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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 7, 2020

Currency of CONTROL!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun risen, crystal clear, comfortable, calm, 24 karat white gold island of Nantucket! Great to be broadcasting LIVE at this six forty five a.m. hour, witnessing another spectacular sunrise moments ago, on this Seventh Day of September, 2020; a quiet “Labor Day” Monday on famous Ocean Street, as seen ‘above deck’, nestled amongst the Snowy Egrets who make Historic Hyannis their home;

at least until they fly away to warmer shores come Winter…


Evil exists beneath the surface, behind the curtain;

…unseen by an untrained EYE.

Indeed, as this Nation’s attention turns to the upcoming ’selection’ of an actor playing ‘the president’, both sides of the same coin already claiming voter fraud, with outside interests like Russia and China placing their respective bets while orchestrating disinformation campaigns designed to deceive an otherwise unaware, fearful, confused citizenry, who can’t make heads or tails of what is true conspiracy and what is simply a theory,

we wait with masked, muzzled, dehumanizing, deoxygenated baited breath for the next chapter to unfold…

It all comes down to acquiescence,

…does it not?

“…they seem (the good people of this land), to be dealing with an all powerful force and when they looked behind the curtain, it was just an old bloke, with no power at all.”

And this cult expressed it’s power by persuading (via a sophisticated, MK Ultra mind controlling, all encompassing corporate media, initiated long ago by the CIA, funded by Rockefeller/Rothschild);

...it’s target population that it has power.

It’s power is in our acquiescence to that,


We now have the chance to break the spell;

to break the Mind Spell,

and SEA behind the curtain…

Finding something with no real power at all;

Once we stop the acquiescence.

It’s where I want things to go;

but also where I KNOW they can go.

The only way they can CONTROL humanity is to put humanity in a smaller box than they are already in.

That’s how they’ve done it.

And when humanity steps out of the box and realizes it’s true identity, which is a state of infinite awareness, we SEA ourselves in a whole new LIGHT!

WE are expanded consciousness well beyond this man made, corrupt, monstrous box,

is that not clear?

“I’m not a box, I don’t have sides!”

(credit: Meryl Streep, in the classic 1990 film, “Postcards from the Edge.”)

When one loses FEAR (from an outside source), then you do what you know is right.

Without asking the question, “…what will be the consequences of my actions?”;

which is FEAR asking said question…

Once one opens up, and goes beyond this designed, deafening, deadly fear, then you don’t ask about consequences, you just do what you know to be right.

And you know something?

This cult is terrified of that, it’s terrified of fearless people!


Because FEAR is it’s currency of control.

And if people are not fearful, it’s lost it’s currency of said CONTROL.

They’re greatest fear, this sick cult, is humanity waking up to what the bloody hell is really going on,

moreover, W.H.O. is behind it,

who is controlling it?

They can only control by their target population being in ignorance of that.

Acquiescence is NOT an option!

Because acquiescence is how we got here…

Let this be the time when we SEA this fallacy and the farce of allowing ourselves to be divided and ruled by our ‘beliefs’, and our belief in “I am right”. In other words,

“…no one can have an opinion differing from my own.”

Because this is exactly how the cult works, the cabal, this so called ‘New World Order’…

They play groups off against each other, sets them at war, funding both sides, profiting wildly, confirming ‘war is a racket’.

If WE only looked UP, beyond the radiated 5G noise, light and dangerous soupy frequency, we would SEA and real EYES only one pair of hands are holding ALL of the strings, attached to all, of ALL the puppets on this New World Order’s stage,

…as we all fight amongst ourselves down here.

Destroying humanity in the process…

It’s come together, realize what is going on.

And where this is going. and cease to be divided and moved.

“We’re all in this together,

and we’ll get OUT of it together!”

(credit: David Icke)


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