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December 8, 2017

Three ghosts…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the grey and silver streaked skied, cool, calm and collected island of Nantucket! Great to be with you LIVE once again from the sacred shores of Craigville Beach, where years ago a band of settlers made a tent city that now serves as ‘Craigville Beach Conference Center’. A magical place high above popular ‘Craigville Beach’ below, looking more like Newport Beach in Orange Country California in summer months as opposed to early December, where the only souls one may pass are of the ghostly type. Indeed, just the other day a walk on this very path brought forth the memory of the classic Charles Dickens 1843 novel “Scrooge”. Adapted into a movie in 1970 played so brilliantly by Albert Finney. Or Bill Murray if you prefer a more hype a$$hole. His portrayal in the 1988 film of the nasty miser brought humor and greed together better than chocolate and peanut butter; or a Tanquery and tonic seeing this is the holidays and all.

Ah, LOVE and the other option.  The choice is always ours. Taking responsibility for oneself is the first step in reclaiming your power. Giving is not always convenient or fun. However, that is the very ‘thought pattern’ or point of view one should cleanse, cast off forever.  For it has always been a real, honest to goodness truism that when you give from the HEART, you, counter-intuitive like, paradoxically, receive…,

…so much more than you GAVE.

Enjoy your Eighth Day of December, 2017 folks! Happy Friday and weekend too! Cheers!


December 5, 2017

I guess….

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the grey, cool, calm, for the moment, island of Nantucket! Good to be with you on an overcast Tuesday morning, The Fifth Day of December, 2017; broadcasting LIVE once again from these sacred shores of Craigville Beach, home of “The Barnacle”, serving up hungry beach goers since 1951! Closed for the season, but fear not, summer will roll in before you know it!

Christmas takes on a different meaning here on the Cape and aforementioned Islands, as many towns celebrate this season of giving by hosting an annual Christmas Stroll. Such as Nantucket, Osterville and right here in Centerville, who held their’s this past Sunday from 3 p.m. to 6, the ‘time’ when sidewalks get rolled up for the evening…  Strolling casually down blocked off Main Street, gazing up at historic all white architecture abound, lo, the grandeur of Centerville’s famous landmark, a lone Baptist church adorned with lights, breathtaking indeed, greeted by friendly locals dressed in Reindeer hats and Christmas Tree light jewelry, eating hot dogs, cookies, cotton candy, all while listening to a solitary guitar accompanied by a beautiful woman’s voice singing “Little Drummer Boy”, sure put this humble ‘reporter’ in the full on Spirit of this special season. One could not help but notice the lack of cell phone use, uncanny in this day and age. In fact, I can’t recall the last time I was in a crowded place where most, if not all, of the living, breathing souls in my midst were not glued to a 5×7 inch screen.

Invisible, deadly radiation soon be coming at ya with 5G UNHOLY ‘technology’; that everyone now bows down to.  Ever zapping your body, mind and soul with millimeter electromagnetic waves that do not necessarily JIVE, or RESONATE to the natural flow and rhythm of NORMAL everyday life on planet Earth. You know, the resonance of Mother Gaia herself; all LIFE.  ALL real, LIVING beings, “All Creatures, Great and Small”.  God Willing existing and thriving as ONE, together, in a wonderful world. Divine Intelligence,

not artificial…

It must be said, that in the mad, mad rush to get everything just so on this juggernaut of fun called the holidays (I guess…), let us remember to be kind. Not just to others, but to ourselves. Mostly, by going outside and unplugging from the insane MATRIX designed to keep the masses subdued, unfocused, unaware, asleep, agitated, annoyed, alone, automated and mindlessly amused, analyzed and eventually annihilated?

Too harsh? Tell that to the author of “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”!

It ain’t no ‘Silent Night’ now is it?



November 28, 2017

Walk the Mountains!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cold, crisp, sun dripped, azure skied island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Twenty-Eighth Day of November, 2017, a Tuesday according to Reuters, broadcasting LIVE from the sacred shores of Craigville Beach, a beautiful spot where this humble recorder of some fairly obvious TRUTHS just returned from. The brilliant golden ball of light, radiating in the clear blue sky, reflecting majestically off the calm waters of Nantucket Sound, with ‘ner a sound in the late Fall morning, save an occasional breath of crisp, salty air flowing into one’s nose, or the songs of one of the many shore birds, song birds and love birds that call this stretch of sand home.

The pace at which technology is traveling at in this early part of the 21st Century one could say is nothing more than breathtaking, to say the least. It won’t be long until ‘5G’ has overtaken the planet, with ‘D-Wave’ quantum computers, powered by our new overlord “AI”–enslaving the human race with it’s eventual extinction in mind as the final goal, or ’solution’ in the immortal words of history repeating itself–leading the way, as ‘ET’ “phones home” to the ‘other side’ for a slice of pizza or the newest weapon it can use against the human race.  It is so, so sad that so few have woken up to what is really going down, especially here in the U.S. of A…

Digital this and digital that, another Lucent Technology RAT!  A recent ’study’–by bought and sold whores, I mean mad, ‘credible’, ’scientists’–concluded that ‘Chem-trails’ are not real.  Fascinating.  What else? There’s a sale at Penny’s!  Or “Penney’s” as C.E.R.N.’s destructive Satanic Goddess works her “Mandela Effect” anti-matter magic to bring the whole shooting match down Alice’s rabbit hole…

Fear not, for one can always tune into the horrible David Muir on ABC’s ‘World News Tonight’, or it’s nauseating equivalent on any of the other scripted, satanic, soul sucking, multi-nationally owned and operated, propaganda programmed networks being peddled on your ‘tell a lie’ vision… Satan saturated MK Ultra mind controlling networks, pushing ‘Agenda 21/30′ 24/7, via predictive programming on the ‘programs’ they wish you to waste your time and attention participating in by being put into a TRANCE as soon as you focus your eyes on the screen. All done while they push big pharma on ya, keeping you sick and doped up until you keel over.  Making money on your needless suffering.  Countless, horrible, mind numbing Ads oozing out of New York’s finest Madison Avenue Wizardry wack jobs; Ads that serve to steer the people, mostly blind U.S. and now world citizenry, into ‘telling their doctor’ they wish to sign up, you know, for the newest drug armed with, lest WE forget, the now infamous and satanic mark of the beast, say it with me folks, the next coming attraction, the dreaded RFID chip.

