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April 9, 2020

A captive audience…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the white golden sun rising, cool, magical low, transparent ghost cloud driven island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this gorgeous Thursday morning, The Ninth Day of April, 2020, booming to ‘ya LIVE from Ocean Street in haunted Historic Hyannis;

“…where old world shadows hang heavy in the air.”

One must remember that the world has not stopped ’spinning’ because of this “COVID-19″ madness gripping nearly every human being on the plane.  As Shakespeare said many moons ago, ‘…something is rotten in Denmark,’ and at this critical juncture in this early 21st Century, that could not be more apparent.

Dark Forces have not let up their fight in the real war of our ‘time’.  The powers that were will continue to use ‘global’ corporate media outlets and their vast wealth/eroding power to keep human souls imprisoned in a state of perpetual fear and anxiety that creates poisonous cells in the body leading to diminished immunity, and ultimately less than ideal health.  Creating bodies vulnerable to underlying health issues and in many cases death.

A journey, not a destination.

Real science will open up truths, will expose the LIGHT which is the ultimate goal to begin with.

How better to keep the sheep in line?


Too costly and destructive, difficult to deceive.


Climate Change?

Economic destruction?

Seizing of basic human rights?

How about a global pandemic?


Look beyond ‘ye ‘ole TV!

Don’t believe everything you read or SEA on said propaganda delivery device.  Open up your mind to new thoughts and truisms that will eventually replace the old and usher in the new.

“Pay no attention to the MAN behind the curtain!”

(credit: “The Wizard of Oz”, circa 1938)

Have a nice day!


April 8, 2020

Forest for the trees…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the damp, dreary, depressing, daunting, dashing island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Eighth Day of April, 2020, Wednesday, broadcasting LIVE from Ocean street’s wet and wild shores, with Historic Hyannis wondering what happened to OUR country, lo, this great Republic, the grand experiment? What happened to uncommon leadership skills? What happened to critical thinking devoid of any political ambitions?

What happened to basic human compassion, kindness and clear consciousness?

MSNBC’s fine morning show, “Morning Joe”, ushered forth an angry anchor by way of Joe Scarborough, whose ire was raised sky high regarding U.S. president Donald J. Trump’s failure on so many fronts, i.e. travel bans with no teeth, ignoring memos from his own admiration who cautioned this buffoon as to just how dangerous COVID-19 will be in this nation, shining the LIGHT on the lies, the contradictory quotes, his hypocrisy in general, bringing Joe’s voice to a fevered pitch that most Americans who have a clue socially distanced feel with great zeal.

On February 26th of this year, President Trump spoke to FOX News’ rodeo clown Sean  Hannity, squeezing his big, fat, red nose, both his own and said reporter’s, making an awful high pitched squeak, never heard before on planet earth, yes, he infamously said then and now,

