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March 30, 2012

Cotuit Town Dock

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cold, sunny, fair clouded island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Friday morning, the 30th day of March, 2012, a gorgeous start to the day with clear skies on Cape, as you look up at Cotuit’s town dock, bereft of boats for the moment, save one or two lone tough guys who braved winter’s wrath, soon to be filled with boats of all shapes and sizes, as this quaint off the beaten track, old Cape town, a town ‘where the ocean meets the wood’ in earnest, begins to get ready for yet another summer season of fun in the sun!  So come on down, we will, as always, ‘leave the light on for ya…!’. Last night, at six sharp on MSNBC, the host of “Politics Nation”, an appropriately named show if I have ever heard one, the incomparable Reverand Al Sharpton, gave this nation some of his best work to date on that must sea television news hour, bringing the REAL to what is truly happening on the ground in this here US of A.  Especially as the man deals with this tragic killing of one Trayvon Martin, who will, in the coming days, months and even years to come, become a shining light on a hill, as well as a stark warning to US ALL of the growing HATE in this country, a hate directed towards minorities, women to a certain degree, gays, and anyone who does not think inside a box of dark shadows like many do in this country, promoted by loose lipped puppet politicians and propaganda merchants who are losing an opportunity to once again be on the right side of history.  The video tapes that surfaced yesterday, according to prosecutors and other professionals, such as police captains and detectives, those with eyes to see that is, have all concluded that George Zimmerman is full of you know what.  The murderer of Trayvon Martin on February 26th, 2012, claims ’self defense’ and ‘that the boy who weighed 100 less than he’, armed with Skittles and an iced tea, was the aggressor (who bloodied Zimmerman’s nose, bashed the back of his head REPEATEDLY onto the concrete, etcetera).  Zimmerman claims it was actually he, Trayvon, who attacked him, therefore, had no other recourse but to pull out his nine millimeter handgun and put a bullet in his chest, killing him instantly.  The damning video tapes the surveillance camera caught 35 minutes AFTER the shooting, shows a calm, cool and collected rather large, buffed man inside the police barracks, his red shirt unruffled, looking like he just got out of a nightclub, with no visible blood anywhere to be seen on the crystal clear video provided, and as the police made one police procedure blunder after another (such as why did they search a man who just shot another man in the police barracks?  Is it not proper police procedure to frisk the man on the streets?  Further, proper police procedure would NOT have been to move a man who had just suffered ‘life threatening injuries’–injuries allegedly sustained to his head, and possibly neck, demanding an MD’s care in hospital–to jail straight away.  Going back to the video tape, we watch that same man, who would have, visibly, demonstrated great stress, via his body language, if he had been in such a life or death struggle, believe me, casually stroll through the police building as if he knew that place very, very well, with no police within three feet of him, a dangerous killer, are you kidding me?…this, perhaps, being the most glaring police blunder of them all!  But, the biggest glaring hole in Zimmerman’s argument is the FACT that a Sanford Police homicide detective, the responding officer to the shooting told the world, “Zimmerman’s story just didn’t add up”.  This officer wanted to keep Zimmerman in custody, charged with manslaughter.  The brass at the Sanford Police Department thought otherwise, a BIG mistake, as well as the local prosecuting attorney, while the body of Trayvon Martin lay in a morgue, after it was tested for drugs and alcohol, something never demanded of Zimmerman, without his parent’s notification for three whole DAYS!  They decided–like in so many other heartbreaking cases of involving countless poor, young, African-American males all over this nation in which various police departments come in daily contact–to BACK UP the man who gunned down “just another black kid”, gunning him down in cold blood, just sweep this under the rug like so much dirt.  For in their small minds no one is going to care about some 17 year old African-American in 2012 America, are they?  Think again geniuses, think again!  The nation, at least those with two eyes and a heart, are mad as hell about this and for good reason.  I can tell you from experience, police cover ups are for EVERYBODY.  In 2003 I was wrongfully arrested on the fair island of Nantucket by a mentally unstable cop who bashed my head into the sidewalk, causing severe physical and psychological damage, by way of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, and after an uphill, almost impossible legal battle, won a very small, but to me very powerful lawsuit against that super rich island of Nantucket, a place I summered and even wintered one year!  What this reporter would consider yet another example of police brutality, police, I might add, that seem to answer to NO ONE–transforming downtown Nantucket into a POLICE STATE, where a little man with a little power’ felt he could wrongfully arrest a man (seen by two witnesses at the time on Nantucket in a little cafe only twenty feet away on August 2, 2003), handcuff his hands behind his back and then, according to said witnesses, deliberately trip him and “slam dunk” his face into the cobblestones below–with all fading to black.  “Taking Fog to Nantucket” is a book revolving about that incident, acting as the catalyst, while it speaks to the larger issue central to the Trayvon Martin case, for that WAS me on Nantucket those many years ago, and I am still struggling with the after effects of the trauma I live with day in and day out.  Although it is getting better with time, therapy and a whole lot of TLC.  I am one of the lucky ones, and I have no illusions about that.  I also have a unique vantage point on this one, because had that not happened to me, I could not have understood what being HUNTED, or ‘marked’, really felt like, thus, my whole life’s perspective has changed forever.  My heart goes out to the parent’s of Trayvon, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, who are not only dealing with their son’s death, something no parent should have to endure in this ‘day and age’, but moreover, the sick, degenerative counter attacks by some on the far right limb who are ravaging a dead boy’s past, bringing up innocent teenage antics that any one of our children could have produced any day of the week in every town America today…  I have no sympathy for police officers who take the law into their own hands and I certainly have no room for a$$hole wanna be cop vigilante’s who couldn’t cut the mustard on the force, taking all of their hate, rage and prejudice out on some poor innocent child who was obviously a light in the lives of the people who knew him and will mourn and miss him until they see him in a place FAR better than where we ALL are today.  May you have a nice weekend, and please, please, say a prayer for those aforementioned grieving parent’s, because I am here to tell you, if you don’t think something like this, or what happened to me on Nantucket, can’t happen to you, THINK AGAIN!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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