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May 6, 2011

Fog Lifting…

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Greetings and salutations, once again, from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you and yours, on now this afternoon of the sixth day of May 2011….. here on Cape, as you look out onto Nantucket sound from Hyannis Harbor and the Grey Lady II leaving port bound for Nantucket.  Yesterday, we witnessed a great fog bank that covered the Osterville area, and I assume my favorite island of Nantucket, where the old saying holds true, “Nantucket–Fog happens.” This happens, of course, when the water temperature is lower than the air temperature and the dew point is high enough to cause the condensation of tiny water droplets to form that adhere to dust or the like, in what we all call FOG, a ground cloud, that obscures what would be fairly obvious on a day like the one you see above you.  Fog is an interesting thing, “just ask the Nantucket Police Department, “they’ll tell ya, they just bought property on the bad side,” (credit Rodney Dangerfield, and his brilliant work in the classic film, Caddyshack, not to mention his very dry sense of humor), for when it, the FOG, finally clears, that obvious “thing” that was obscured by said FOG, i.e. the TRUTH, whatever it may be, is clear as a bell now, with no doubt in any one’s mind as to what IS and what is not.  The same could be said for the releasing of the Bin Laden photo, where the President of the United States, Barack Obama, deliberated with his top intelligence officials, his diplomatic core, the State Department, as well as others on the other side of the aisle, such as Mike Rogers (R-MI) who did see the photo of a man who was shot in the chest and then right above the left eye, the left eye, god that sounds familiar, and also chimed in with the President’s decision to not release the photo as we don’t want to make a trophy out of it, “that’s not who we are”, President Obama was quoted as saying yesterday in a press conference.  It is also true that releasing that photo could send current members and possible recruits in the Al Qaida network over the edge, when they see the brutality of the U.S. action, from their perspective, and aggravate what is already a very tense and unsettled world.  The reality of the picture is more gloating over the death of a human being, a monster, yes, but a human being nonetheless.  Justice was served and the President made a wise, yet another, wise decision to withhold the image, as some things are better left unsaid, (or unseen as the case may be) allowing this decade long wound to finally begin to heal, as the nation turns away from our obsession on “the war on terror”, something bin Laden predicted would happen, not to mention spending masses amounts of money on “Top Secret America”, just google that and you will see what I’m talking about, as well as the 3.1 trillion dollar price tag on the LIE that was the Iraq war, and the roughly 2 billion dollars, a WEEK, we are spending on a USELESS war in Afghanistan, where we are pumping money into the coffers of corrupt governments, (Pakistan being a great example, where we donated, thus far, close to 25 billion dollars, in the past decade alone, to that country for what is termed as “military aid”, I assume to the “West Point” of Pakistan, the same town Osama called ‘home’, Abbottabad), yes, the “war on terror”, orchestrated by the likes of then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who is clearly out of his mind, is finally OVER!  The President will be in New York City today, visiting the sight of the attacks of 9/11, ‘ground zero’, where two jet airliners crashed into the World Trade Center, causing over 3000 deaths, and putting the American people in a shock that lasted, via the two unpaid for wars, for over 10 years.  He will not be there to gloat over Bin Laden’s death, nor will he be doing what some on the right wing “information” shows spouted recently, “a victory lap”.  No, this is for the victims of that fateful day in our nation’s history, a day where we became afraid and paranoid, so much so that our personal privacy will never be the same, as the national intelligence agencies have exploded in the D.C. vicinity, from Maryland to Virginia, where hundreds of thousands of ‘employees’ with top level security clearances, scan their little “intelligence” gathering devices, looking for those “clues” that will “keep us safe” as a country.  What a massive waste of money and energy.  Who are these people keeping us safe from today?  I’m sure they will come up with a juicy rationalization for the continued expenses of these various top secret surveillance agencies, that seem to me to be more about exploiting the American citizens’ privacy than catching say, some of the more recent attempted attacks on our country, such as the attempt to blow up a van full of explosives in New York, thwarted by a city worker, an average citizen, not these bumbling “Inspector Cluesos” (credit the late, great Peter Sellers and the classic film, “The Pink Panther”), that sit in an office all day and look at video feed from all over this country, scouring it for god knows what, because they, like the good inspector, apparently don’t know either.  No, today is set aside to mark the end of an era.  To finally put this national nightmare in the trash bin of history and get on with making this country great again, which is entirely possible, as long as we are all talking about the same goal, and that is the big question here–what is the REAL goal of all of this expenditure on surveillance and such, as the economy continues to limp along and the Grand Canyon gap between the haves and the have nots grows wider every day.  The firefight that took place at that compound in Pakistan on early Sunday morning, or lack therein, that was originally reported by senior officials in the White House administration was exaggerated, and yet, that does not detract from the brave work that was carried out in the name of Justice by members of the Navy SEALS team six, nor does it take away from the good work that did come from the aforementioned intelligence agencies that now cover most of the landscape in both Virginia and Maryland, although I believe that Leon Panetta, Director of the CIA, deserves the Lion’s share of that credit.  So, on this day of putting behind and looking forward to the future with a little less angst, let us listen and reserve judgement as to why President Obama is addressing the nation from the very spot where the most horrific attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor in World War II took place 9 and a half years ago, take in the history of it, and put it to bed, for it no longer can hurt US, and we should not allow our FEARS to rule our lives, fears that were placed in our souls by men whose motives were always, and still are, in question.  Have a nice day again folks and wonderful week end, with GOD’s continued speed to those victims in the south, who were devastated by 288 tornadoes that touched down and destroyed their lives, so please, if you so desire, say a little prayer for them, for one prayer goes a long way these days.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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