‘The final solution’…


Consider the Power of the LOVE of GOD in your heart for a moment, while you put on the Armor He provides. Turn away from the things of man, ever walking the mountains, rivers, forests, deserts, plains and prairies in ever lasting peace, love and harmony; humble and kind to all with forgiveness, hope and courage being your guiding LIGHT.


November 24, 2017

Two Wolves

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Greetings Internet slaves!

‘Tis I, William Montague III , charmed I’m sure, ‘chiming in’ for the pen of this ‘note out into space’; a man who is no doubt walking amongst the seagulls, catching a wave, connecting with the sky. Ah, what it must be like to have a life of leisure. Oh yeah, I already have one! Presently rolling down Wianno Avenue in ‘little Palm Beach’, or Osterville, here on this gorgeous piece of land called ‘Cape Cod’, riding in my newest Jaguar of course, heading down Sea View Avenue to my newest mansion just completed this past summer, Just coming in under budget this time of 25 M, large, I just remembered that yesterday I was suddenly struck by the rotten plight of the common man, woman and child in this country and indeed all around the world. Many going without on Thanksgiving, lo, I was almost brought to tears, something that was bred out of me at a very young age, hence the fact that I am a cold, calculating, cunning, heartless proud carrying member of the EL-ite’s New World Order, thus, the ‘feeling’ came and went quite quickly, thank God.

However, as a social experiment like MK Ultra and the like, I thought I might throw out a few quotes that put me in such a state yesterday. For we Illuminated ones running the show live by the words of men such as former CIA Director William Casey, circa 1981, who famously stated, “…We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Hear! Hear! Author! Author!

I suppose this quote from an American Indian also had an effect on that last sliver of heart left in my body yesterday, regarding the duality of man; “…inside each of us are two wolves, a white one and a black one. The black wolf’s overall psychological makeup consists of anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. Yep, checked off all them boxes, you betcha! Of course, the flip side, the White Wolf is what you would expect from a Saint these days, for the makeup of this wolf is Joy, Peace, Love, Hope, Serenity, Humility, Kindness, Benevolence, Empathy, Generosity, Truth, Compassion and FAITH! Which wolf wins? (you might ask yourself…)

The one you feed the most.”

Have a splendid day wherever you may be, ever safe and full of JOY this holiday season, remembering to forgive those uninspired, misguided, malevolent souls who have hijacked modern 21st society in all seven continents. For we all know that Archons possess no creativity, they imitate, distort, and deceive intentionally, as is so obvious when you look at the blind slaves, I mean ‘workforce’, buying all that crap on this “Black Friday” ‘holiday’. Everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the mass media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality. Controlling perception of the masses, introducing simulated ‘reality’, thus blurring that line ever more. Most unconnected, ironically, even though they ‘think’ they are.  What we EL-ite fear the most is for the masses to WAKE UP.  To finally un-plug from this dreadful technology that is eating their brains, hearts and souls, indeed enslaving them to a 5×7 screen, more addictive than crack cocaine according to many experts currently studying this phenomenon.  Moreover, for them to take back the power they gave so freely to us, taking responsibility back, one and the same thing. For if individual people got off this perpetual “Bataan Death March” treadmill that life has desperately become for that major majority, suddenly in an ‘ah ha’ moment remembering who they REALLY ARE and the grandeur of the nature of LIFE itself, the magnificent immensity, THE awesome nature OF them, it would be a whole new ball game. Truth be told, as David Icke stated, “…there is not an ordinary man, woman or child, breathe of air, drop of rain, blade of grass on this planet. But there are billions who believe they are, so that’s the life they manifest. But if we know different, we can manifest something very different.”

So by all means, keep up the good work CNN, MSNBC, FOX ‘News”, New York Times, Washington Post, and all the other whore media outlets in the swamp!  Ever reminding yourself that the multi-national media is laser precision guided PROPAGANDA, a real weapon and we salute your efforts thus far! Like the father of modern day public relations, Edward Bernays, nephew of ‘renown’ coke head physiologist, psychologist, father of ‘psychoanalysis’, Sigmund Freud, once said of this ‘noble’ pursuit of blinding the public to truth,

“…propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government.”

What invisible government? pay no attention to the MEN behind the CURTAIN!

Hugs and Kisses!

November 21, 2017

Gobble, Google, Ga Ga…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the Golden sun laden, balmy, breezy, always beautiful island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this rather mild Twenty-First Day of November, 2017; a quiet early afternoon upon the shores of Craigville Beach. Weather tested, healthy, happy, hearty lively locals, plus a handful of tourists, are all busy readying their cribs for the big turkey day which is now less than forty-eight hours away.

