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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 13, 2010

Chatham Reverance

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On a beautiful morning here on Cape, I hope you are well wherever this message may be reaching you… I thought I might add a positive image to today’s blog.  The water above you comes from the shores of Chatham, one of my favorite towns on the Cape.  With sandy shoulders stretching for miles into the Atlantic, the dreamy atmosphere brings about a peaceful notion of the world as it truly is–a place of beauty and grandeur that no effort of man could ever bring down.  The troubles in the Gulf, however, bring this theory into question.  The outstanding work of bp, in the effort to dodge responsibility for the explosion of it’s own rig (with help from it’s partners in crime, Transocean and Halliburton), is now pretty clear to anyone with a brain.  Do these members of congress really believe that their vested interests in whatever corporate agenda they are peddling today can be kept from the sharp mind of the Truth?  Ah, the game of corporate Americana.  Keep ‘em guessing long enough and they will lose interest.  Yesterday, an image of several dolphins who died in vain after ingesting the dirty oil from these gangsters brought my blood to a boil and I cannot help but be truly outraged at not only the spill itself, but the lack of ownership in the responsibility department.  It takes true Gaul to pass blame onto someone else for your own mishap that will effect so many living things.  These “men” should be put behind bars and forced to pay their debt to society by taking off their $5000 dollar suits, putting on some hip waders and getting to work scrubbing birds, otters and even the occasional whale.  We call ourselves a nation that stands up for what is right… I cannot think of anything more WRONG than a company like bp drilling for an outdated form of energy off of our shores (placing the oil on an international market to be awarded to the highest bidder), all while knowing that the United States territory has three percent of the world’s oil– while we consume twenty five percent!  The numbers don’t add up.  We should be taking this disaster and using it to promote what we should have been doing since the last energy crisis in the 1970’s–moving away from fossil fuels that are destroying planet earth and into the renewable sources–wind, solar, geo-thermal.  We need a complete overhaul of our infrastructure and moreover, we need the courage to say to these multi-national corporations that use our waters and lands as their own gold mine, (leaving the messes to the poor souls who live, work and die here to clean up and pay for the scars these “men” of power are leaving on the tired landscape of America) to, as John Stewart (host of the Daily Show) states so eloquently, “go f$%k yourselves!”  No more rolling over for the a faceless shark that feeds incessantly off of land that does not belong to them.  In fact, land that “belongs” to no one.  The original stewards of this country, the true “American citizens”, the native American Indians, had no concept of fences and borders.  They believed that they belonged to the land, not the other way around.  There was a balance and meaning in their lives, that we have no clue about.  It is no wonder we, collectively as a nation of “laws”, have more heart attacks, ulcers, strokes, etc., for we have truly lost our way.  We don’t look upon nature with the eyes of a child, filled with awe and REVERANCE.  We have become the God and left our creator in the dust bin of “time” as we scurry about our day, with no point of reference or clearly defined goal–save to gain as much as we can through acts of violence waged in wars that feed the ever hungry shark of a capitalistic system that is clearly out of whack with the true reality of our fate on planet earth.  Recently, a good friend of mine took a trip to Greenland, whereupon he came upon a small Inuit village, where he stumbled upon the face of an ancient man who looked like he was from “another world”.  His eyes were filled with tears as he silently looked upon the glacier that he knew since the day he could remember.  The grand glacier was melting and was no more than a shadow of its former self.  There was nothing my friend could say to the Indian chief, a man, he could tell, was a man of great stature and grace.  As he walked away, it seemed that the soul of that glacier went with him… So it is with all of us, if we look hard enough– for we are all one, whether you believe this to be true or not, it is fact.  So pick up a phone, write a letter, make some noise–because it is your world just as much as it is the dirty politicians, the dirtier corporations and the dirtiest of evil men’s intentions… Have a wonderful Thursday everybody!  Peace~ M

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