for the old pirate?  Because it violates the most basic blockades set up to protect innocent people’s PRIVACY, and in a world of sensationalism, sex, scandal and all around mayhem, the juicier the story the better, as all forms of common decent human behavior go out the window, all for a quick quid, or a buck if you live in the U.S.–say it with me folks, it will set you FREE–Who’s your daddy? Just turn on that stupid television set you have in various geographical points in your home.  As soon as your mind is taken over by the likes of a “Billo the clown” (credit Keith Olbermann of “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann”, airing every week night at 8, 11 p.m., EDT, only on Current TV), or Sean Hannity, God help you, you have been tainted by some of Murdoch’s cancerous offering to the human race–or, if you are a horseman, ‘unadulterated horse$hit’–stuff, if you knew the source and, moreover, the real intentions and feelings towards the 98 percent of say, the American people, these people really have, you would throw said flat screen television set into the Nantucket Sound, assuming you lived on Cape Cod, and join the fight to take AMERICA back from the thieves, war criminals and thugs that have bullied their way into power and are positioning themselves to continue the rape and pillage of our environment (I’m looking at you BROTHERS KOCH and HALLIBURTON, go FRACK yourselves with your own deadly poisonous 596 chemicals!  Chemicals you plan to pour into the deep water sources of our nation, via the hydraulic ‘fracking’ of shale rock, profiting from ‘natural gas’, while destroying our drinking water forever, in over 37 states now, one of them being upstate New York.  Corrupt and immoral activities that WILL eventually poison New York city drinking water, affecting 18 million people) our economy and eventually the very core principals this nation was founded upon–making the United States of America into a laughing stock all around the world as nation after nation pulls past us and into the future, not tethered by bigoted, outdated and dangerous national, state and local policies that did not work in the past, and realizing the importance of taking care of their own people, by way of better education, better infrastructure, better health care, better nutrition, and better JOBS, a priority the republican party campaigned upon during the elections held in 2010, a year, that, last time I checked, WAS ONLY A YEAR AGO!  Who’s your Daddy now FOX NEWS?  To quote my good friend Mr. Keith Olbermann, “Mr. Speaker, where are the jobs?” Have a nice week end folks and please remember the folks on the Kenyan/Somalia border, all 3.5 million of them, they are in great need and a little prayer goes a LONG WAY. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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