That’s right folks, it’s America’s favorite feast! Chalk full of all that fine, fine food, festivities, and of course, football.  What day is it? It’s”Thanksgiving”!  Indeed it is. A day set aside to give thanks for all we have been given and for those who we love and who love us…, lo, it can also be a day where families feel obligated to spend some real, serene, loving ‘family time’, more often than not, “going in” heavily medicated.  Pop quiz, how many beers and/or shots of Jack Daniels does it take to turn this wonderful family reunion into a phone call to 911?  It seems the old adage is true about America’s favorite DRUG, alcohol, which is simply the notion that it turns most people into someone else, it changes their personality.  After a half a bottle of Wild Turkey, it seems old Hillbilly Bob slugged his brother Barney Blue and all because he was looking at his new girlfriend “Sprinkles”  (local “Friendly’s”, a fine restaurant heavy on the Midwestern values and all, waitress and recipient of the most recent “employee of the month”), kind of funny.  Or something to that effect, who knows what’s on the Toledo Police report.

So in the immortal words of the horrible Madison Avenue Ad wizards, s post script at the end of all those “Bud Light” commercials you will be forced (”Clockwork Orange” style), hypnotized really, to digest over the next few days,

“…please drink responsibly.”

Have a safe, blessed, loving, joyful, bountiful, beautiful Thanksgiving America! Perhaps reflecting on just how lucky you really are just reading this little message in a bud light bottle… Remembering that there are many who have nothing, such as the victims of the most recent storms in Houston.

God Speed to ALL of YOU!


November 15, 2017

Rolling Disclosure

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the mostly cloudy, seasonally cool, forever Rockin’ and a Rollin’ island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on a sleepy Wednesday morning; The Fifteenth Day of November, 2017, broadcasting LIVE from the shores of ever popular Craigville Beach, host of Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s “Best Buddies” 100 mile road bike race from Boston to this here Craigville Beach, an event coming to you every summer.  It is a charity race that benefits children with Autism. A disorder that strikes more innocent victims every day in this nation and around the world.  Perhaps a trend that the wonderful, multi-billion dollar, cold and callous pharmaceutical industry should look into, oh yeah, they;re  behind it.

“…pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

~’The Wizard of Oz’

It would be a hoot to SEA one, or many, CEO(s), directing these multi-national corporations of death, hauled up in front of Congress and raked over the white hot coals of real JUSTICE. Just like our buddy and long time friend of the ’show’ Jeff Sessions–former Alabama U.S. Senator, now U.S. Attorney General–did yesterday. Providing the media feeding frenzy with his hilarious and now famous line regarding Russia and it’s possible tampering into the most recent U.S. presidential elections, i.e Trump v. Clinton,

“…I don’t recall”.

I must think it would be imperitive for a man holding that important position to have somewhat of a memory. Only when pushed with common, universally agreed upon FACTS is the ‘kindly old man’ able to muster enough ‘courage’ to invoke his ‘rolling disclosure’ as he trips over his well rehearsed lines worked on for days at yet another shadowy, ridiculous ‘ranch’…

As is well known by those in the know, this circus, devoured nightly by the masses, is just that, a side show to keep one out of the light, ever living in the dark when it comes to who has the REAL POWER.  Never exposing what it is exactly they are doing (TRUE JOURNALISM), within the confines of a so called Republic. Behavior that does not seem to hold water to the U.s. Constitution’s core principal of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’.

At least they stopped with the Chem-trails here on this sacred sand bar collection of nature’s noble beauty. For that, I am grateful. Grateful to be alive; right here, right NOW. Tuning into 97.7 ACK FM every day, transports one to the sounds of the Sound of Nantucket. Indeed, when one downloads the free App–ACKFM.COM–one CAN feel Brandt Point lighthouse, ancient cobble stone streets lined with ‘oil’ lights of ‘yore.  This unique radio station provides timeless, top quality music brought to you humbly by funny, human and ever charming real DJ’s such as Chris Reiser, Chris Morris, Nancy Walker, James Everett, and many others like meteorologist extraordinaire Russ Murley. Visionary management coming from Mr.  Jeff Shapiro, whose fine behind the scenes work truly makes this one of the few radio stations in the country where one enjoys the local commercials, lo, transforming out of commercialization completely. This is not, by the way, a paid message, rather one from the heart, for I left it there on the Grey Lady many moons ago…

Have a safe and sexy day y’all!  Please tune in again won’t you?  Same bat ‘time’, same bat channel.



November 11, 2017

Hug a Vet! (2.0)

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, cold, blustery, brilliant island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this glorious Saturday morning, The Eleventh Day of November, 2017, broadcasting LIVE from the golden sands of Craigville Beach, a sandy child of quaint, historic, beautiful Centerville; perhaps one of Cape Cod’s most preserved towns, steeped and dripping with America’s tough past, it’s struggled, sharp, ghostly shadows hanging heavy in the salty air… A must SEA if ever visiting this little strip on sand ‘time’ forgot. Lest we forget what Ireland’s favorite son/late night comic/part ‘time’ Hollywood actor Liam Neeson once stated in one of his many blockbuster successes, “…there’s no time!”. Still true today, for it is only in the present where one finds, moreover remembers one’s true eternal self, one’s heart, one’s SOUL! Revealing what we all know deep down, the fact that the only real ‘time’ is the HERE and NOW.

Think about that when you run into a veteran today.

Have a great day, and thank you for reading this little ‘message in a bottle’. Designed for the single purpose of offering some light and humor into a sometimes dark, cold, callous world. At least that is what the powers that be wish you to ‘think’ and FEEL. Stay in fear? No thanks, I will stay in that present moment, hence making each and every one count.

“The more I stay in the present, the more I heal my past.”

~Deepak Chopra


November 7, 2017

“Listen to the Music”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the mostly sunny, seasonally refreshing, always awesome island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this glorious Seventh Day of November, High Noon, a Tuesday according to Reuters, in the year of our Lord 2017. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it is always a good ‘time’ of year to reflect on what one may be grateful for. For this humble reporter, the list is far too long and boring to reveal. However, there is one caveat that was, is and hopefully ever shall be most assuredly created for public consumption.

