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July 8, 2014

C.H.’i’ P.’s!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again sunny, beautiful, breezy and dare I say sometimes above the LAW island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you after a GREAT 4th of July week end here on little old Cape Cod and those amazing aforementioned islands only a few steps (boats) from where I write these words every day, or almost every day…  What do you want? I do this pro bono for humanity.  Even though we had a bit of a bump in the road with Hurricane Arthur, who grazed Nantucket and Hyannis/Hyannis Port with some stiff winds and heavy rains, it is nothing compared to what Typhoon (what’s the name in Japanese?) is going to do to that country moments from now, for as the kids in climate denial land say, just in from FOX “NEWS”– it seems that the ‘heavy stuff probably won’t be coming down for quite a while, I’d keep playing’… ‘You’re probably right son, anyways, the good Lord would never interrupt the best game of my life…’ (credit the classic, must SEA film–starring Bill Murray as Carl Spackler, ‘assistant greens keeper’, circa 1978–“Caddyshack”; also starring Mr. ‘Bushwood’ himself, the late, great Ted Knight, who lights up the screen with haunting parodies of the one percent years before it became vogue), that’s right folks, it seems that “I think it’s about time somebody pump about 15,000 gallons of water down there to teach you, a little bit of a lesson about what it’s like to be an upstanding member of a society!”  “Is ‘dat what it is?  I ‘tink it is!” (thanks Bill!).

Yes sir, it’s ground hog day at the ‘ole police brutality video evidence room (how did that get out there?) in the great state of California where I am sure by now you have seen yet another example of police taking their various frustrations in life out on unsuspecting victims that they are sworn to protect and serve.  What was that?  You want a knuckle sandwich?  Well I am just the knucklehead you ordered up, but I can’t today ’cause I am scheduled to be at a Murrietta rally to keep them dangerous illegal alien children from takin’ all our benefits and such, but call me later, you know, after the Hannity cross burnin’, I mean pig roast.

I have to tell you folks, I had my share of personal police brutality for a lifetime, ironically over on my fair island of Nantucket, as I almost lost my life to a violent sort fella who reminds me of that bloke you have seen all over the airwaves, a C.H.i.P., a California Highway Patrolman who beat the living $hit out of some poor black woman who must have not obeyed one of his ‘commands’.  You know the old saying, give a little man a little power…

Now of course, not all cops are bad, in fact the cops in Chicago had their hands full with violent gun totting thugs who killed at least 11 this past holiday week end.  But, as was in my case in 2003, the coverups and the brutality is rarely caught on tape.  Fortunately for me, two witnesses saw the Nantucket Police Department officer literally slam dunk my face into the cement, resulting in a wicked, nearly fatal blow to the front of my face, blood included, and a coma for a few days…I wrote about that whole incident in a book called “Taking Fog to Nantucket”, available in hard copy soon. E book available on Smashwords.com.  The point of the book was to help people, like myself, who suffer from PTSD and to look beyond it to the next level, if one can, beyond the horrible brutality some people in power inflict upon the vulnerable and the helpless with genuine forgiveness.  Take this whole border thing.  ‘It has been told, ye of little faith, I’m lookin’ at you Rick Perry of Texas, that Jesus will come back like a thief in the night.  I do not think he will care that your excuse for not helping desperate children caught in life threatening situations, offering protection from a crumbling civilization, fraught with gangs, drugs and all that is evil in this world (remember Nicaragua?  Ronald Reagan?  Anything Rick?) was that you were ignorant and blind to all of that political nonsense such as you running for higher office.  Tisk, Tisk.  You have gone as high as you are going to go Rick, and I don’t mean in just this life time.  Where was I?  Immigration and the republican party in America, that’s right.  Oil and water, Israel and Palestine (pray for peace), dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!  Oxymoron’s are not just for breakfast anymore, they exist deep in the heart of Texas where they wait in desperate hope from the front lines of insanity, “tunnelin’ in from the construction sight over yonder”, yes, streamin’ in from the whack job leaders of the new right wing agenda–namely to follow the Koch brother.s money straight into the gates of hell.

For that IS the republican agenda–destroy democracy with that little letter ‘d’ one district at a time, buying Congress and the Supreme Court, hopefully the Executive soon, and thus establishing rule by the wealthy (plutocracy defined and realized, a new wicked GOLD-en rule designed to exploit the rest of the natural order, namely the natural environment and her resources until the planet is cooked to a fine medium rare taste, leaving little to the masses who will be decimated by water/food deserts (look at Detroit in 2014!) and climate cataclysm by the end of the century, not invited in, like Jesus 2014 years ago, to the newly designed man made ‘gated islands’.  Super uber wealthy islands much like Nantucket today (richest zip code in the U.S.).  This ideology of ’small government’ only touches on what ‘they’ (the .00001 wealthiest people in the U.S.) are not interested in, i.e. people, plants and animals that are not in their immediate circle.  Right Chase Koch?  You see, one of the new young Koch ‘donators’ to the cause was the aforementioned lad, who, as Rachel Maddow pointed out in here show Monday night, 9 p.m. only on MSNBC, gave to the cause of one Mr. G. Abbott, who is running for governor of that great state, hopefully (fingers crossed!) taking over for the ‘great’ work of Rick Perry.  God help Texas. Anyway, it seems ‘ole Greg was up to his old puppet ways, acting under those guiding strings professionally manipulated by young Chase to the tune of a half a hundred grand, yep, and what the puppeteer wanted was anonymity when it came to the FACT that ammonium nitrate is killing people in that great state, and soon nobody will know about the danger ’till their dead, as it is now legal to keep whatever dangerous chemicals you want around schools, hospitals and the like a complete secret, like the chemicals that exploded in a small Texas town a few weeks past.  All designed to create a living hell on planet earth as explosions rock the worlds of unsuspecting low information people just like they do when the oil laced rail road tanker trucks explode on the other side of town.   Yee haw mo fo!   You got yourself a double header!  Explosions on the north side of shit heal Texas and on the south side too!  Yes sir Mr. Koch, let’s fuck with poor towns of Texas and the like, towns with no water, as they deny it is even a problem… “Global Warmin’ just be a hoax ‘ya’ll…”

Over the next century bought puppets like our Texas friend here will go down in the history books as the REASON the United States of America fell victim to the greedy out of control hands of capitalism.   Capitalism is not good or bad, it depends on how it is used.  Corporations do not have souls, nor do many of the CEO’s who run them, that is precisely why we have a BALANCE in the USA with intricate checks and those balances that today, like the environment, are so far out of whack the concept of that word is laughable “at this juncture”… Thanks George H. Bush and Happy 91st by the way,  you were one of the good one’s.  I can only pray that with the rest of the oil and gas industry (quickly becoming the new U.S. government), raping and pillaging at will, we all wake up soon.  You know, before the corporation signs your soul on the bottom line with blood from the slave job you performed all of those years, and for what?  THEIR PROFIT!, think about it America and get out the vote this fall.  Your life and family’s lives depend upon a real democracy, not just one on paper.    “And that’s the way it is…”, (credit the late, great and fellow Martha’s Vineyard resident Walter Cronkite), we all miss you down here on this little blue rock we ALL call home for the moment, even those dangerous little kids from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.  God’s SPEED children, not you Rick, your job is to just sit quietly and watch that old 70’s hit “C.H.i.P.’s” and eat your cheerios like a good boy!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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