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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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July 7, 2010

Chatham Bars

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On a very warm and humid morning, after record temperatures yesterday, I bid you and yours a fair adieu. At 10 a.m. at Newark airport yesterday, the real temperature was already 95 degrees with a heat index of 101 F.  “Can you say global warming?  Sure, I knew that you could…” (credit: Fred Rogers).  Meanwhile, the p.o.h.n., I mean the GOBP, I mean the republican party is having trouble getting “rid” of Michael Steele, the “leader” of the RNC, whose comments about, “the United States never wanted to engage in a war in Afghanistan,” how this untenable war is somehow “Obama’s war”, has made the party look awkward at best, ahistorical and rather crazy at the more realistic level of worst.  I expect the next words to come out of Steele’s mouth to be, “due to the hot weather in the northeast, I have completely changed my position on Global Warming.  I not only believe it to be true, but I am instructing my colleagues to follow my lead in the drastic reduction in carbon emissions into the atmosphere, a permanent halt to the production and drilling of oil in deep waters off the U.S. coast, ANWR and other environmentally sensitive areas.  Let us use the Gulf spill as a tragedy that we can learn from, a step in the right direction, if you will.  Begin to rebuild America’s infrastructure from the ground up, leading the world in green technology that will create millions of jobs in the long haul, while driving out the dependence on foreign sources of energy forever.  For we all know that “Peak Oil” is upon us, and it won’t be long until the oil reserves dry up and leave this country (that uses 25 percent of the world’s oil supply, when we represent 3 percent of the population) in an impossible position, for that number is a number that cannot be maintained.  Should we wait until there is panic in the streets?  Where would the food come from if the trucks could not fill up their tanks?  The average food supply for the city of Los Angeles is three days, three days! How would you survive without oil?  So let us take that monumental leap into the 21st century, “for reals ya’all”, facing it in the LIGHT of truth, as opposed to cowardly sticking our heads in the collective sands… now sands covered in oil.”  Hats off to my friend Keith Olberman and his top show, “Countdown, with Keith Olberman”, whose excellence in broadcasting chose the bp oil fiasco as it’s lead story, again…thank you.  The lies of bp keep on a comin’, as we find out about another “report” (available in the fiction section of your local bookstore) bp issued a month before the explosion on the Deep Water Horizon, 79 days ago today.  In the report bp bragged that it could, if need be, scoop up 500,000 barrels of oil daily (if a gusher occurred-that was not ever going to happen).  This, coming after the residents of the Gulf, especially a large brackish lake on the northern edge of New Orleans, complained that they were experiencing the oil well inland of where it appeared initially.  Further, we heard about “peat moss” and a company out of Edmonton, Canada, whose breakthrough with a solution for absorbing the oil (used all over the world), has been ignored, or rather shot down, with the reason being, “we won’t be able to sell the oil we recover…” While Brown Pelicans are dying, you, Tony, ‘gone sailin’, Hayward (CEO, bp) and the rest of your motley crew of cheats, thieves and liars, are worried about not being able to resell your f$%cking oil?!  You people are truly the scum of the earth.  Speaking of pond sc$m, our friend Sharron “Angle” is back in the news today, as she goes against, as she calls him, Harry, “the beast”, Reid.  You remember Ms. “Angle” don’t you?  She is the one who wants to use a thirty odd six to take out some of the members of congress she doesn’t like, all in the name of, or rather p.o.h.n. talking point number 407, “second amendment remedies.” She is however, horrified at her own words and actions, so much so, that she is threatening to sue Harry Reid if he doesn’t take down his website revealing her true and stated positions that her mouth provided over the course of a lifetime of misguided behavior, thought and action–Contradictions-R-US, hypocrisy included!  Her new campaign slogan reading, “Vote “Angle”, for if she doesn’t get her way, she’ll blow your f#$cking head off!”  paid for by ‘elect Sharron Angle for U.S. Senate’, “hi I’m Sharron Angle and I approve this message, stay classy Nevada!”  The candidates who are emerging, and have been for the past 2 years, are puppets of the largest corporations in the world.  They are there to do their bidding.  As hard as that is to stomach, it is greed and globalization, economic globalization at work.  That is the TRUTH.    GOD’S SPEED to the GULF–all of the good men and women struggling there, all of the beautiful dolphins and whales, sea turtles and BROWN PELICANS, and of course, the marsh lands therein…may a miracle happen soon! Have a great day everybody!  Peace~M

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