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May 18, 2009

Chatham Light

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A different view of my original “Chatham Light” that I coined a long time ago, an image that can be seen on the front page of my website.  This image was taken a week ago when I was in Chatham and as you can see from the blue on white, the contrast is quite striking.  Happy Monday to all and having said that, I’m reminded of the movie “Office Space”, a comedy about a young man who did not like working at “Innatech”.  At the beginning of the movie, the central character walks into one of the local restaurants adjacent to the office park in which he works, where the waiter asks if he would like to try some “extreme fajitas” or “chicken pop poppers” or something to that effect.  “Coffee, just coffee,” explains the young man.  The waiter who is dressed with suspenders and little buttons covering his uniform with annoying bumper sticker like sayings, aggravates him by saying, “Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays”, only adding to his gloom and doom attitude towards his work, his life and his purpose.  I hope this light will add a little brightness to your day, reminding me, you, “them” that it is not the circumstance that we find ourselves in–often the “mundane”–but our perception of it, thus providing a new insight into everyday ordinary life and hopefully creating a new attitude of gratitude that supercedes and melts away the feelings often associated with something like, “Looks like someone is having a case of the Mondays.”     Peace M

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