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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 2, 2011

Dawn at Dowses

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good to be with you on this second day of June, 2011, a day after Massachusetts suffered a tornado, a tornado that touched down in Springfield, in the western part of the state, killing four people and causing significant damage.  You have probably seen the image on television, especially the one going over the Connecticut River, quite a sight indeed.  The funnel itself, many experts agree, looked more like one spawned in the Midwest, in not only size, but in the rotation’s consistency, causing many a scientist to scratch their collective heads this morning, wondering what mother nature might have in store for us next…  How are you though?  Have you heard enough about Sarah Palin, her P.A.C. and her free family vacation that will take her “crew” fairly close by seacapecod.net, a little close for comfort thank you very much, as she takes crayon to paper, I mean pen to paper and rewrites American history per her graduation from “Beck University” with a major in political science, although not receiving a A, for her “attitude” problem in class, as her “fam” relaxes by the pool at the Motel 6, taking in some lawn darts in the parking lot before heading over to the Bob’s Big Boy for some “chow”.   Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that Winnebago and to just have the luxury of spending quality time with that woman, an extraordinary woman of means, might and muscle.  That’s how I like my republican Presidential hopeful–stupid, arrogant, bigoted, ignorant, vicious, and back stabbing. I would say she has a big leg up on Romney, although we all know, including her boss Roger Ailes, President and CEO of FOX NEWS, that she is not running and this is all part of the rodeo show for not only the masses, but my colleagues, so to speak, whom I have an immense amount of admiration and real LOVE for, you know who you are, as you are forced to cover this charade on Interstate 95–“say it isn’t so Katie, so it isn’t so…, did not we all feel a little sick to our stomachs when watching Palin and Donald Trump break bread at a greasy Pizza joint in Manhattan?, or am I just imagining that nausea?” I loved that interview a couple of days ago with a member, a ranking member of “Rolling Thunder”, a biker group whose main purpose is to bring awareness and help to the soldiers and their families who have suffered through, or are currently suffering through, the pains of soldiers who are missing in action or are prisoners of war, POW’s.  You would be surprised to know just how many of our brave men and women have suffered that fate.  Sorry, anyway, yes, Sarah Palin decided, in her infinite wisdom, to use that rally for her own benefit, rather her over bloated, disgusting ego’s benefit, hinting that it was a rally for her in some way, yeah, she did, and one of the members of the group called her out on it, saying in an interview, “no, she is not invited, well, I guess she is, because everyone is, the public that is, but, she will not get a venue to speak, for this rally is not about her or her cause…”  If only we had more members of Rolling Thunder on the steps of Capitol Hill.  Sarah Palin is a sad reminder of just how far down the scale the republican party has really stooped to, and the “American People” are just starting to wake up to the fact that you all are a bunch of crooks, corrupt to the core, Jeez, when I looked at that motley crew of 100 plus republican puppets getting off the bus that took them to the White House yesterday and today, all out for blood and the death of Medicare and Medicaid to pay for the three wars we are currently in, one illegal, the tax breaks for the rich over the past ten years and counting, the pharma sweetheart deal, the 800 billion dollar pentagon budget, the oil and gas subsidies, as well as countless others, resulting in most corporations paying nothing in the way of federal income taxes, resulting in that net loss of REVENUE that has caused this whole deficit to be an issue to begin with, yes, all out for blood that must come out of a stone these days as they ask people who have nothing to give, i.e. the poor, the elderly and the crumbling middle class, to give more, while the top one percent gains more and more of what they already own, 26 percent of the pie itself, and soon to be the entire pie as the country that was built on “We the People”, becomes “We the Plutocracy”… The republican argument is weak and immoral and will not stand the test of time, and nor will the democrat party, or this nation, if those democrats that are currently congressman and Senators, if they buckle to this Stockholm Syndrome, this hostage taking of the American people and their futures’ by a small grouping of white upper class, sociopathic playground bullies (brother’s KOCH types), holding the world hostage over a political point, that only serves the top 2 percent in this nation, if they buckle to this hostage taking terrorist tactics by the right, then they deserve to lose, for these insane puppets of big business will just keep on taking, they will not give anything back, and therefore keep moving the goal posts until the chances of making a field goal are one in a million.  This all while they are robbing middle America blind and telling those people, that they are ripping off, “don’t worry, we know what you, the “American people” want, we tell it to you every night on the FOX NEWS channel, so sit down, shut up and get with the program, we are in charge now, and our goal is to rid the country of those sick, pinko communist tree huggin’ liberal bastards, once and for all, gosh darn it!” When most of the country does not understand the ramifications of not raising the debt ceiling, you have a big problem Houston.  Get with it democrats and stay strong, we don’t negotiate with terrorists, and the republican party, the manufactured tea party, are holding the world’s economic future in their hands, and if they break it, they buy it, not the other way around.  The social programs that were set up by very good and honorable men, men like President Lyndon B. Johnson, back in 1965, in order to “keep our seniors out of the cold…”, will not die on the vine so that the rich can continue getting richer, all in the name of Jesus Christ himself, no sir.  This insolence will not stand. Their greed will swallow them whole in the end, as the LIGHT becomes all to clear for ALL to see– a LIGHTHOUSE shining in that cold dark night on the sea, guiding the vessel safely to shore…  Have a wonderful day folks and May GOD be with all of the victims of this spring’s deadly tornado’s all across this great land of ours, today, tomorrow and beyond… PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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