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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 26, 2021

‘Coincidence Theorists’

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the pure azure skied, golden sun lit, bright, cool, breezy and beautiful island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this spectacular Monday morning down at Bass River, The Twenty-Sixth Day of April, 2021, another one for the books of living life on a unique, famous peninsula extending far out into the Mighty Atlantic, indeed, inspiring poets, priests and politicians for centuries now, not to mention the Wampanoag indigenous peoples who had no need for ‘vaccines’ or them evil bankers’ devious, diabolical, demonic schemes!



Full Spectrum use of “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, by said Cabal and Co., led by puppet point pharmaceutical reps like ‘Fast Eddy’ con men, i.e. Father Tony Fauci, slicker than a Gulf of Mexico oil socked, greasy overpriced, nauseating, rotten shrimp cocktail, still peddling their lethal snake oil Frankenstein concoctions from the pits of HELL, yes, that, combined with ALL of the GMO ‘foods’, weather warfare, i.e. D.E.W./H.A.A.R.P./C.E.R.N.,/D.A.R.P.A., the race wars, cancel culture, i.e. white planned genocide, Chemtrails, a CCP occupation of D.C., with Executive Orders being Xerox copied like so many spike proteins swimming in the blood stream of millions of unsuspecting good, loving, wonderful Americans now experiencing what these “Kill” Gates mRNA pathogen delivery envelopes, these sythetic, biological gene therapies are actually doing to their collective bodies, minds and souls;

all designed to cull,

not cure…

Just like the Rockefeller led brainwashed American Medical Association!

Nazi black and red to the core baby!

Seig Heil!

If you watch the nightly ‘news’ like a good comrade, i.e. David, “Count von Count”, Mule, of ABC’s “World” “News” Tonight (powerful CCP communist propaganda rather), a bit off pudding don’t you think David?, you little vampire you! by the way, “The Adams Family” contacted me and are prepared to go forward with their law suit to get back the mortician/blood sucking wardrobe you stole from Castle Rock Studios in L.A., they are hoppin’ mad, you in big trouble boy!, yes, if you tune into that bloody horrible nightly programming you ‘think’ is actually ‘news’, like that ‘food’ you stuff into your pie hole, then you are well aware that there is nothing to FEAR regarding these life ending JABS designed by the DEVIL himself.

Just because, four months or so into ‘zee jab’, people are starting to die and get sick, it must be due to them damn variants!  Plus, all those ’selfish’ people who refuse to get in line with the death cult programming and die like a real man, yes, the uptick in planned deaths is due to them, the UN-vaccinated! They are the problem!  It’s their fault people are dying, let’s round ‘em up!  Let’s kill ‘em!  “Ore”, at the very least, let’s shame, harass, marginalize and demonize them, you betcha!


Indeed, as you watch the half hour pain relief/schizophrenia/bipolar/blood clotting big pharma show, with 12 minutes of ‘ole Mule reading from a highly sophisticated script to keep people not only in the dark, but steer them off a very real cliff, with no escape, into the blackness, the abyss of death itself! Yes, as you take in Mule’s Gates like hand gestures, his ever black suit, white shirt and thin, archon dark ties, critically enjoying the SHOW, you will be relieved to SEA that there have only been a handful of ‘Adverse Drug Reactions’ to said ‘Final Solution’, Seig Heil!, 12 blood clotting issues, with no deaths reported…


VAERS, ‘vaccine adverse event reaction system’, as of April 17, 2021, has reported well over 3300 deaths, with countless ’side effects’ EFFECTS RATHER! too numerous to list here, yet you and yours are led to believe this ‘vaccine’ in name only is safe and effective, just because some midget named Fauci said so! Instead of telling you what is really is, a de-pop shot!

The word ‘vaccine’ is a misnomer, it’s an injection of a highly technical nanobot sized operating system designed to create all sorts of nasty spike proteins in your body that should not be there! And when a ‘vaccinated’ person is exposed to a real, wild CROWN (corona), virus, or a flu shot, game over!

This means that when your immune system catches wind of the intruder, i.e. the pathogen primers and manufactured spike proteins in every cell in the body, manufactured per the instructions of the foreign mRNA synthetic Trojan Horse,  in there via the ‘jab’, it will SEA it’s in every cell, hence attacking all cells and all organs and then…,


you know the rest.

“Eudra Vigalance”, European database of suspect adverse drug reaction reports is akin to the aforementioned VAERS in America, W.H.O. admits only 1-10 percent of these tragedies are actually reported to the center, leaving one to conclude, ‘Houston, we got a problem!’, because a) we faked the moon landing and lied to the world and two, we are about to be EXPOSED for the MASS GENOCIDE that we, the Illuminate, are consciously carrying out, but I digress…

Yes, this European cousin, the European Medicines Agency publishes these data points so that it’s ’stakeholders’, including the general public, can access information that European regulatory authorities use to review the safety of a medicine or active substance.

TRANSPARENCY is the KEY guiding principal of the agency.

COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Drug Reactions as of April 17, 2021:

7766 dead.

330,218 injuries.

All reports reflecting the following ‘products’ to be reviewed in the very near future, and then universally condemned in the coming Nuremberg Trail 2.0…:

Crimes against Humanity will be charged indicting ANYONE who was directly or indirectly involved or even complicit, i.e. the press, in the aiding and abetting of crimes against humanity, of covering up this mass genocidal ‘Great Reset’ from pits of Hell where Hitler is burning as ‘we speak’…

“Willful Ignorance” is no defense!

COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are implicated:

mRNA vaccine Moderna (cx024414), Pfizer/BioNTech , Astra-Zeneca (CHADOX1NCoV), Janssen/Johnson & Johnson (AD21CoV2s).

Like VAERS lack of reporting, one can inflate these low numbers by ten or one hundred fold, therefore, perhaps, fingers crossed, it will begin opening one’s EYES to what the fuck is really going down!

Mass Genocide!

Have a super week ahead folks!

Get informed, prepare, think outside of the box they created you and yours to live and die in, get real, stay far, far, far away from the needle!

Remembering that the human body is perfect the way it was created, in a word, you, my dear reader, are REGAL!

And should fly like an EAGLE!

Much love from the River they call BASS!


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