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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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January 1, 2011


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is very early, roughly around 6 a.m., on this first day of 2011, and I want to wish you all LUCK and LOVE for the upcoming New Year!  I thought I might get that early start to this new year in “time” and just say a few words of HOPE, for that is what this year is ALL about.  The small things in life seem to amount to one simple premise, CONNECTION. We all feel a need to connect somehow, with the world, and although it may SEEM that we are reaching into an abyss of wide open empty space, feeling as though no one really LISTENS, or is really THERE, that is simply not the case.  I often wondered out loud, sometimes, to myself “How does one LOVE a human being?” The simple FACT is this, there are three simple concepts to achieving that goal, a goal which WE ALL share and those are these… 1. Attention, 2. Acknowledgement, 3. Acceptance.  When you combine that with another three truisms, a) no resistance, b) no attachment and c) no JUDGEMENT, you have the recipe for SUCCESS.  Deepack Chopra, the very excellent, philosopher once said, in order to find happiness, you must delve DEEP into WHO YOU REALLY ARE and come from that level of REAL SELF, and upon doing so, you come to realize that there is nothing that you NEED, rather, there is everything to that you wish to GIVE. That is where the TRUE JOY lies.  The GIVING is not just a part of “CHRISTMAS” any longer, for, as our great friend Randy Quaid said long ago in the classic film, “Christmas Vacation”, in regard to a gift that Chevy Chase received from his corporate boss, that, being, a membership to the “Jelly of the month” club”… stated loud and clear, “Clark, that IS the gift that keeps on giving ALL YEAR LONG.”  Perhaps that seems like a stretch, in this day and age of fear, greed and dishonesty, but if you take the time to reflect on that point, you will see that Deepack was right all along, for it is within ALL of our power to slow down, take a step back and ALLOW that inner SELF to BE, therein, making us all the better for it–along with the rest of the people, animals and marshes around us.  I don’t have any other words today, or wishes for YOU than that.  In a 24/7/365 news cycle, combined with a constant barrage of advertisements that force you to constantly JUDGE yourself, it is no wonder this country is in need of a good massage, or deep meditation.  So, maybe, the answer is to give yourself a break, take it easy and realize that this is all an illusion, made, by you, me and the UNIVERSE in order to become who we really wanted to be all along.  I wish you and yours the very best for this new year and may HIS, or HER, grace be upon you while the road rises to meet you, and the sun shines upon your face.  God BLESS!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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