We live in a world that is filled with all kinds of different noises. Some pleasant, others not so much. You are well aware of what I speak of. Constant news “updates” from say Afghanistan always make me smile, or the latest Hollywood gossip about ’stars’ I have never heard of, nor wish to know anything about in the slightest, seem to rule the day…

There are noises echoing off concrete canyons that penetrate the mind, body and soul to such a degree Deepak Chopra would have a hard time finding spiritual bliss in the discipline of meditation, perhaps saying to himself, “…F it! Somebody buy me a vat of Jack Daniels and let’s forget the whole thing!”

There are noises of obnoxious people sleep walking through the Miracle of Life;
unaware of there ‘contribution’ to the greater good, or obvious lack therein. There is the boob tube noise, constantly screaming at you with all the excrement therein presented, coupled with the bloody Madison Avenue wizardry of 21st Century advertising, now conveniently packaged in your 5×7 electronic chain called the ’smart’ phone…

The list of bad noises seems to often times take over the inherent/natural good ones, but does not necessarily have to. The noises of the wind blowing through an ancient forest, or the waves crashing on a pristine beach are far more powerful than any horrible pain Ad from Merck could ever be. The cry of a Golden Eagle, drowns out the joke called “The Today Show, as one listens intently to the howl of the great Grey Wolf.

The great Rock Band, “The Doobie Brothers”, big in the seventies, put it best when singing the lyrics,

“…listen to the music”.

Music is the answer to many of life’s challenges, with many a new band emerging every day to bring that point of truth home. Here on this little sand bar, we are lucky enough to have an amazing radio station 26 miles out to sea on that ‘far away island’ called Nantucket. 97.7 ACK FM is that station, armed with world class DJ’s that play the best the music industry has to offer. Unique in so many ways, as you download to free app @ 97.7 ACK.com, for when you listen to the music, you also feel a real sense of community, what it’s all about, that IS that fabled, famous, fabulous island this reporter fell in love with so many moons ago…

So take that little 5×7 screen and use it to make your life sound better, hence making your life feel better, after all, is that not what this life is all about? Seizing the day, taking the good, enjoying the ride that it truly is to begin with? Remembering that ‘at the end of the day’ it is YOUR LIFE, no one else’s…

You will be thankful you downloaded that App today, bringing the island of Nantucket into the palm of your hand!  97.7 ACK! Hosted by Chris Reiser, Chris Morris, Nancy Walker, James Everett, Julie Batal, among many others, providing the best Rock and Roll music, plus variety, one can find anywhere on land or out to SEA. Hopefully whisking one back to, or introducing one, to the nautical noises of of this historically significant far away island the Wampanoag’s called Nantucket!

A place all people should visit at least once in their life times.

Thank you 97.7 ACK! Your ‘noise’ is filled with Love; a fact that comes shining through day in and day out.

Have a stunning day!


November 1, 2017

All Saints Day

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the mild, modest, mostly sunny island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you once again on a glorious November First Wednesday morning, 2017, broadcasting LIVE from Craigville Beach where this humble reporter now resides. Saying goodbye to the docks of Steamship Authority and ye ‘ole Hyannis Harbor was not that hard to do, as Centerville/Osterville are much more peaceful any time of year. However, we wish them all well and hope they have a great Winter ahead!

Of course last night was Halloween and the tragedy that New York City felt was something we all hope is never, ever repeated. It is hard to fathom why anyone would do such a thing to innocent pedestrians, but, it happened nonetheless. God speed to those victims and their families, may they recover soon.

Having taken five months off from this ‘epic’ blog echoing  from a little strip of sand that ‘time’ forgot, it is so good to reach out and touch the half dozen or so readers who peruse this random prose. Look for a daily entry in the future with as much humor as this boy can muster; you know, chalk full of politics.

Just kidding…

Have a great day and we will SEA you here, same bat time, same bat channel, tomorrow a.m.,

God Willing!


August 6, 2017

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Greetings from the sand, sun, and  surf from the blessed shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the glorious island of Nantucket! It is the Second Day of August, 2017, a gorgeous summer day on a strip of land that time forgot….

Good to be with you once again,



June 12, 2017

“National Flip-Flop Day!”

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From: William Montague III
(country gentleman)

To: The World

“…yeah, did you get that memo?”
(credit: 1999 film “Office Space”)

Stand in line for the vaccine shot,
hope I get mine ’cause believe it or not, I think I might die less I take what they got…

My brain’s to fried, so I give it no thought;

no thought,

no thought…

‘Cause the FDA said it’s safe for me;
the drug companies claim it was made for me…

And the government, they gonna pay for me.

It’s not too late for me;

is it?

Now it’s my turn to be injected. They say it’s gonna hurt, but I’ll be protected….

And when they give the word, I do as I’m directed. I’m not the kind of person to do something;


I do everything the doctors tell me, swallow all those pills they sell me. I’m afraid germs might kill me!



I forgot how to think for myself, yeah! I understand nothing about health, yeah!

I do the same as everybody else;


I’m a vaccine zombie, zombie!  Do you hear?

it’s getting closer…

When I took the shot, my face turned blue. I started to feel hot inside, but I didn’t have a clue what to do, my temperature was 102… Then my nut sack shriveled up and fell off too. The nurse screamed something was missing, she called the physician who said he had a suspicion that the vaccine caused a neurological condition and soon I might need a mortician. They started cutting out my brain, happy as can be, bunch of UN-dead doctors from the CDC; I finally figured out what happened to me, when they said we got another vaccine zombie!

STEP ONE: remove your brain.

STEP TWO: replace with zombie vaccine.

