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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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December 10, 2009


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President Obama will be traveling to Copenhagen, Denmark to address the assembled nations gathered for the conference on global warming. At the same time, three delegates from the obstructionist party will descend upon the intelligentsia and darken the door with their presence. James, “I haven’t shaken that sixth grade bully mentality”, Inhofe (R, Senator, OK) whose middle name of mountain still gets plenty of laughs from rational members of the Senate, will be heading up the “coalition to destroy Mother Earth”. Taking the discussion completely out of context, armed with bogus emails, these brave men will attempt to tell the world that global warming is, “the greatest hoax ever played on the American people”, thereby derailing any attempt by the United States to limit the amount of Carbon Dioxide we emit into our atmosphere. The dumbing down of America has begun in earnest…what can WE do to tell the tale, the real tale of what we are doing to this precious commodity called EARTH? Let your voice be heard! Shout it from the roof tops! YOP! Dr. Suess had it right when he wrote his children’s book called “Horton hears a Who”…we are the Who. Senator James, “I’m really not a mountain, but a molehill”, Inhofe and his buddy Senator Barrasso (R, WY), can talk jive all they want, and the more they open their mouths, the more the world will see their folly. Keep the FAITH Copenhagen, your LIGHT will dispel the darkness. Peace~ M

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