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October 24, 2014

Colorado Cow Pies

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the dark and stormy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this raw and rowdy morning, a bit of a gale on the waterfront maties, as I just be returning from a swim at Kalmus Beach, where the waves are angry and the whales are heading south, to warmer and calmer seas…

Arrrggghhh! It’s almost time to vote in these United States of America once again!  With those horrible fear/falsehood Ads a flyin’ and the hor$e$hit knee deep.  Especially in my home state of Colorado, where Republican tea party candidate for U.S. Senate Corey Gardner is slingin’ it but good.

The U.S. Senate, or the control of said body, is up for grabs, with the blog ‘538′ giving ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’ a 66 percent chance of winning on November the 4th, and thus giving the plutocrats one more step in their quest for the Holy Grail, yes, a lock on corporate control of our government, allowing big polluters to run rough shod over national parks and grandma’s back yard, fracking their way into the record books of profit over people, as the rivers, lakes, brooks, more rivers, bays, streams, estuaries, reservoirs, aquifers and the seven seas are all poisoned beyond the pale for generations to come…

Senator Mark Udall needs your help Colorado!  Get out the vote before you let this buffoon, challenger Gardner hoodwink yet another state with the help of big oil and gas.  Standing next to a wind farm, Gardner fools the people via the dark monied Ads sprinkled like so many fracking well heads saturating the state with that boozy smell of Methane, yes, telling Colorado he is for clean energy.  FOLLOW THE MONEY AMERICA!

Gardner is in bed with big oil and big gas, caring little to nothing for Colorado’s environment, seeing green only in his bank account, as he reads another bed time story to the dumbed down voters of Colorado, a book written by the ‘Brothers Koch’ (and their pals). Scary fairy tales (not to be confused with “The Brothers’ Grimm”; frightening stories involving all kinds of witches, ghosts and goblins of another place and another time… Lo, future words coming from men in hazmat suits, explaining to the good residents of Rifle, Colorado”…no folks, nothing to see here folks, it ‘ain’t Ebola, it’s some kind of chemical the EPA doesn’t even know about.  Course, after Gardner was elected, and that new, rather insane 114th U.S. Congress turned all nuts with anti-regulation bills on every known official in this here US of A, effectively killing the EPA’s ability to really keep the public safe from these monstrous corporate polluters… Well since all of that, we just are kind of playing catch up with all the various leaks in the fracking natural gas pipelines–not to mention all that run off from the millions of gallons of TOXIC fracking pools seeping into the drinking water wells–now crisscrossing what was once such a beautiful and ‘Colorful’ state of Colorado…

Let’s not let that happen folks, for gosh sakes, wake up and smell the roses! Or the coffee, whatever your metaphorical desire may happen to be this wet and wild Friday morning, the 24th day of October, 2014.  Corey Gardner is the poster boy for big oil and gas puppet wanna be.  He actually thinks people will believe he is for the environment when he takes millions from the oil and gas interests?  Corey Gardner, corporate stooge or environmentalist?  Who are you really?

May you all have a wonderful week end, hopefully getting out in nature a bit.  Perhaps even reflecting on just how amazing this world really is if you just slow down long enough and smell those roses on occasion!  (The reason we all work so hard to begin with; am I right or am I right?)

Are we just going to let all of OUR natural beauty, i.e. the great wilderness, be taken over by a few special interests? Spoiling it for future generations, i.e. your kids? To line THEIR pockets?!

Monies that a great majority of plutocratic organizations have parked (vast sums of monies) in the Grand Cayman Islands?  Caring nothing for this country as a whole, the U.S.  Just some slices of it, the exploitable slices my friends, the exploitable slices…

All because of some slick Madison Avenue wizards in New York City, who throw out the shiniest objects designed to fool as many of ‘the American people’ as possible, with many waking up twenty years from now asking–

“…What happened to America?”


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