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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 29, 2010

Clear Blue

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Greetings and salutations from the sandy shores of sun drenched Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  With abundant sunshine expected today and cool 50 degree temperatures, the season is just starting to pick up steam…Come on down and visit this most treasured spot on planet earth!  The weather in Washington D.C., however, is quite stormy.  With two huge issues effecting the country, and indeed the world, about to be played out even as I write this commentary– with the lobbyists, politicians, aides, journalists and power brokers showering and getting ready for their day, a day of fighting the truth or attempting to relay the same, many will look back at this period and either shake their heads or smile…  The first and most pressing issue is, of course, the reform of the crooked, dark streets of capitalism at its most mutated state.  Wall Street and the “firms” that make up that little stretch of land on the lower part of the island of Manhattan, have held the American public hostage.  Moreover, this has turned into a true “Stockholm Syndrome”, where the common man is fearful of his “captors” and thus, will do anything to keep the apple cart from being disturbed.  The sophisticated methods used in this psychological trick are professional and proven, much like the methods of Nazi Germany in the early 1930’s… Chris Mathews, of “Hardball with Chris Mathews”, stated on his show yesterday that we should not use the analogy of Nazi Germany and apply it to the situation that not only the Wall Street fiasco represents, but also the bizarre law that was recently passed in Arizona, requiring anyone who “looks like an alien”, to produce his “papers” to prove he, or she, has a right to be in the United States of America… I disagree.  To put it in context, we must look at the actual history of Germany, prior to World War II, and see how Adolph Hitler used the SS (gestapo/secret police) to do his ultimate bidding of creating a “master race”.  When you have rogue states like Arizona, and possibly Utah, Ohio and Texas, creating laws that are contrary to our way of life, our philosophy of being a citizen here in the United States, opening up interpretations to the “law” by representatives who are hired to “keep the peace” and thus, introducing all kinds of abuses that will only fuel the fire of racial division– you have the makings of a restriction of freedom, human rights and, dare I say, possible violence directed at those who don’t “look” like Ward Cleaver or Lucille Ball.  The reason, Chris, that we are making this analogy is simple–to wake people up to the possibility of things going south in America, whereupon our very rights as citizens are threatened by true racists, fear mongers, and advocates of hate and violence towards anyone who does not look like them, act like them, or think like them…sound familiar?  When you apply this to Wall Street, and the Stockholm Syndrome that has become a reality for many Americans, you have a subtler form of class warfare, where most of the country is poor and in fear of the banks/corporate entities, and, therefore, willing to do almost anything just to put food on their table.  Sixty five percent of our Gross National Product is now the big banks, i.e. Wall Street Casinos, with the number only going north.  Twenty years ago, that number was seventeen percent.  The goal, of course, is to gain as much financial power over the people, rig the Supreme Court with activist Justices who will carry the water for the corporations (as evidenced by the recent Citizens United case, where corporations now have the same rights as individuals, and thus, can donate as much money as they wish to “candidates” who will do their bidding) and ultimately be in the position to dictate, much like Nazi Germany, its demands and “laws” designed to keep the wealthiest of us, wealthier, and the poorest of us, poorer.  Keeping the people down, keeping the people down.  Is this what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he wrote one of the most inspirational documents ever known to mankind?  Are we going to let mice, strike that, rats, like Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell hoodwink 300 million people as to the merits of “protecting” Wall Street from the “socialist” agenda of President Barack Obama?  All in the name of “the invisible hand of the market?”  The invisible hand of the market is wanted for grand larceny to the tune of trillions of dollars in credit default swaps and the mother’s and father’s who have lost all of their money that they so trustingly put into “money market” are waiting for answers from you Mitch (R-KY), who has no problem with his secret trips to New York and his back room deals with the scum of the earth–Wall Street executives.  The clear blue waters of Nantucket Sound have no mud in them– they are clean and pure.  Can you say that about the true intentions of the P.O.N.?  Quite the opposite is true of course, and soon the American public will awaken to that very clear fact, break the chains of a Stockholm Syndrome that they have found themselves in and take stock in the fact that we are a nation of pioneers, poets and preachers– who lend a hand as opposed to striking with one.  Have a great Thursday everybody!  Peace~ M

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