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February 3, 2011

Clear Air

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Thursday morning, the third day of February, 2011. Hopefully, the sun will make it’s presence known to these here parts, as well as most of the east coast today, after a brutal storm reeked havoc across much of the nation yesterday, with Chicago receiving the brunt of the storm, with over two feet reported in some parts of the city.  Power outages, 5500 cancelled flights and closed schools marked most of the day, and after seeing the 1500 or so cars abandoned on the famous “Lake Shore Drive”, that winds up and down Lake Michigan in that fair city, I just have one statement–that has already been made by one of our fine Senators in this country, you all know him, let’s give it up for James, “she’ll be comin’ round the MOUNTAIN when she comes”, Inhofe, hailing from the great state of Oklahoma, when he said these prophetic words, “global warming is the greatest hoax ever played on the “American people”–you ‘ain’t seen nothing yet…  So, I challenge the fine Senator to explain his “theory” to the people of Australia, Queensland to be precise, where yesterday, a category five cyclone, the “down under” version of a hurricane, slammed into the region already reeling from the devastating floods that washed that area out only a few weeks ago, soon, Senator, soon. Of course, all the world’s attention, for the moment, is not on the very REAL issue of CLIMATE CHANGE, but on the streets of Cairo, Egypt where a full of revolution is happening even as I write these words.  I stayed up most of the night watching the LIVE feeds coming in to my various satellite dishes, and I’ve got to tell you, I was mesmerized, as I could not seem to tear myself away from history unfolding right before my very eyes.  We, or at least I, have not seen this kind of uprising in my lifetime, especially considering the history, the ancient history of what and who Egypt, and all of the Middle East, for that matter, really IS and what it means for the larger picture for that geographical local.  No one pundit in America can answer the question of what will happen next, as the Friday prayers, the biggest day of prayer during the week for most Muslims, nears, bringing millions of people to their local mosques where they will once again, as they did this past Friday, spill onto the streets and attempt to overthrow the underhanded dictator who launched an unprovoked attack on it’s own people, via armed goon squads, that were most likely part of the “police”.  Paid killers riding horses and camels through Tahrir square, armed with whips, machetes, knives, movtal cocktails and guns, were dressed in plain clothes as they worked through the crowds at approximately 2 p.m., Cairo time, and began the assault on the people in earnest.  By nightfall, when things turned really ugly, the pro-Mubarak supporters had surrounded the protesters and seemingly had them pinned in and looked as if they had taken the square back, and perhaps crushed the revolution.  But, by midnight, as seven o’clock local time in Egypt this morning rolled around, the protesters, almost like a new verse from our own national anthem, had held the day, bringing renewed hope and vitality to the movement, a movement that WE all should be championing, for the tide cannot go backwards, and our officials in Washington D.C., regardless of our past affiliations with an important ally, should understand that.  I had the opportunity to watch some of Glenn Beck on FOX yesterday, the quite insane television personality who someone put on television one day and said, “we just want you to make people scared, we don’t care how you do it”.  I actually watched it on MSNBC, I think it was Chris Mathew’s show “Hardball”, as I would not employ the energy needed to push the button on the remote control for that sorry son of…, where Chris explored old Glenn’s latest red herring, a map of the world where the professor shows us ’stupid Americans’ where and when the ‘Islamic takeover of the world’ would be taking place.  Not only would all of the Middle East fall into some kind of Islamic fascist state, but so too would all of Europe, who would then partner with China to “take over the world”–yes, that’s right folks, the Glenn Beck show, all the entertainment you can handle, although for most of his viewers it is just another “dose” of misinformation, heavy on the FEAR, HATE and paranoia that makes up the sad, pathetic soul Glenn Beck truly embodies, yes, the Glenn Beck show has now officially gone off the deep end.  What an as@hole!  These days, the more outrageous the claim, the more likely it is that misguided, ill informed, paranoid, delusional, and radicalized Americans, who vote in lock step with the puppets who run the corporate sponsored republican party, will take Glenn’s irresponsible words as the Gospel TRUTH, thus, bringing this country into an even deeper divide–not only the with the haves and the have nots, but more along the lines of basic TRUTHS that cannot be altered by contaminated EGOS.  For as the divide between the haves and have nots continues to widen, with money acting like the Colorado River cutting it’s way through the “Grand Canyon”, making the distance that much wider between the two, and as that gap continues to grow, with more and more people out of work, republicans now using the courts to strike down the new Affordable health care LAW as the Senate voted yesterday against repealing a LAW that will give 30 million Americans who currently don’t have medical insurance the opportunity to attain it, with 50 million, soon to be 70 million Americans, currently left out in the cold, as families go hungry, as the environment continues to go downhill with corporations like the KOCH brothers, DAVID AND CHARLES, continuing to rape and pillage our lands, poisoning our natural resources, such as clean drinking water, yes, as the corporate plutocracy continues it’s eternal push for more profits, we may see a revolution in this country, not too far off in the future.  How can WE, here in the birthplace of democracy, continue to allow the wealthiest among us to continue to prosper, while the rest of the nation is barely holding on?  How “American” is that?  Eventually, perhaps after the next election, the PEOPLE will begin to wake up, and see what is REALLY going on in this nation that was built on the principal of “WE THE PEOPLE”. I may be naive, thinking of a utopia that may have a hard time catching on in the hallows of the dark halls of Wall Street, but the current “system” of a crooked tax code, “socialism for capitalists” (credit Michael Lewis, author of “The Big Short”), subsidies for the polluting criminal corporations, and the rigged system of Wall Street, where the big banks, only five now, can borrow money from the FED, lend it out to the market, and make record profits while our own people are literally dying of over exposure, is not sustainable.  Something, eventually, has got to give.  This is a wake up call for everyone, and if you don’t believe that, take a good look at the stock market and the FACT that globalization, the maximization of PROFITS over PEOPLE is the new law of the land, any land it seems, and WE, the United States of America, are the biggest contributor to that very real REALITY.  Ronald Reagan would not have been elected in 2012, for he is too liberal.  Projection 101 always tells you when someone is speaking of themselves, for they will constantly call someone else what they, in fact, are, “paging Dr. Freud!”, and in the case of Glenn Beck, and much of the REPUBLICORP party, the word “Nazi” comes to mind.  How many times have we heard Glenn use that word, calling the community organization to help poor people, ACORN, “a bunch of Nazis who want to take over the country.” Yes, Glenn, with their huge, now gone, bankrolls of cash in their little, tiny, tiny offices scattered in the low rent districts of metropolitan areas all over the country, yes, these tiny people could have taken over the titans of Wall Street, because I know for a fact that many of those offices had a “slush” fund that contained over 17 dollars, monies used to leverage the Dominoes Pizza guy to deliver a large pepperoni and a medium Diet Coke.  Have a nice day everybody and May GOD be with the PEOPLE of Egypt today and may GOD bless this nation and it’s people as well. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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