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November 18, 2014

‘Comfortably Numb’

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, clammy, windy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, the 18th day of November, 2014, a quiet morning after a ferocious line of thunder, lightening, heavy rains and wind hit the area from about the dinner hour until late in the night, exposing US all once again to the reality of who is REALLY in charge–Mother Nature…!

Of course that won’t bother this co-opted GOP none, no sir! Their short sighted agenda mirrors day traders on Wall Street or a crack head on the streets of Denver.  Both looking for a quick ‘high’, regardless of the consequences, or the means, finding that ‘at the end of the day’, that the very temporary high of killing ‘the American people’s’ dreams for your master’s PROFIT proved to be futile and hollow indeed.  A fact that will come home to roost someday, for this ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’–whose brand has been soiled by the likes of an opportunist such as Senator Ted Cruz of Texas or his side kick Mike Lee of Utah, both hell bent on shutting down the government because “Obamacare” (the Affordable Care Act passed into LAW in 2010), is not only meeting expectations (with over 10.1 million covered in one year alone, with open enrollment going swimmingly, with over a million linking on with no problem during open enrollment going on right now until December 15th!)), but exceeding them, and would do that much better if all states adopted the concept of insurance exchanges and allowed for the free FED monies to pour into the thirty odd states denying the Medicaid expansion, allowing millions more to gain coverage just like every other sophisticated, progressive, modernized country around the world–is clearly not on the side of a real democracy that serves all of her people, not just a chosen few…  handed down with Justice and mercy, fairness and civility.

Enlightened, cosmic, sacred virtues that WE should ALL want to embrace, cherish and preserve…

Universal Cosmic Justice Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri will never get to experience.

But this fight is about far more than the ACA, it is a fight about the concept of a real democracy itself, you know, the one with that little letter ‘d’. It seems the poison contained in the 596 deadly chemicals (secret from the public and the EPA), used in the fracking process (for attaining methane)–making some plutocrats richer than their own fear based God, while it has harmed every day Americans in the process as they try and BUY our democracy out from underneath our feet–has been piped into the drinking water (figuratively speaking of course), of Congress for good, with GOP leaders claiming it is ‘he’, President Obama, who is ‘poisoning the well’ with his executive order to help 5 million undocumented human beings living in this country ‘illegally’ to breathe a little easier by allowing them to remain here so their kids don’t grow up orphans.

Doesn’t sound like a tyrannical dictator to me, does it to you Joe?

The “Executive” action on immigration status (really not ’status’ at all, merely a temporary deferred ‘action’ or`deportation`, while still allowing those immigrants to work, the seeds coming in the 1970’s with the great Beatle’s singer/song writer John Lennon’s immigration lawyer Leon Wildes bringing this deferred action to unwittingly to over 5 million people almost 50 years later)–a humanitarian move made by President’s Ronald Reagan in 1986, then tweaked by ‘the Gipper’ himself in 1987 and then again by his protege George H.W. Bush in 1990; helping out our historically ever present and ever shifting ‘immigrant population’ by treating it with compassion, respect and dare I say LOVE, you know, like real, live human beings–is not new.  But because this Kenyan socialist is making it, interfering with the fake grass root tea party (plutocratic) take over, the “…tea party tail wagging the (GOP) dog(credit the great David Corn of Mother Jones Magazine), will continue to snarl and bite, growl and attack at any moment…tearing at the flesh of a now stable U.S. economy (thanks to President Barack Obama!), by threatening another government shutdown, stating that giving “Obama” money, keeping the lights on, will somehow be what?  Some kind of blood money for amnesty or some other voodoo nonsense like ISIL for Ebola? Give it up for this 21st Century GOP, folks, they truly have brought back the word “nonsense” and raised it to a whole new level!

Well done sir!

The only thing worse than a Republican policy these days is…

I don’t know what.   Is this a trick question?

This party stands for nothing, wishes to build nothing and promotes in nothingness, save the Almighty DOLLAR and the people at the ‘top of the food chain’ who have the most of said ‘dollars’, dollars they think make them rich. Bowing down to ‘corporations’ who are now “people too”, according to vulture capitalist and GOP operative Mitt Romney and the like…but people only when it serves it’s ends.

If a person destroyed an entire ecosystem the size of the Gulf of Mexico there would be hell to pay, especially if he were a black guy, right Mr. Wilson?  I’m sorry, your not a scientist are you?  But if a corporation does something like that, there is a small fine applied to said corporation.  Such as ‘property taxes’ on a Monopoly game board; a small pittance paid out in a much larger game that has absolutely NOTHING to do with ‘The American People’.  A people whom the corporate owned media and Madison Avenue wizards have drugged to the point where the vast majority are either completely brainwashed or truly “Comfortably Numb”… (credit the Rock band “Pink Floyd”, a song taken from the track “Dark Side of the Moon”).

Have a nice day!


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