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March 8, 2011

Centerville River

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, the eighth day of March, 2011, a spectacular day here in Osterville, as the sun is out, the first flowers of spring, crocuses, purple in color, are also coming out in force, the winds have calmed down a little and the temperature is not below zero–not too shabby.  Well, what can I tell you folks, just another day in the good ‘ole US of A, as corporate America, the only real voice of the “American People”, according to FOX NEWS and most if not all of the puppets making up the republican party, takes a brave stance once again in the great state of Wisconsin–by hiding behind the fake grass roots efforts of billionaires David and Charles Koch and their cliched “bus tour” representing the Koch’s weapon against common sense and democracy–better known as “Americans for Prosperity”.  They should have called it “Koch brother’s for the Koch brother’s (and their friend’s) prosperity”.  The “Americans for Prosperity” recent tour, has now hit the 40 million dollar mark, money that comes directly from the ‘brothers KOCH’, yes, ‘the brothers Koch’, polluting your rivers, streams, lakes, estuaries, reservoirs and other bodies of water for decades now, who speak through the corrupt lips of those they put into office.  What a country!  This fake grass roots effort bus tour is the most transparent example yet, in our modern day American society, of multinational corporations dressing up in sheep’s clothing when it is all too clear as to what kind of “wolves” they really are (my apologies to real wolves everywhere in the world, you are both noble and beautiful creatures that should not be associated with scumbags like the thieving and polluting ‘brother’s Koch’, I am deeply sorry for that transgression).  The latest example of this is the new campaign, again, funded by the ‘brother’s Koch’, the ‘Stand with Scott Walker’ campaign, referring, of course, to the embattled Governor of Wisconsin who has already lost this war, even though he is still fighting it.  This war is being fought, as we all know, by the top one tenth of the top one percent’s efforts to destroy public unions, by way of stripping their collective bargaining rights, which will, over time, define how ALL workers in this nation are treated by “management”, a nice way of saying “slave masters”, or multinational corporations, take your pick.  David and Charles Koch, putting aside their criminal pollution record, that we know of, are the biggest cowards on the face of the earth, as they have proven they don’t have the stomach, the guts, to face the real people of Wisconsin, to be straight with them as to their real plans to place workers in slave ships, rather, choose their fights via the camouflage of their original success of the “tea party” movement, funded, originally, by the front called, “Americans for prosperity”.  Question, who are these “Americans” and further, who is really prospering?  This strong arm tactic–always covered by national news outlets as if it deserves equal coverage, but we all know why it gets equal coverage due to the fact that those same people funding it also own, or their friends own, the airwaves, such as FOX NEWS–comes to “life” when large numbers of people are bussed in to events to literally muddy the waters, such as recent events held by the oil and gas industry where “Energy Citizens” just go crazy over their candidates who gush praises over their overlords in business and in their own personal lives, making a mockery of the TRUTH about what these monstrous industries are actually doing to our overall environment, leaving poor people in say, the state of Wisconsin, powerless to do anything about the “fracking” process that is destroying clean drinking water in over 37 states now, soon to be New York City, trust me, by allowing their “processed water”, filled with 596 deadly chemicals, to seep into every water source known to mankind.  Yes, by all means, let’s get behind these a$sholes!  The folly of this, by the media at large, the folly of giving the equal amount of coverage these snakes get (again, my apologies to real snakes everywhere) is two fold.  One, the real voice of the “American people” is not given the equal weight it deserves by way of the numbers themselves, the actual ratio of those “bussed in”, employees of the Koch’s, versus the millions of Americans who will eventually be affected by their criminal business practices.  Two, it only fuels the fires of these criminals, knowing they can continue to get away with murder when the whole of our country is falling apart at the seams, with no one of any stature standing up and calling them out, picking a fight with Goliath, and putting him out of his misery.  The issues that face this nation do not deserve to be treated like poker chips, and when FOX NEWS calls itself “fair and balanced”, it is enough to make one perpetually sick to one’s stomach, for we all know they are merely stooges for the republican agenda, handed down to them on high, from their corporate overlord puppeteers, the “men behind the curtain”, who now pull the levers of Legislation in this country, making the poor poorer, and the rich, in several words–much, much, much richer.  These corporations that are attempting to hijack this nation, in every sense of the word, are the true villains here, not Al Qaeda, for they care nothing for our eco-systems–in fact, they are terrorizing it, they are terrorizing the animal kingdom, the rain forests, the oceans, and 99 percent of the people that do most of the living, loving and dying in this country.  History will show they, the multinational corporations are creating a Stockholm Syndrome for the good people of Wisconsin, along with the real American people that make up the overall population of the other 49 great states that make up this UNION known around the world as the United States of America, as opposed to the ‘united states of Exxon Mobile’.  That “Stockholm Syndrome” being a scenario where the “captives”, i.e. the “American People”, begin to empathize with their “captors”, the multinational corporations and “men” like McConnell, Boehner and Cantor, not to mention the crazies like Bachmann, Palin, and Gingrich, who brainwash them, via FOX NEWS, into feeling sorry for them and their “cause”.  Here’s how desperate these clowns are in Walker’s campsite.  They recently hired our old pal, ‘Joe the plumber’ to denounce the opponents of Walker’s epic over reach and called those who oppose the fascist Governor, “card carrying communists”, a phrase I used in yesterday’s blog…coincidence?  A recent poll suggest that Walker is way off base with only 33 percent of Wisconsinites in favor of his plan to destroy the voice of the unions established over 125 years ago in this same American state in the great Midwest of our great nation, with 65 percent in favor of the public employee unions in general.  This bus tour from hell is expected to be a four day, ten city event that will receive as much coverage as the 14 members of the state senate of Wisconsin, who are the true American heroes, for all Americans who believe in the Constitution–as they (the republicans) desperately try and, again, hoodwink, the American people into ‘thinking’ the Koch Brothers cause has, indeed, half of the Lion’s share of public support for this disgusting power grab by the nation’s elite puppet masters, better known as the filthy polluter capitalists they truly are–who are destroying this nation, one ‘frack job at a time’, all in the name of the Almighty dollar…check your gospels, if you dare, David and Charles, for when Judgement Day comes, and it will come, you, my friends, will be on the wrong side of cosmic JUSTICE.  You can take that to the bank. Tim Phillips, one of the Koch brother’s employees, the “man” who is heading up this fake grass roots bus tour, as well as Governor, and I use that term very loosely, have lost this fight, and in the end, will lose the war.  For as more real, and, I might add, hurting Americans wake up to the FACT that they have been ripped off by multinational corporations, as they destroy their lands forever, giving nothing back to our society whatsoever, rather, have mindlessly raped and pillaged it, the people and their futures, not to mention their kids and grand kids futures–when they realize all of this TRUTH, there will be hell to pay, mark my word, HELL to pay.  History as well as creative intelligence is and will forever be on the side of the WISCONSIN 14! They represent the Founding Father’s efforts in this nation’s birthplace in “time”, the Revolutionary War, more now than when they started and the republicans that are attempting this coup look more and more like the tyrannical KING GEORGE everyday, with every movement of their lying, cheating lips.  I will leave you with this truism and overall question–how can you tell if a republican puppet is lying?  His lips are moving! Have a wonderful day folks and don’t take any wooden nickles!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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