STEP THREE: watch television for further instructions from the Centers for Zombie CONTROL….

I do everything the doctors tell me, swallow all those pills the sell me, I’m afraid germs might kill me;


I forgot how to think for myself, yeah! I don’t know a thing about health, yeah! I do the same as everybody else, I’m a vaccine zombie, zombie!

I always do as requested like the media covertly suggested, you guessed it! I finally gave in and confessed it! I like to have my body and brain medically molested! Don’t wanna be arrested, so I don’t protest it! I give another pint of blood just to test it. I’m not taking herbs, I detest it. Just give me more drugs; they gonna be ingested. ‘Cause I’m a sucker for the ADS, a sucker for the labs, a sucker for the swine flu jabs… And I don’t mind following a “medical” FAD! ‘Cause I’m living without a brain and it ‘ain’t all that bad!

come and play…

come and play…

Come and play in my vaccine lottery, you gonna pay, you gonna pay!

‘Cause the vaccines make more profit than vitamin D.

The Big Pharma vaccine ‘ain’t even safe! They stick it in your arm, doing permanent harm while they treat you like a medical SLAVE!

I’m afraid of invisible germs, I’m afraid of parasites and worms, I’m afraid of seasonal flu, I’m afraid of having sex with you, I’m afraid of my children’s chicken pox, I’m afraid of my room mates dirty socks….

I believe all the news that’s on television, hell, I even believe the official 9/11 commission….

Those herbs are woo woo quackery; I get my food from a fast food factory!  I got my psyche drugs, they be talkin’ back to me!  MODERN MEDICAL MYTHS are like FACT to me….

‘Cause everything I know came from TV! Everything they say at the CDC! It’s true, you SEA!  All of you have to agree, with the words of a vaccine zombie!

Love and kisses,


height=”888″ />

June 1, 2017

‘…that’s not an option.’

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun laden, breezy, bouncy, always beautiful island of Nantucket! Great to be with you once again on First Day of June, 2017, Thursday according to ancient Figawi elite sailors star charts…  A day demanding pause, perhaps even prayers of thanks, for at this 11 a.m. hour ‘down on the docks’ of ye ‘ole Hyannis Harbaaa, if one were to be strolling about on said docks unplugged from ‘modern technology’, one might just be tempted to scream out AHOY! is this thing on?  Why aren’t more people seeing this?  One cannot help but feel good when reflecting on the sun lights reflections on the waters of our ‘time’.  And this day’s reality provides yet another REAL example of where ONE may wish to live, work, love, eat, play and preserve; a tiny sand bar that ‘time’ forgot.  Lo, embrace and breath in those many shades of bright green young Maple, Lindon, Elm, Oak, Willow and Beech leaves as you witness in AWE emerald glistening in eternal LIGHT; this late Spring LIGHT, rare indeed, with azure skies accenting the brilliance of a season’s eternal promise of rebirth and renewal.

Have a great day!

p.s. congratulations to the Figawi Captain and crew met on Pleasant Street; winner of the 2017 “Figawi”; Nantucket!


May 27, 2017

…thinking of you

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the puffy white clouded, seasonal, azure skied, serendipitous, sailing and always sexy island of Nantucket! Great be with you on this High Noon, ‘down on the docks’ of ye ‘ole Hyannis Harbor, where only a few moments ago the 46th Annual Sail boat race, indeed the world famous ‘Figawi’ jettisoned off from Hyannis Yacht club; sporting elite sailing vessels to those not necessarily on the Forbes Christmas list. Great boats all, however, making this yearly trek; sailing south, in Mighty Nantucket Sound.  Destination; 27 nautical miles south/southeast of said Hyannis/Hyannis Port, lo, sailing past fabled “Brandt Point LIGHT” (the light with nine lives); a beacon of hope to many, living at the far northern shores of this ‘far away island’. (credit: Wampanoag Tribe whose land this originally perfectly stewarded by…)

A good time to be had by all, the festivities going off last night at Hyannis Yacht Club and ‘a heck of a day at SEA‘ sir is always on the menu.  For like the Oscars there will be many a gala or ball to attend and plenty of good food and spirits to be consumed. The day also represents the official kick off to the summer season on this gorgeous island that must be experienced at least once in one’s life time, ushering in Memorial Day’s parade tomorrow at about this ‘time’. That event taking place on land, with parade up and down the awe inspiring cobblestones of Main Street in Nantucket town, with a special ceremony culminating at the local cemetery just out of town; one to remember and moreover honor those who have lost their lives serving this great Republic over it’s storied 240 year old saga…

With any luck, this simple reporter may have the privilege of meeting some of the fine radio people who make (now a five year old!), ACK FM ‘Nantucket’s TRUE island radio’ jump and thrive; indeed come alive, not only keeping the island in the loop, but bringing some darn good music with it;24/7/365, rain, floods, blizzards, endless snow, sleet, hurricanes or a beautiful summer day, or late spring day, like tomorrow is supposed to be.  That forecast according to ACK’s stellar meteorologist Russ Murley, whose accuracy and detail as a weather professional are unmatched;  Tough sledding in the unpredictable waters such as these. Solid promises for those aforementioned events to come!

SEA ya there!

p.s. ‘thinking of you on this Memorial Day’…


May 13, 2017

ACK AHOY! (3.0)?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the misty, dark, grey, soon to be quite windy and rainy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Thirteenth Day of May, 2017, a quiet Saturday morning; broadcasting LIVE once again from ‘down on the docks’ of ye ‘ole Historic Hyannis Haaaabaaa!