“…yeah Sean, so good to SEA you my brother from anotha mutha, how are things going over at my favorite noise factory?  Anyway, yeah, we have 15 cases of ‘dis corona virus ‘ting, soon to be zero, we’ve got this under control.  That I can tell ‘yous!  I think we have done a tremendous job, eh ooh! it’s a  beautiful ‘ting!  I mean really beautiful if you look at ‘da job, it’s out of ‘dis world I tell ‘yous!  It’s beautiful Sean!  You know Sean I once killed a man in Reno just to watch him die, but I digress, you know, ‘dese dangerous MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC reporters must be silenced somehow, you know, da one’s I am frightened of,? ‘Cause dey are gonna expose my weak, feckless ‘cheerleader for America’ press conferences, devoid of any real evidence ‘dat I really did do a ‘great job’ when it comes to ‘dis ‘Chinese Virus’, yeah, ‘dese tough guys like Scarborough can kiss my ugly, enormous, substantial, pampered, ivory white ass, ’cause like ’da fiasco in Wisconsin yesterday, where tens of thousands of people were basically forced to vote, via a viral gerrymandered Republican controlled state of law makers, in an important judicial election for ‘dat state’s Supreme Court–in the middle of a global pandemic mind you–tilling the ground for November elections, banning ’da thought of ‘mail in ballots’, for ‘dat would spell ‘da end for my hideous run as ‘dis nation’s president.  Please don’t ”tink of me as a giant, ‘nasty’ hypocrite, even ’doe I recently mailed mine from ’da golf course at Mar a Lago, because I can.  yYah, yeah, ‘dat’s right, it sets the coming double standard of my reelection in the Fall.  Am I rambling?  I don’t think so, I am getting great ratings, better than “The Apprentice” and I never thought I would say ‘dat!  Eh ooh, ‘dey love me Sean, I know you do!  And because ‘day love me, along with my inner circle of dipshit family members, ‘day will vote me back in.  What was the question again?  Oh, yeah, sorry I am a little out of it today, too much Ensure, ‘ya Sean, we have ‘dis all under control, Dis virus ‘dat will go away, a real miracle, believe me Sean, I’m a smart guy, some might go as far to say ‘dat I’m some kind of special genius, I guess I get it from my amazing blood line.  Really Joe, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain and for God’s sakes, don’t listen to people like Joe Scarborough, for he, and his partners in crime, Mika, Willie, Mike Barnacle , and ‘da rest of ‘da MSNBC crew who called me incompetent, yeah,, yous’ will pay for your blind insolence and intolerance for ‘dis simple, yet brilliant superman from Queens, New York!  ’Dat I can tell ‘yous… And ”dat goes double for da rest of ‘dem damn critics of my amazing , ‘most excellent adventure’ of ‘leading’ this once great, now tainted, corrupt, corporate kleptocracy forward via my sick, slick style, my lack of intellect, my stumbling, bumbling incompetence.  Ever and  always a footlocker full of fumbling folly ‘dat will cost many American lives, as we decimate the economy for years, perhaps decades to come, eh ooh!  Don’t blame me, blame yourselves for electing ‘Da Donald’…  The nature of our voting will now be about partisan-$hit, not people. Did you get a look at ‘dat spokesperson in a full hazmat suit in Wisconsin? Very funny stuff! He was trying to calm and convince Wiscoons voters ‘dat there is not danger in being around large numbers of people?  It’s like ‘dat great actor Kevin Bacon in ’da 1978 film, “Animal House”, streaming to the crowd, with no one listening, as the band, parade and people break into mass chaos, “…do not fear, all will be well, all is well?”  ‘Den, hilariously, he is run over by the band, flattened like a pancake. LOL. ‘Dat is how I am going to win.dis Fall . Mass Anxiety will propel me forward, you know ‘dat?  I want to keep people in fear, I don’t want ‘dem to feel comfortable.  Ever! That’s real leadership!  I may not read Mika, but I watch a lot of TV, especially ‘dem old movies about dictators like Stalin, Mussolini, Napoleon, Hitler and Chinese premier Xi, whose iron fist dictatorship inspires me so.  Keep ‘em wondering who has ‘dis virus, ‘dat’s ‘da ticket!  ‘Dat is precisely why we don’t have enough tests, it’s designed ‘dat way!  Watching all ‘dose Wisconsin people standing in line to vote in a hail storm, yeah in a loaded, gerrymandered election stands as the model for what will happen come November, for we will force people still facing ‘dis pandemic to go out and vote in person, not by mail, ipso facto, propelling me, Donald J. Trump, back into ‘da White House for another four years.  So what if more people die in ’da process?  You gotta break some eggs if yous’ are gonna make an omlete, and I can tell ‘yous ‘dis, my Mexican maid makes a mean omelet,  you should stop by Sean when ‘yous are in Florida, I’ll have her whip you one right up! ‘Dey obviously can’t SEA ‘da forest for ‘da trees. All I can say in closing Sean is ‘dat I am truly grateful to ‘reporters’ like you and the rest on FOX News, radio goblins like Rush Limbaugh, and all ‘da ‘odder hacks who do ‘da dark side’s bidding every day, without question.  Real soldiers in ‘da real war. Understanding ’da importance of ‘da chain of command.  Eh ooh!  Don’t forget to tip your waitresses, I mean corporate CEO’s in ‘dis stressful, foggy, frightening time!  Like my pal Mitt Romney said so long ago, ‘corporations are people too’!  Trump out!”

This too shall pass.

“In spite of ourselves…”

God’s speed John Prine!

