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April 23, 2017

Cognitive Dissonance

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun dripped, seasonally cool, white hot glow of Nantucket! Great to be with you on a glorious Sunday–HIGH NOON–The Twenty-Third Day of April, 2017, broadcasting LIVE from ‘down on the docks’ of ye ‘ole Hyannis Harbor;


So many of our brothers and sisters have lost there way in the matrix of modern day life, saturated with demons of all stripes, some so subtle it would take a microbiologist to find the MK Ultra malice in a microscope. Ever immersed in the tidal wave of low frequency radio waves, i.e. their ’smart’ phones, TV’s, soon to be “Positive ID” chips, as well as the powerful hypnotic trance one falls into when sitting for long periods of ‘time’ in front of any one of these electronic nightmares, indeed, when one is completely lost in the fog of today’s well designed mouse trap to ensnare, dumb down, and effectively cut off mankind’s connection to God/nature, then, it may seem, all is lost. Like Heroin or Crack, the use and abuse of these very real drugs are devilishly designed to destroy our way of life, making many people helpless and hopeless, bereft of finding the way out of a deep, dark black hole. Alan Watt, “Reality Check”, quite rightly suggested that the masses are being ‘farmed’.  For as you are sitting there being ‘entertained’, or ‘under cover’, your frontal lobe/critical thinking  part of the brain turns off, making it more open to suggestion, the very ingredient that makes hypnosis possible.  It is what the flickering of the TV screen lights do to one only after a few minutes of watching, combined with the music, the voices of say, a news anchor, and the constant swirling of circles brightly lit with agitating color, putting one in a dark, fearful, contradictory, conflicted, confused, paralyzing mood…

Cognitive Dissonance indeed.

Digital signals, with them spinning circles of say, “ABC’s This Week”, just concluding except on the West Coast, are a great example of this trend to trap and torture.  Turn off that TV and tune out said terrorists! Look at the intro to said show and if you slow down the blast of energy, spinning circles of bright red and blue, one will notice a pattern that is exemplified on any local news broadcast from Toledo to Tallahassee, Denver to Detroit. A real “SalterMitchell”special if you please. Behavioral manipulation par excel-lance!

But that is just for starters, is that not right Lucifer? The big guns come out when the microchip, please Google “Verichip Corporation”, begins to make it’s way into the popular culture as it already has begun to do at say, many of the “Baja Beach Clubs” around the world, where the VIP line is only for ‘chipped’ individuals; and they don’t take American Express! More on that hor$e$hit later in the program. Sorry, bad choice of words, let’s say, these long winded silent soliloquies, or, what some might refer to as ”essays one reads.”

If you wish to throw your I-phone into Nantucket Sound next week when you skip on into town for ‘DAFFODIL DAY’ on said ‘Far Away Island’, Sea Cape Cod will make a small donation for your new smoke signal system; lo, your new way of communicating with friends, family and loved one’s. Just like the Wampanoag once did! One smoke signal for, “…be right home!” Two smoke rings for home by seven, three for ‘…I will be running a little late!’

“Daffodil Days” begin next week end on the mystical island of Nantucket and if you have not made your reservations to be there, shame on you! Spring has sprung in this hamlet by the SEA and it is calling your name. So, once again, book your plane, train and automobile and come on down! We will, as always, leave the LIGHT on for ya!

Have a good week ahead y’all!


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