As mighty Steamship Authority “Eagle’s” fog horn cuts through a morning gloom and heads off to aforementioned ‘faraway island’, this magical strip of sand that ‘time’ forgot waits for no man, however, will bow to the rains to come. That’s right you old scallywag, you old sea dog, it’s time to batten down them hatches! Weather done with style on Nantucket’s ‘true island radio’, ACK FM (download the ‘App’ today!). You’ll feel like you’re sipping a Margarita on Madaket!) According to ACK weather man extraordinaire, Russ Murley, you will always know, be up to date–on the hour, 24/7/365– and well briefed on current, and future, atmospheric conditions.  By golly he’s got it down to a tee, without all the ‘weatherman personality’ on the dreadful MK Ultra mind controlling, hypnotizing, radiating, satanic “TV” device.  Indeed, his reports so thorough they explore the current water temperature, air temperature, tide schedule, wave heights, wind speeds, a brief fishing report, some astrology, ‘Whaler’ sports, and some fashion news on this magical island and always accomplished with an unseen smile emanating from the low frequency radio waves we all have become so accustomed to. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find a radio station that cares so much about Nantucket’s diverse, deep and delightful community, one that every American and world citizen should experience at least once in their lifetimes…

Have a beautiful day y’all!


May 11, 2017

Dutch Treat

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the Golden sun drenched, big white puffy cloud led, zephyr breezed, beautiful, bountiful, bursting island of Nantucket! ‘Tis good to be with you on a glorious day here on little old Cape Cod and those magical aforementioned islands that bring so much JOY to people’s lives every year; Thursday, The Eleventh Day of May, 2017.


If your anything like this humble reporter, and I hope you are, you would most likely be very HIGH today, naturally speaking of course… For the bright, blue azure sky, filled with the occasional “Colorado” cloud, looking like majestic mountains on High in said sky, evokes memories of past summers and summers to come. There’s nothing like doing nothing. Especially if combined with a profound lack of ‘thought’. Admittedly, a challenge in a society that constantly tempts one to be hopelessly addicted to ‘thinking’… An addiction worse than crack and heroin combined! Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why millions of people flock to this Ancient strip of sand, created 11,500 years ago by ‘The Last Great Ice Age’; slowing life down to a trickle on a hidden stream, or a free spirited kite floating in the air, surrendered to the wind’s will. Feeling ecstasy when boarding a ferry whisking one across mighty Nantucket Sound to that ‘far away island’ whose fame is only matched by it’s depth in historical record; reminding US we are not that much different than the good folks who lived here over 300 years ago, before this Republic was formed, lo, ‘incorporated’… Finding a new life in a New World. Possessing only the LOVE in their hearts for themselves, their families, friends, colleagues, neighbors, original indigenous people’s, the land, God; the strength of their honest hands, and a Spirit that kept that Good Word close to their eternal souls. This great country was molded upon those principals and thus, will eventually return to that Graced way of life. It may take some ‘time’, however, the same Spirit that resided in say, Paul Revere, George Washington, or John Quincy Adams remains today in the red blooded cells of any true Patriot of a country that has seen it’s fair share of tragedies. Hope, LOVE and TRUTH always prevails over tribulation; guiding beacons that LIGHT a blazing PATH for OUR future, OUR children’s future and OUR grand children’s future; if we choose it to be so…

Destiny is ALL!

Good always triumphs over evil, and will once again in this great and wonderful,

“…land of the free and home of the BRAVE.”


May 9, 2017

Orewellian “Doublethink”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the now clouding, seasonally temperate, calm, cool and quite collected island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on a blazing, luminous Tuesday morning-The Ninth Day of May, 2017.  A brilliant golden sun rose over Kalmus Beach early a.m., with Terns, Piping Plovers, Greater Black Back sea gulls and Ospreys alike all welcoming Spring’s chilly, yet comfortable morning air, busy about their activities devoid of thought, care or concern regarding an illusion of reality; ever

“…away from the things of man.”

(credit: Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in the classic fairy tale cult film; “Joe vs. The Volcano”, circa 1990)

Lo, the Cardinal, nor the Lilly, are caught up in a sticky web of CONTROL defined all around US everyday, should one participate in such nonsense. We define ourselves (left brain dominated by birth/social indoctrination and mass media MK Ultra mind control; leaving most socially retarded, tired, terrorized, paralyzed, dazed, drugged and confused, addicted to consumption, struggle and scarcity, slaves to a system that wishes them ill), by that which most certainly ENSLAVES us. The compartmentalization of 99 percent of the populace, trickles down the philosophy and mission statement: “I would rather be considered evil, than to be considered useless.” People prostituting themselves for the real powers that be on this planet presently, the State, and it’s master, the Corporatocracy. Does one remember AIG, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Bank of America and our pal, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson?  You know, the former CEO hit man of said Goldman Sachs ‘investment’ bank in the fateful year of 2008? When he came to Congress with a loaded 9 millimeter GLOCK and demanded 800 billion?  Or else?  Too big to fail?  Really?  Or what it really was 5 Trillion? What about the 2.3 Trillion U.S. dollars stolen a day before “the” “9/11″? Announced by former Defense Secretary Donald, ‘unknown unknowns’, Rumsfeld at the Pentagon, 24 hours before that hit job/tragedy in New York City, circa 2001.  One must recall the ruse when those ‘airliners’ “crashed” into the Twin Towers, turning buildings into dust, devoid of ‘air plane parts’, a coverup a must….

When PLUNDER becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves, in the course of ‘time’, a legal system that authorizes it and a ‘moral’ code that glorifies it.”

`Frederic Bastiat

Just ask the Iraqi people, they’ll tell ya!

