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January 22, 2010

Conflict of Interest

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Lost in the corporate owned headlines yesterday, was the single biggest set back to happen to the United States of America since Dred Scott vs. Sanford ( a decision denying slaves equal rights and bringing about the Civil War)– brought to you by the “jurisprudence” of the United States Supreme Court.  Lead by Justices Kennedy and Roberts, five members of the nine arguably most powerful people in America today, made the landmark decision to lift the ban that denied corporations the right to donate monies to candidates for public office.  In the Supreme Court decision that gave us George W. Bush, Dick, “I’m not a war criminal”, Cheney, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, the housing crisis, illegal wiretapping, torture, the financial meltdown, the obliteration of health care, a failing educational system, ever increasing pollution effectively destroying planet earth and perhaps the worst of all–fear mongering that keeps it’s citizens in a “Stockholm Syndrome” (Gore vs. Bush, circa 2000), we at least had to only endure eight long years of hell…  Now, with this landmark mistake, made by questionable integrity that once existed in the highest court in the land, we have a mad rush of special interests that will literally, legally, be able to buy and sell “elected” representatives from sea to shining sea.  How has it come to this?  What has happened?  That answer lies within the history of said “corporation”.  The concept of the corporation came into existence in 1886, where face less entities could act as real individuals, retaining all of the rights therein.  As the industrial revolution came and went, these giant beasts became ever more powerful, as the began swallowing other corporations whole, just as a shark eats a fish in the ocean.  And, like the predator that defines a “shark”, corporations are not interested in anything other than the bottom line.  The American people have become slaves to these monoliths of money and are captives in an never ending game of profit over people.  Today, in Washington D.C., mice like Mitch McConnell, one of the puppets in place as one of the “minority” party leaders, will give yet another giddy press conference speech as to the victory “we” all share in this decision that holds up and “protects” the first amendment– the right to free speech.  This, of course, is a ruse, a cover up, a lie.  The far right wingnut insanity has taken it to a new level, or a lower level if you wish, hiding behind the first amendment (as the previous administration destroyed so much of the Constitution already, such as Habeas Corpus, among others) and giving the whole of the United States of America to organizations that are only interested in making money… In other words, yesterday, the Supreme Court has given the wolves the keys to the hen house.  In the elections to come, like the 2010 mid-term elections, you might as well watch a Nascar race, with the rest of the morons hypnotized by a five hour commercial of cars painted in fancy “Home Depot”, “Verizon”, “Bank of America” colors, flying around an oval of burning fossil fuels… the “election” has been brought to you by Budweiser, the “king of beers”… for that is all it is now, a big commercial devoid of substance, humanity and the core values that brought this country into existence to begin with.  Sad is not the right word.  Tragic is.  These bright men and women who hold the country’s fate in their collective hands have made a grave mistake.  Greed has taken hold of the better wisdom of our forefathers.  We have seemingly lost the ability as a nation to discern the true from the false.  One need look only as far back as Ronald Reagan deregulating the banking system in the early 1980’s, “morning in America”, (with a little napalm) to see what is happening right NOW to the integrity of this beautiful country.  Justice Kennedy, ironically named, has taken what Bobby Kennedy, Jack Kennedy, and most recently, the Last Lion of the Senate, Teddy Kennedy fought for their whole life, equal rights, and given them directly to Microsoft, AT&T, Exxon Mobile, Goldman Sachs, ADM, and the like with his blessing and all in the name of the first ammendment to the United States Constitution.  What did this learned man think would happen?  Did he truly believe that these sharks would suddenly become benevolent and kind, altruistic and just?  Did he think that his weak argument would not fall apart like the garbage pail that it is?  There is no excuse for Gore vs. Bush, we all know that election was stolen.  This is far worse.  This flippant decision will effect the whole of this country for decades to come and might just be it’s undoing.  I am sorry to have to say that, but the truth is a rare commodity these days and it is better to know– for in knowledge lies all power. Have a great week end!  Peace~ M

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