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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 14, 2010

Check Mate

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On an extremely windy and rainy day here on the Cape and Islands of Massachusetts, I bid you a fair adieu, and as the image above might indicate, I wish you brighter days ahead…  The tides washed over Dowses Beach again, with the new moon, and seaweed and sand cover the pavement that acts as a place for travelers to park their cars and see what is now known as Cape Cod… I say that because of the oldest mistake in the book, putting the cart in front of the horse… for global warming is here and very real, very real indeed…  But, I digress!  The “big” issues of the day are being fought out right now, as I write these words, over the corporate owned media airwaves, that act as a giant bullhorn, shouting the “Truth” as it is known by the egos that created it… case in point, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina who just said a few moments ago on the ABC show called “This Week”, these ironic words…“Reconciliation is a sleazy process”.  Really?  How dumb are the American political pundits when they must know how quickly history has repeated itself?  The true reason why this country is the way it is right now, economically, especially, is because of the sleazy process of reconciliation, i.e. the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy in 2001, the prescription drug deal of 2003, the unfunded wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, all based on faulty manufactured “intelligence”, and the destruction of the career of a great American patriot by the name of Brooksley Born, the former head of the CFTC (or commodities futures trade commission).  In 1999, her heroic whistle blowing of then Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, Mr. “Goldfinger”, Ruben, and Larry, “the pitbull” Summers, brought national attention to the issues of derivatives, or bets that Wall Street plays with your money.  As the writing was clearly written on the wall by Ms. Born, the titans of American business ran Ms. Born out of Washington, silencing the truth and squashing any attempt to change a system that has brought economic havoc around the world.  Truth hurt, don’t it Senator?  Good Luck to the P.O.N., a.k.a. “pawn”– the pawns of the new American corporate plutocracy.

Have a blessed Sunday, however, to even those hypocrites and liars, thieves and scoundrels, who truly, “Know not WHAT they do…” Peace~ M

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