Orwellian ‘doublethink’ is the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct; often in distinct social contexts. Similar to ‘cognitive dissonance’, in which contradictory beliefs cause conflict in the mind, ‘double think’ is notable due to a lack of cognitive dissonance, thus, the person(s) is completely unaware of any conflict of contradiction. George Orwell created the word in his dystopian novel, “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, published in 1949; doublethink is part of ‘newspeak’, its origin within the typical citizen unclear. While it could be partly a product of ‘Big Brother’s’ formal brainwashing programs, the novel explicitly shows people learning doublethink and newspeak due to peer pressure and the desire to ‘fit in’; to be seen as ‘loyal party members’. In the novel, for someone to recognize–let alone mention–ANY contradiction within the context of ‘the Party’ line was akin to blasphemy, and could subject that someone to disciplinary action as well as the instant social disapproval of fellow party members.

Turn off the machine and step out of the matrix. Go for a walk on that beach, that forest, that field. Perhaps one might hear a different voice than that of the devil himself, leading man down the primrose path to his ultimate end.

Have a super day folks!


May 5, 2017

“…looks good on you though”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, cool, soon to be rain drenched island of Nantucket! Good to be with you on this Friday, The Fifth Day of May, 2017. A quiet day ‘down on the docks’ of Hyannis Harbor, the calm before the storm.

Back in the fateful year of 1980, “Morning in America”, with then U.S. President Ronald Reagan, mumbling about some delusion or that, things were so much “simpler” and “nicer” right?  Right? Such as his ‘vision’ of America being a ‘shining city on a hill’; don’t mind the maggots! Indeed, ‘back in that dark ages of ignorance’, one of this humble reporter’s favorite films made for the silver screen, coming out a still decent Hollywood, was ‘Caddyshack’. A hilarious movie for the ages starring many greats, including the late, greats: Ted Knight and Rodney Dangerfield; playing the uptight president and co-founder of “Bushwood County Club, “Judge Smails”, and a raw, loud, obnoxious, ‘urban’, land developer and unwelcome outsider “Al Czervick” respectively.  Here are a few of the more memorable quotes from this classic cinematic gem that should be reviewed before the summer season, making light of keeping those barriers between ‘us’ and ‘them’ well established.  Judge Smails speaking to his partner’s son a little later on in the film, billionaire “Ty Webb” (played brilliantly by Chevy Chase), commenting on the need to keep certain people out of the club, talking about “Ty’s” father and him ‘prepping together, going to college together, going to war together…’,

“…We built this club, he and I, and let’s face it son, some people simply don’t belong.”

Rodney Dangerfield, a.k.a., “Al Czervick”, buying golf supplies at the pro-shop of Bushwood, picking up a rather hideous table cloth resembling the shape of a hat stating:“Oh, this is the worst looking hat I ever saw! What, when you buy a hat like this, I bet you get a free bowl of soup, huh?”

He then looks over at Judge Smails, wearing the same hat, adjusting his comment and observation, sneering to Smails as he rolls his eyes, “…Oh, it looks good on you though.” (Smails quickly taking off the hat, quickly walking out of the store in embarrassment).

The odd couple fated to meet again on the golf course, with Judge Smails taking aim of his Titlelist on the 1st Tee, only to be interrupted by Al Czervick again, yelling out:

“…hey ‘Whitey’, where’s your hat?”

Smails looking up at a goofy grin; the wild, crazy eyes of his now nemesis golf buddy, AlCervik, who is now anxiously swaying back and forth as if on a yacht, yelling out to Smails,

“…let’s go! While we’re young!”

Smails, looking up from golf ball and his giant, oversized Big Bertha driver, quietly saying,

“…Mind sir, I’m trying to tee off.”

Al not done, screaming out,

“…I bet you slice into the woods, hundred bucks!”

Smails calmly states,“…betting is illegal at Bushwood sir, and I never slice.” Striking the ball at that moment, with the ball flying wildly right, directly into the trees. Smails screaming out an obscenity as he hears Al say, “OK, you can owe me!” Rage flushing his cheeks rose red, Smails storms off the 1st tee as if on the shores of Normandy, screaming out,

“…I owe you nothing!”

As Al dines with his new friends in the main club dining room, a guest of Bushwood by ‘the Scotts’, Al states to the waitress, “…hey doll, could you scare up another round for our table here and tell the cook this is low grade dog food, I’ve had better food at the ball game you know? This steak still has the marks where the jockey was beating it.”

Meanwhile, Judge Smails and his ‘group’ are gathered down at the Yacht Club to ‘christen his new sleuth’, or bless a small, wooden sailboat. Before his wife does just that with a prayer and bottle of Crystal, Smails quotes a poem he wrote himself, designed to inspire and invoke courage among his hearty crew:

‘…it’s easy to grin, when your ship comes in and you’ve got the stock market beat. But the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat.”

“Pooky”, grasping a giant bottle of champagne on the dock then says,

…Bless this ship and all who sail on her, I Christen thee, ‘The Flying WASP’.”

Breaking the bow with the bottle in the process, as a horrified Judge Smails yells out to his abused grandson “Spalding”,

“…well, don’t just stand there, go and get some glue!”

Have a top notch week end y’all!


May 4, 2017

A beautiful day…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun drenched, temperate, calm, colossal island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this most beautiful Spring day ‘down on the docks’ of Hyannis Harbor; Thursday, The Fourth Day of May, 2017.   AHOY!

