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December 23, 2009

Charlie Brown’s Tree

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At the risk of sounding upset at a comment made by the “gang of three” idiots ( James, “mountain”, Inhofe, R, OK, and most notably Mark Barrasso (R, WY), who traveled all the way to Copenhagen, Denmark to tell the world that global warming is a hoax, I had to make a point for one of the greatest Presidents we have ever had in this country of ours, Jack Kennedy.  It was said, yesterday, as the Senate passed a windfall health care bill “for the American people”, by a man who needs no introduction, Mr., “I am no Jack Kennedy”, Barrasso of the great state of Wyoming, that if alive, President Kennedy would have been opposed to a health care bill for same country, a country that he championed in the early 1960’s…further to his moronic point, Mr. Barrasso, and at this juncture anything that is said by the party of NO is by definition moronic, stated this on the year we lost one of the greatest true leaders on The PEOPLES HEALTH in the United States of America, Jack’s brother, Teddy Kennedy…  One has to look no further than this, if one is to know the TRUTH about these jackals in Washington who are no more than used car dealers selling a poor man a car that will be obsolete in the years of “Peak Oil” and it’s subsequent decline, thereby selling him not only a bill of “goods” but the keys to it as well…  to the men and women of the Senate of the United States of America– Snoopy is watching you, as well as our late President Kennedy…Charles Schultz had it right when he wrote, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”…it is not in the size of the tree, nor the propaganda therein, but, rather the very reason for the tree to begin with…LOVE…  Have a great Wednesday!     Peace~M

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