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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 27, 2012

Cold Cape Cod Bay

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again sunny, mild island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Monday morning, the twenty-seventh day of February, 2012, another nice, mild, calm, both seas and wind, day here in Cotuit, ‘where the ocean meets the wood‘, as you look out on to Cape Cod Bay, where I recently took a trip to the Stellwagen Bank where the great whales, Humpback, Finback, Right, Sperm sometimes even a roaming Orca, spend their summers gorging on krill and other small ’sea creatures’, going back to the Caribbean, and who can blame them, to mate and reproduce the most majestic of all creatures on planet earth–the WHALE. Nantucket, of course, became famous because of the whaling, the killing of these great mammals for mainly their oil, but, do to public outcry in the middle part of the twentieth century, whaling was finally banned for good all over the world, with rare occasions of Japanese whaling as well as Norwegians still hunting these great mammals, highly intelligent, more so than man.  Thankfully we have heroes aboard vessels such as ‘The Sea Shepard’, as well as GREENPEACE vessels who continue going after those deadly whaling ships with a vengeance, stopping a Japanese fleet just this past year from going on an Arctic killing spree–feeding the never ending, rather odd, Japanese penchant for whale meat.  Further, it is equally appalling that magnificent sharks all over the oceans of the world are being killed off in record numbers, not for their meat, rather, for their fins, as these butchers cut them off, leaving the poor shark to die as it is tossed back into the water.  Horrible!  WE, collectively as a species, treat our ‘catch’ like that as well, such as our employees, our students, our minorities, our elderly, the women of this country, gays… imagine, just for a moment, what we are doing to each other, while the large multinational corporations (with their presumptive puppet already to take the stage), who don’t answer to anyone nor care about anyone because corporations are not human and thus, have no feelings on the matter, attempt to HIJACK that highest and most powerful office in the land, the Presidency of the United States of America, and perhaps, for now anyway, the world.  These ‘corporations are people too’, as Mitt Romney would have you believe, are NOT here to enrich the ‘American People’ (republican talking point #307: copy-written by Legal Zoom, ‘putting the law on your side’–still owned and operated by our pal from Kentucky, Mr. downer himself, yes, give it up for Mitch, “my mother told me there would be days like this”, McConnell, a fine Senator if you like that ’sort of thing’), as he spoke again yesterday in Detroit, on the eve of the Michigan primary, followed by “Super Tuesday”, that depending on the outcome, could spell a brokered convention come Tampa, but not likely, yes, as he spoke to a crowd yesterday at Ford Field, where the Lions, football, play, a venue mistake perhaps, as the glaring lack of people, ‘American people’ in said stadium, that holds over 65,000 souls, counted perhaps several thousand–you had to say to yourself, “what were they thinking?”.  You could not buy a ticket to that event and it could not have acted as a better metaphor for exactly what the ONE PERCENT looks like at ‘this juncture’ (credit the 41st President of the United States, George H. Bush), only a few at the table, while others starve and freeze on the outside of the system, a system created ‘of, by, and for the plutocrats of America’. One thousand people, presumably all warm and toasty inside, with millions of out of work African Americans on those now extremely desolated streets of Detroit. Wow. I quote Mr. Romney here, who said he ‘is for 100 percent of the American people’ …really? really? really?  Imagine Mitt going into a high end clothing store, trying out this line of ‘clothes’ (the trees are all the right height, and the roads are just right), or that one (“no, you’re wrong, corporations are people too my friend, where do you think all of that money goes, back to the people.”???), awkwardly proving that none of this garb fits.  Making a great case against him becoming our 45th President of these here United States.  Meanwhile, old Rick Santorum is painting himself into a corner, with more imbecile rhetoric about the value of a college education “…the world needs ditch diggers too…” (credit the late, great Ted Knight, and his fantastic role of “Mr. One Percent” in the classic film, circa 1980, “Caddyshack”).  Why does Santorum hate snobs?  Why?  