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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 6, 2014

D-Day; 70 years hence…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, breezy, ‘don’t hate me because I’m beautiful’ island of Nantucket! Great to be with you–a glorious day on Cape and the aforementioned Islands, really a great Friday to begin your vacation week I’ll tell ya, beginning it on this sixth day of June, 2014, and what a week it has been here on Cape, with ‘Best Buddies’ bike and 5K road race from Boston to Hyannis, raising 4.5 million for special needs kids all over the world, inspired, of course, by the Kennedy family, namely, Eunice Shriver Kennedy, who passed away a few years back, leaving the leg work to Anthony Shriver and Maria who make a difference for the people who live in this country, like the rest of that family did, everyday.

Of course it seems like seventy years ago this nation was a little closer and a little kinder.  If you take a moment today, really reflecting on the sacrifice those brave American, British, French and other troops made in releasing the world from an EVIL incarnate, beginning, of course, with the famous “D-DAY” amphibious invasion by the Allies seventy years ago today, an attack all the way from Britain and onto the shores of Normandy, France, where the night before over 24,000 troops had parachuted into occupied France, ducking the heavy friendly fire coming in, and then, at 6:30 local time, the invasion of a fifty mile stretch of  beaches and cliffs–”Operation Neptune” on the shores of Normandy began in earnest, with five of those beaches, all code named, Omaha, Neptune and Gold getting most recognition, with over 4400 killed by heavy fire coming from bunkers and land mines, Germans killing many Allies, but alas, could not hold back the power of GOOD that eventually gave the Republic of France back to her people, and it was not much longer before the U.S. and the Allies (along with some real help from the former Soviet Union), took Nazi Germany and it’s leader, Adolph Hitler out forever, yes, if you reflect on all of THAT, you might just shed a tear and be grateful…

What was it that we were fighting against again?  Blind, vicious tyranny and genocide, that’s right.  We were also fighting for the ideals that still are the United States of America, God Dammit!   I am sick and tired of these jacka$$ republican blowhards speaking about a soldier, and a father, as if they know anything about them.  These idiots KNOW NOTHING but the nonsense they spew everyday.  Joe Scarborough, of MSNBC, ought to keep his big, fat yapper shut! He has no right to question the LOVE a father has for his son, who will be, thankfully, by a brave President Barack Obama, brought home.  As the President said, “period, full stop.  And I have no regrets…”.  Good for you.

The bigger question we should be asking is who is going to stop the next enemy to the U.S. democracy?   Namely, who will stand up to the free market gone wild in the form of multinational corporations, e.g. Koch Industries and ExxonMobil?  For the way these boys are going, there won’t be much of a “land of the brave” to fight for.  The water and air will be so poisoned by fracking fossil fuels and the like, it may not be able to sustain LIFE, leaving our planet melt as I write these words, fueling the stronger stronger storms, deeper and more devastating droughts, fiercer and more abundant wild fires and the eventual dying of the oceans, due mostly to acidity levels ever rising as the water continues to warm.  We can do something, but we ALL need to be on board, even those who don’t believe in the concept of THE REAL and TRUE AMERICA, “Of the People, By the People and FOR the People.  For if this planet truly is toast, and will be if things don’t change, I wonder who the majority of the human population on this planet will eventually blame?  Is that the America those brave Veterans from World War II fought and died to protect? Protect with a violent police state, ever guarding your f’ing PROFIT and personal IDEOLOGY?  I didn’t think so!  Have a great week end folks, ever steering clear of the poisonous wooden nickles thrown about by FOX “NEWS”, much like WWII’s “Gerbils”, it is full of lies, innuendos, falsehoods and brainwashing tactics designed to keep you in the Stockholm Syndrome forever!  Please Google that term my friends, especially when you notice the corporate media’ trying to make you feel sorry for your captors, i.e., big oil, big pharma, big coal, big natural gas, big GMO’s, big Ag, big timber, big oil, big gas, big coal, big, well, you get the idea.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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