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October 9, 2009

Colorado Blue Spruce

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The place of origin for my Colorado Blue Spruce trees that line my border fence here in Osterville, is the great state of Colorado.  That is my place of origin as well.  I was born in Colorado back in 1965 and have lived in the mountains, Boulder and Denver proper.  It is a beautiful region of the country whose proud history still shapes some of what happens in the power brokerage field of American politics.  As we continue to debate this ongoing soap opera that has disguised itself as health care “reform”, one might be inclined to take a harder look at the health of our environment as a whole and how that will affect every one’s health.  The trees are dying out west, due to parasites that have invaded these natural wonders, like the Colorado Blue Spruce and like evergreens that blanket the Rocky Mountains.  Pine Bark beetles, no larger than the size of bean, are taking down the forests at an alarming rate.  These insects seem to thrive on the drought like conditions that have plagued the western half of the North American continent due to global warming…not climate change, as that is the symptom, not the problem.  Global warming is occurring due to the increased emission of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere, causing increased sea levels, as the polar ice caps are melting at an exponential rate, drier conditions in places like Australia, Siberia, Canada and the western half of the lower 48 states.  In December, leaders from around the world will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark to discuss what, if anything, can be done to really decrease this ongoing problem.  So, if you can, say a little prayer for Mother Earth.  Plant a tree.  Use less energy and embrace your environment with the same ferocity you might embrace your favorite football team, as it will take a world effort to solve a world crisis.  Have a great week end!  Peace, M

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