Indeed, Gold Finches, Baltimore Orioles, Bald Eagles, Red Tail Hawks, Golden Eagles, lesser gulls, giant black crows, Great Horned Owls, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Greater Black Backs, Peregrine Falcons, Marsh Hawks, Ospreys, Chickadees, Robins, Red Wing Black Birds, Albatrosses, Piping Plovers, Right and Left Terns, ducks of all makes and models and the common sparrow all enjoying a first true feeling day where the renewing, powerful, ever eternal season of Spring makes it’s triumphant return. It’s hard to not smile looking up at the new leaves on Maples, Lindens, Oaks, Elms, Beeches, and many other great, ancient trees adorning Route 6A; one traversing the ‘Old Indian Path’ of yore. A path where Kings and Queens made their way up and down the north shore of this sacred strip of sand, overlooking great Cape Cod Bay in the ancient town of Barnstable; admiring the new colony and all her riches…

So, book that “Plane, Train, or Automobile” (or Bertram), and come on down and pay a visit! We will, as always, leave that LIGHT on for ya!


May 2, 2017

“No Parking”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the rain driven, breezy, soon to be sunny island of Nantucket! Good to be with you on a monsoon like Tuesday morning ‘down on the docks’ of ye ‘ole Hyannis Harbor, this Second Day of May, 2017;


The power of forgiveness is likened to the Divine Spirit that exists in each and every one round this beautiful Earth we all share at this moment in ‘time’. Though it is difficult to do sometimes, it is the only way to rounding out the 144 qualities of Divine Love, for it is within the deep, dark, devilish, dangerous clouds that it’s opposite–bright, blue skies and golden sun–is truly appreciated. Good, bad, dark, light, embody the duality of Man’s ‘reality’ in a three dimensional some would call man made prison, blinding one to the invisible FORCE that is LOVE. Love conquers all hate, jealousy, envy, anger, betrayal, brutality, rage, resentment, and trauma; opening one’s real eyes to the LIGHT within that more accurately reflects who, what and why we are ALL here in the first place.

The current ‘power that be’, AI and it’s side kick, the “Devil”, or is it the other way around?, wish to destroy that Divine relationship which is OUR birthright as children of God. The endless distraction and obedience of the illusion of ‘time’ and Man’s deeply devote obedience to ‘it’, along with the Illuminated one’s total (almost), control over the world’s populace via hijacked technology that keeps one in bondage to a 5×7 ‘TV’ screen cannot be denied, taking with it many unwitting victims along the way…

“Hello, McFly, is this thing on? Think McFly, THINK!”

(credit: “Back to the Future”, circa 1985)

Add to this a cunning Orwellian, “big brother based”, nasty, naughty, nightmarish bag of tricks dark forces have created in the ‘Abby Normal’ (credit: Marty Feldman in the classic film “Young Frankenstein”, circa 1974; also starring the late, great Gene Wilder!), underground laboratories round the world, that’s right, these knuckleheads have created “smart dust”, or microscopic computerized “Nantites” via the very real and criminal “Chem-trails” up in our skies every day in every corner of the world, invading OUR bodies daily with tiny robotic computers to be ‘activated’ when the ‘time’ is right, loaded with lots of Aluminum and Barium and advertised as “Geo-Engineering”. Hello! Indeed, our officials give US Lake Prozac, or, the Fluoridated (industrial waste from China), public water supply, killing off the stragglers, along with the vaccines, a ‘nutritious’ GMO laced diet and the ELF, LLF radio radiation pouring out from AI driven ’smart’ phones, creating a glow in the dark, dumb downed citizenry hell bent on catching the next predictive programming coming out of “Holy” wood, via the devil’s backyard of “Netflix” headquartered in my old home town of Los Gatos, California!


“What a country!  Only in America!”

Calling sanity! calling sanity! is anyone home?

“There’s no answer folks, you’re on your own. However, fret not, for there is always ‘Siri’ to keep one company on those dark, cold, stormy nights.

Yeah, stay tuned in, tapped up and turned on by all means!


May 1, 2017

“Here’s looking at you kid…”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy, misty, mysterious, magnificent, majestic island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on a rather grey mid-Monday morning ‘down on the docks’ of ye ‘ole Hyannis Harbor; The First Day of May, 2017.  According to the latest ‘data’ compiled by the cracker jack “journalists” over at Reuters, it’s “May Day” in Russia… Reminding one that people all around this ‘big, blue, spinning ball’ “Lost in Space”, everyone, everyone, loves the arrival of Spring and the hope, grace and growth, love, light and frogs it offers; regardless of one’s ’social status’ with das ‘Homeland’ National Security Agency.

“We got our EYE on you boy!”

This empirical fact was evident on the fabled aforementioned ‘far away isle’ of Nantucket this past week end, as one may be able to SEA above deck. That’s right, Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers made an appearance Saturday at high noon on those old school cobblestones of Main Street, winning the top prize at the 43rd Annual “Daffodil Days” antique car parade; all makes and models adorned with the golden hue of nature’s funniest, daffiest looking flower, ‘the Daffodil’. Indeed, this rich, golden yellow could be seen from Siasconset to Madaket, Tom Nevers to Jetties; especially noted the beautiful ladies’ hats, as they casually walked about beautiful, blocked off downtown; the exquisite boutiques, restaurants, and bars that draw people from all over the face of the Earth. Golden retrievers, Newfoundlands, Yellow Labs, Mastiffs, Great Danes, Irish Setters; an adorable Maltese and tough Irish Wolfhound all got in on the fun, advertising the day’s color around their necks, accenting their floppy ears, cute noses, tails and faces in the ‘daffy dog parade’; bringing a smile to even the most hardened hearts, i.e. ‘Vader‘, whose smile was covered by his threatening black shiny helmet.  An El Camino driving Stormtrooper driving home this fantastic, annual, non-official kick off to Nantucket’s awesome summer scenes…

So, if you have not booked your “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”, with the intention to visit this island that ‘time’ forgot, a simple, yet profound question remains; “…what are you waiting for?” We will, as always, leave the LIGHT on for ya!

“Here’s looking at you kid…”

(credit: Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in the classic 1942 film, “Casablanca”)

May the FORCE by with you!”


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