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December 1, 2014

Dark Skies

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the grey, gloomy and rather mild island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this December 1st, 2014–a warm Monday morning, grey too at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront–with temperatures well into the fifties at this six a.m. hour.  Apparently diving back down into the single digits soon, as that “Polar Plunge” makes it’s way eastward; ever creating havoc with these extreme whacky weather patterns (that are not patterns at all), representing a new normal that 7 billion plus people living on this little blue rock we all call Earth are just going to have to get used to.  All happening as the so called ‘leaders’ in the U.S. Congress continue claiming that it’s all a big misunderstanding, a ‘hoax’ if you will.   Their “logic” concluding that no one single weather event has anything to do with the empirical science surrounding the FACT Global Warming is not only REAL but it is here NOW.

And it is here to stay…

That’s right, it’s just a big misunderstanding like the under reported story of a little 12 year boy who was shot to death by another officer of the law, this time in Cleveland late last week.  A little black boy (imagine if he was white “Morning Joe!”), who was all by himself playing with what amounts now to a toy gun.  A boy just being a little boy in a park.  Until, after a call and a botched 911 dispatch, the officers arrived on the ’scene’ and in less than 2 seconds jump out of the car, guns blazing, shooting the little boy in the chest– killing him instantly.

Never even trying to revive him.

The Sunday talk shows all covered the Ferguson case with little meat or real substance.  Namely, calling it out for what it really is–a giant miscarriage of JUSTICE!  Yes, putting that ‘verdict’ by the tainted grand jury of St. Louis County aside for a moment, let us call out our collective brain trust, the non biased national media, for their recent coverage of these inter-related tragedies, all involving black American males under the age of 30.  Are you proud of the white wash thus far FOX “NEWS”, ABC and dare I say NBC, never mind CBS or CNN?  When does the madness stop?  Do black lives matter?  How can society effectively change the systemic problems that contributed to the gunning down of Michael Brown on August 9th of this year?

Or better yet, WHEN?

A society never lasts long when there is too much wealth at the top.  Especially in a democracy.  A democracy with a little letter ‘d’. These young boys (and girls), who just happen to have skin that is a different color than their fellow ‘pale’ human beings–brothers and sisters in reality–have lost their collective childhoods’, if they ever experienced one in the first place, and are constantly in fear of the police thus, causing a vicious cycle with authority figures and a never ending pattern of violence that offers the community nothing--save the polar opposite of peace.

In fact, most African-American males under the age of 30 most likely live in greater haunting fear than those same young people living in the war torn Gaza Strip.  At least those kids are not hounded by a police presence everyday as they just try and go about becoming young men and women, you know, kids being kids. Discovering their own talents and worth, unencumbered by an ‘authority’ that is seemingly not on their side, in fact to many, looking as if they actually wish them harm.

There is a centuries old myth in this country that black males are somehow not subjected to the same feelings white people have, i.e. pain, and thus, not only are police officers but staff at hospitals brainwashed into thinking ‘these people’ don’t feel that pain the way ‘you or I do’… Therefore, treat African-American males as if they are immune to gun shot wounds and such.  These “demons” (Officer Wilson’s words), are somehow superhuman when it comes to locomotives or bullets (to say nothing of skyscrapers!), as they “bulk up and get mad, running right through said bullets…”. Hogwash. These young men feel just as much as you or I do Officer Wilson, in fact, they might feel more pain than you could possibly imagine.  For what is more painful that seeing your mother for one dinner a week, perhaps a few hours, while you attempt to finish grade school?  Never seeing her because she is working for that big $7.25 an hour 24/7/365 just to keep the lights on (that’s before taxes! Try living on that Mitch McConnell, you knucklehead!), all while shelling most of that hard earned cash out to keep her baby in a day care (below par daycare I might add), only to come home and find out her other baby, her 12 year old boy, was shot to death by a trigger happy cop!  God help this country!

Watching Officer Wilson on ABC this week end put me right off my fresh fried lobster, as he “…resigned because he was worried about other officers’ safety and the safety of the community (that his gun ripped apart), but moreover, tendering that resignation would offer that community a chance to heal.’” Are you for real Officer, “I was just doing my job”, Wilson?  You better be looking for a different line of work son, perhaps the clergy?

Have a nice week ahead folks and just keep in mind that the corporate owned media mega egos out in this crazy world do not want you or yours to THINK for yourselves, and are certainly not going to help you out in any way by offering you credible, factual information the way journalism was once offered to the American public.  Case in point, the era of the late, great Walter Cronkite, whose house still resides a few miles from my own on the sleepy little island of Martha’s Vineyard–high atop a cliff in Edgartown–where, if you listen really hard, you can still hear Walter saying,

“…And that’s the way it is.


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