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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 15, 2021


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(click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings serfs, scum, slaves, poultry peasants to our emerging, or soon to be well established New World Order!

I bid you and yours, still with ‘the internet’ and POWER, a fine, fair and quite bloody well frightening adieu on this frigid Monday morning, The Fifteenth Day of March, 2021, taxing down ACK’s fine ‘double wide’ run ways, flying off to Davos, Switzerland to drop of that crazy German bastard ‘ole Schwabby!

‘Tis “I”, Lord William Montague III, hijacking that God awful Mike Mosier’s website, seacapecod.net once again, for his little ‘tattle tales’ will not be allowed in this Fourth Industrial, corporate takeover of every aspect of what you thought was your ‘life’ was, and the ‘freedoms’ you once took for granted, indeed it is our intention and ultimate goal to cull 90 percent of the current global populace, and those left will be forced into our plan of transforming all humans, willingly or unwillingly, to become transhuman, or die in the process.

Why the push you say for all these nasty mRNA ‘vaccines’? For a smokescreen, I mean global pandemic with a 99.9 percent recovery rate?

Or what they really ARE?

Experimental biological procedures, pathogen delivery packages with tiny, tiny robots, and other high tech stuff you have NOTS need not concern yourself with, no ma’am thank you so much! Safe to say, in the coming year, these ‘jabs’ as our global corporate press core likens them to, calls them these DAZE, will take out a good chunk of the world’s populace, while those ‘vaccinated’, shedding mutated forms of the seven or so Corona Viruses that effect humans, i.e. the common cold/flu, even if asymptomatic, will begin to severely infect those who chose not to get vaccinated, thus, we got ya comin’ and we got ya goin’, your choice, Pepsi, or Coke?

“Pepsi, no Coke!”,

OK, reanimated/cloned Mr. John Belushi, we understand your delusion of a mirage called ‘freedom of choice’, i.e. ’tis true you can choose the fine Astra-Zeneca lethal inject, or the Moderna, pick your poison proletariat! Fine choice sir, you’ll be dead in a week!

Oh, too late, he’s already gone!

Another one bites the dust.

“That is some powerful $hit man!”


“…it’s a hell of a drug!”

WE are rolling in Trillions upon Trillions, moreover, in utter eternal ECSTASY about the fact this plan has been pulled off without a fight from mankind itself, a walk in the park, “oh, drive through the park Bitterman, you know how I just love the park.” The 1981 film “Arthur”, starring the late, greats Dudley Moore and Sir John Gielgud, reminds me of myself, those were the days yes? Of course, now, during ‘these difficult times’, I prefer to be amongst the clouds, looking down on what we, the Illuminate have created for thee…

Let’s do some ‘time’ travel shall we, say back to the year 1984?

“Good evening, and welcome to the upside down, where what you SEA can never be, and what you know, just ain’t so…

Where bad is good and wrong is right, where TRUTH went down without a FIGHT.

Where you might say that everyday is opposite day!

Can I offer you a mask or an anal Herr Klaus Scwabby?

Rape is the law if it’s for a good CAUSEY!

Oh no, it’s not mandatory, that would be cruel,

but you have no choice,

that’s our only RULE.

But, before you enter, I must tell you about the world’s deadliest disease,

it can take you out with a single sneeze.

It’s a clever bug or two, it can’t take out a violent mob, it only thrives in those with a job.

Luckily, we have the only cure, it won’t stop it from spreading, that we know for SURE!

So what does it do you may ask?

No one knows, so please be sure to wear a mask.

It’s super safe, the doctor said, even if you end up dead,

’cause the antidote can’t kill you since,

it’s the leading cause of COINCIDENCE!

So roll up your sleeve and let go,

I’ll take you through the backwards SHOW!

Where ‘doctors’ KILL and ‘SCIENCE’ shill$!

For our Lord and Savior,

a man named Bill.

On your left you will SEA our grand display of courageous ‘men’ with nothing to SAY!

They don’t provide, or lead or slay!

They smile and nod and let you have your;


To your right you will SEA, an exhibition of empathy.

Where rich stay home and through their phone, demand that old folks die alone.

Follow along the yellow dotted line,

to our memorial of dissent;

an evil shrine.

The ‘thought criminals and scent seekers, and those W.H.O. disrupt.

The one’s who try to turn us right side up…

They didn’t shrink to ‘Double Think’ (1984),

So all of them died from ’suicide’!

Thank you for visiting the upside down,

please return to the circus,

with all the other CLOWNS!”

(credit:# what’s her face)

Love and Kisses!

Ta Ta!

Lord William Montague III

(country gentleman)

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