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March 2, 2011

Chatham’s Red, White and Blue

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the second day of March, 2011, and with the dawning of a new day here in the little, tiny, tiny town of Osterville, I bid you and yours a fair and fine adieu.  Writing up in my loft very early this morning, I can hear the wind chimes outside on my deck, ushering in a gentler, kinder weather pattern as we, along with the rest of New England, not to mention the entire East coast as a whole and the Midwestern states, have seen quite a punch of winter this year.  So when “Phil” saw his shadow a month ago today, yes, when the groundhog saw his shadow predicting an early spring, or is it that he did not see his shadow, I get so confused with technology today, I did not really believe the quadrapin, as his kind is not really all that trustworthy, eating my tomatoes and pumpkins every year, so whatever it is, whether he saw his shadow or he did not see his shadow predicting an early spring and my lack of belief in his prophesying the weather due to the fact that Boston has seen more snow this year than in well, I don’t know how long, leading me to my critical point that is this…I feel like Spring is almost here and for that, I can go out and face my day with a smile on my face.  This world is becoming crazier and crazier by the second it seems, and I feel very fortunate to be living in a region of the country ‘…where the old world shadows hang, heavy in the air’ (credit “The Eagles” and the ballad ‘She’s leaving home…”), where we don’t lock our houses at night, other than the DuPont family, Mellon family and the heir to the KOCH brothers fortunes, (I’m just kidding about the last one, but the other two families do live, well, live here during July and August, maybe a week in September, certainly not October, yes, those billionaire families do actually have an address here in Osterville), where our kids play ball without fear, free to be kids, where I can leave my 14.2 sailboat moored in East Bay with a cooler and motor on board without any fear of someone stealing it, and where people still look you in the eyes and bid you a ‘fair and fine adieu’.  Something seems to be missing from this great land, something that one cannot put a direct finger on.  The absence of intimacy perhaps, as we seem to be living in a world of isolation, a sort of connectivity without the connection.  We live in an increasingly digital age, where the line between humanity and machine is blurred, while robbing us of real face time, real communication between human beings, real face time replaced by the incessant need to always be “connected” via text messages, the Internet, Face Book, Twitter and the like.  It was wonderful to see how the young people in Egypt used those social media outlets to finally GAIN a voice, and thus, forcing their overlords out of the country, reaching that pinnacle of JOY when they realized their FREEDOM for the first time in their young lives.  But here in the United States, it seems, we have taken that social media to a new and perhaps disturbing level.  The amount of time a child uses electronic media outlets, from the television, to the Internet, to Face Book, to the text messages, not to mention video games, movies, and the rest of the gadgets I would not pretend to know about, is extraordinary and some would say, unhealthy.  Gone are the days of imagination and play outside, as I was fortunate enough to enjoy, and thus, take with me in my journey through this thing called LIFE.  We, as a society never seem to take the time to enjoy the PRESENT, which is, after all, the only thing we really have, and thus, because of our short attention spans coupled with our need for instant gratification, we miss out on what we could have had if we only employed that most illusive, otherwise dirty word and VIRTUE–patience.  The answers always come, to all of us, if we still our minds and allow the Other Voice to permeate through all of the noise that we collect from our day to day activities, namely being “connected” to electronic devices, such as the horrible cell phone, likely to cause health problems down the road, that distract us from ourselves, and thus, render US, ironically, DISconnected.  We don’t give ourselves time to breathe, to nurture our BEINGS, to remain calm, open, honest and willing enough to wait for the answers, that will come, therefore, destroying the very reason we work so hard to begin with–namely to ENJOY LIFE! LIFE is not just for the rich, you know, just ask the Masai tribe in Kenya, whom I witnessed first hand when I was 17, who lived in mud huts and had next to nothing, but the look that was in their eyes, combined with the smile on their faces, told me all I needed to know about their well being–it was intact, it was solid, it was WHOLE and satisfied.  They were not sad or depressed because they did not own the newest I-pad or drive the newest Porsche.  No, theirs was a world in which balance and harmony flowed, where they were ONE with the earth, working with it, not against it, and thus, was reflected in their state of BEING, something that you cannot put a price tag on, regardless of how many spas you go to.  There is a shift coming, as 2012 approaches, and whether or not you believe it is not for me to sell, rather it is my pleasure to offer up this good news in person, if you will, and if I could I would, for although seacapecod.net would not be possible without the amazing technology that is out there, I will always maintain something I wrote to someone long ago, and that is this–“Cyberspace is a journey that goes nowhere, save away from true LOVE and redwoods.” All my best to the Wisconsin 14! You have already won the war! The PEOPLE of Wisconsin and the country at large stand behind you 110 percent! Have a great day everybody and GOD BLESS US ALL, even those who we disagree with, maybe someday, somehow, they too will see the LIGHT.   PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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