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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 5, 2020

Corporate Lives Matter!

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(click ‘above deck’ to LISTEN)

Greetings from the grey, cool, misting, mysterious, magical island of Nantucket!  ‘Tis I, William Montague III, successfully hijacking, once again, that dreadful ‘Sea Cape Cod.net’ website from ‘reporter’, so he claims, Michael Mosier, who endlessly drones on and on about this conspiracy or that one, ever blaming US, the .0001 percent, the Elite, your overlords, for everything going wrong around the world today.  Roughly the same percentage reflecting the mortality rate of this fake pandemic we cooked up to take over the world…


It is so good to be writing once again from my home on this sometimes sad little rock 27 miles south/southeast of Hyannis’ mainland, looking ‘above deck’ at my fantastic home by the SEA… I do say old chap, on this rather damp and dreary Monday morning, penning this ‘message in a bottle’ from my favorite island in the North Atlantic, this Fifth Day of October, 2020, I am in a rather good mood! I must develop my own website one of these days, it is such great therapy. Or, I could just continue to my evil, thoughtless ways, continue with my hostile takeovers and be done with it. Hard life lessons learned from one super Senator from the great state of Utah, Mr. Mitt, “corporations are people too”, Romney, God I love that man.  I had no idea how far his wonderfully corrupt and quite criminal company, Bain, Inc., reach was, and how deep. If only the peasants, the debt slaves, the masses, the sheep new just how far we are willing to go to implement what my friend David Rockefeller wrote about in his piece called “Lockstep”, circa 2010, a white paper describing a pandemic ‘blanketing the globe’…

Good stuff!

Indeed, OUR plans are steaming ahead quite nicely, and ahead of schedule to boot!  We have almost completed the killer 5G mini towers (military grade A weaponry/millimeter, microwave radiation, frequencies designed to cull), in most cities in the U.S., as well as many other densely populated urban areas worldwide. Therefore, we are in a good position to turn up those lovely voodoo frequencies so that they may adversely affect the human oxygen molecule, impeding oxygen absorption into the blood, causing flu like ’symptoms’ such as shortness of breath, perhaps a low grade fever and a dry cough, just like C.O.V.I.D. (certificate of vaccination ID)-”19″ (year we created the ‘virus’, LOL) symptoms!  All done while the faulty RT-PCR tests continue to create false positives so we can justify the continued lockdowns, rubber stamp any U.S. death as a ‘covid death’ and continue the goose stomping lock stepping of America into what some might call a “Hunger Games” ‘new normal’ New World Order.

That’s right you sad little sheep, it’s a surveillance state, all under the ever watchful EYE of our new World Leader, complete with new digital tags coming in the form of an RFID microchip embedded in the hand or forehead, your choice!

Yes, all is well with our world as we SEA it!

There is a whiff of irony when using this ‘PCR’ test, wherein it’s offed creator stated in the 1980’s that we should never use it to detect infectious diseases or viruses for it was not designed for that task.  Yet, we did it anyway!  What we do is take microscopic samples of genetic material with those long, nasty swabs that poke the brain, yes, we take that sample and amplify it sometimes by as much as 45 times it’s original size.  Thereby making it easy to find sequences of genetic material that may have a ‘virus’ naturally living in the body anyway, certainly not endangering the ‘patient’ in any way shape or form.  That’s the beauty of this scam, we are testing for a virus that has never been isolated, identified, or quantified, yet, because of this faulty test, we can claim you poor schmucks have ‘the COVID’!

It’s better than the “Phantom of the Opera”,

have you been?

“I guess…”

So there you have it America!  You are fucked!  We, your non-benevolent overlords, have no more patience for anti-vaxxers, free speech lovers, critically thinking writers like the creator of this ‘blog’, or anyone else who opposes complete and utter tyranny coming in the form of Medical terrorism and a New World Order!

My friends the Rockefellers took over American medicine well over a hundred years ago, turning it from a profession of healing the sick, into one where sickness a business, just like war is a racket, creating vast drug lines with snake oil petroleum to keep said masses under the spell of big pharma from the day they are born until the day they die.

Complete control over the masses is our name,

…and eugenics is our game.

So grab some popcorn, bud light and cheese whiz you fat, lazy American morons, sit back and relax, there’s nothing you can do about it anyway!  Pay close attention to the month of November, it will be hard not to!

Don’t bother voting in a selection that has already been determined.

Always remembering that no life matters unless:

corporate lives matter!

Ta Ta!

Love and Kisses!


(country gentleman)

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