Because he carries the water for the one percent, that is why he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, for his message is really no different from Romney’s save, a little scarier, especially when he wants to tell women, always a bad idea, what to do with their own bodies, in effect, regulating them as if they were one of his stupid NASCARS, a big event (the Daytona 500), I’m told, where the cars go round and round in a fuc%king circle for hours on end, a real ‘must see’ television event if you get the opportunity to view one, personally I would rather watch the grass grow, paint dry or eat sand.  Yes, that event was supposed to take place yesterday, but alas, it rained.  Bummer dude.  Finally, we take a look at the Oscar’s last night, where the French film, a silent film, throwback from the twenties, called, “The Artist”, winning, I believe 5 of those golden trophies, including Best Picture, Best Actor and whatever those other awards were, as my friend George Clooney missed out again on the best actor award–worry not my friend, that is coming soon to a theater near you! Meryl Streep won ‘Best Actress’, and when she took the stage to accept the award, she ‘had to laugh’, stating, ‘oh, god, the American public is probably saying to themselves, not her again, adding, oh well.’ God Love her!  Oscar night is always great on so many levels, for who among us, from the dumbest FOX reporter to the Dean of Journalism, Mr. Keith Olbermann (remember to watch “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann”, airing every week night at 8 p.m., eastern, only on Current TV), himself does not have at least one movie that is near and dear to their hearts?  For movies, unlike ‘real life’, take us out of the mundane and propel us to what is quite possible, if we shed our old ‘beliefs’ that are usually based on some old man’s, long dead, concept of ‘what is right and what is wrong’, proving once again, that an open, honest democracy, where ALL voices are heard EQUALLY, is the best bet.  I wonder when the republican party will wake up to that fact, that we do, indeed, live in the year 2012 and are moving forward, with or without them, for ‘them’ is a shrinking demographic, as this country becomes browner and more diverse, interested in creating a FAIR system that truly does serve the needs of the AMERICAN PEOPLE, not just white, rich males like Mitt, who is not in touch with those people, because, like Lilly Tomlin said a long time ago in an SNL skit,“…we’re the phone company (the one percent), we don’t care because we don’t have to.” The trees may be the right height now Governor, but let us put some more carbon dioxide into the air, like the dirty Canadian tar sands via the XL Keystone pipeline, a move that will ’spell lights out for the environment’ (credit every climatologist worth his or her salt), exponentially warming this planet ‘for future generations’.  Then, dear Governor, let US return to that state of Michigan (that I still love as well, living in Northville many moons ago, married in Birmingham) and her many beautiful trees and see if not only are they still ‘the right height’, but moreover, do they still exist?  Have a nice day folks and keep on keeping on, as that horrible war in Afghanistan PROVES we should be in our own backyard, cleaning up our own mess, taking care and educating our own people, wildlife and the wilderness at large, rather than spending immense blood and treasure on pointless exercises of futility, a word that has become synonymous with the Afghanistan War, a war that must come to an end before more innocent officers are gunned down in their administrative buildings by a people who defeated the Soviet Union in the early 1980’s, a country, by the way, that has never been defeated by anyone or anything. What are we really trying to prove here?  Our main goal should be to stabilize Pakistan, for that, not Iran, is where the real threat of loose nukes lies, and yet, we are actually beginning to contemplate repeating that same old bat shit logic we used, rather, Dick Cheney used, in the horrible Iraq War, that took over 4400 American lives, 100,000 Iraqi men, women and children, 3.1 Trillion of U.S Treasure (and counting) and leaving that country without simple electricity, thus, creating, as ‘liberators’ (credit George W. Bush), a darker and more depressed country than when we went in as those GREAT LIBERATORS!  What a joke, and it would be funny if it were no so f’ing tragic!  authors note, the doggy in the window is “Splash”, Teddy Kennedy’s Portuguese Water dog puppy who still lives in Hyannis Port, as I was honored to wash and dry him, many moons ago, when I was in the dog walkin’ business!) PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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