Country folk music legend, passing away at the age of 73 due to COVID-19.

A great light, song writer, singer and  humanitarian who truly ‘got it’…

Have a super day folks!  Keep positive, keep safe, keep sane!


April 7, 2020


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden dawning, mild, calm, cautious, casual, 24 karat island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Seventh Day of April, 2020, Tuesday, broadcasting LIVE from famous Ocean Street here in lovely, albeit quite quiet, Historic Hyannis…


“We are doing an amazing job doing testing.”

“We have done more testing than anyone in the world, countries are calling us to find out shy we are doing such an amazing, beautiful job doing ‘dis testing…”

“It is not our job to do testing.”

“I alone can do it.”

“I take no responsibility”.

“I get great ratings with ‘dese press conferences, ‘dat I can tell yous.  I am an empty soul, ‘dat may be true, yet, Facebook loves me, just ask ‘dem, we are not a shipping clerk.”

“I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and get away with it!”

So which is it Trump?

You are nothing more than a snake oil salesman.  As Americans die by the day, this joke of a leader continues to hold these rifts, so called press conferences at the White House press room, his presidency is now on it’s last legs.  Peter Navarro warned this clown in January in a memo, yet it was blown off, mostly because he doesn’t read, he gets his information from the boob tube.

Like attracts like yes?

Secretary of HHS was met with Trump asking questions about flavored vaping fluid and when it would be back on the market, more important than this now deadly pandemic. The only people this ass listens to is his inner circle (made up of ‘Barbie’, his valley girl daughter, and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, a true pantywaist, low witted, dipshit who has 0 experience in this or anything else, save looking like a deer in the headlights). This guy attacks reporters when they ask pertinent questions, acting more like a hired thug from a bad B rated gangster movie than the leader of the free world, projectng grace and intelligence, leadership; authentic self confidence, insight and gravitas. He is allergic to the TRUTH, facts are not his friends. He makes it up as he goes along.

The Art of the “Deal”,


You will never get these life or death answers to relative, intelligent, reasonable questions, via this circus of what used to be the White House (serious), press conference.  Trump will go down as the worst president WE have ever had to endure. Blaming US governors, as he famously, or infamously stated, ‘the buck doesn’t stop with me…”

We get that Mr. President, we get that…

All while 11,000 people have lost their lives to COVID-19.

Go F yourself Trump!

A quick note to the acting Secretary of the U.S. Navy, Mr. Modly, after taking over Captain Crozier’s ship, speaking with the crew (ousted officer after sending a Hail Mary letter to anyone who might give A DAMN, (regarding his crew being struck with COVID-19); calling Crozier ’stupid’ and ‘naïve’.

In the immortal words of Donald Trump,

“You’re fired!”

You will never feel the love from those sailors, you will never know their respect, you will never be the man this Captain truly is.

No sir!

You, like Donald Trump, will go down in our illustrious history as just another chump who played the game and failed miserably.  Bullying your way to the top and leaving many souls wasted in the process.

Shame on both of these so called ’men’,

men we do not need in power any longer.

Two jokes indeed.

Two men who embody emptiness of mind, body and soul.,

Have a nice day folks!


April 6, 2020

‘Cheetoh Dust’

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the clear dawning, golden soft sun rising, mild, mysterious, magical island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Sixth Day of April, 2020, coming to you LIVE from famous Ocean Street in Historic Hyannis, greeted by a brilliant LIGHT slowly, majestically rising above Lewis Bay, forcing one to comprehend that the World and this great Republic will rise, like said shining sun,


Despite President Donald J. Trump and his feckless freaks–save Doctor Birx and Doctor Fauci–who ‘help’ him make mockery of the office of the presidency and advise him as to how to make this pandemic even worse than it already is, yes, despite all this, there are many in the country who are finally seeing the light and realizing that;

… the ‘Emperor’ has no clothes.

Or humility.

Yesterday, on Palm Sunday, this moron called a press conference, mostly because his ego needed stroking, as he relishes ratings and the lime light, the attention and the jabs he can take at honest reporters who are simply attempting to get at the truth and glean come answers as to how WE are moving forward in combatting what will most likely be the toughest week thus far for COVID-19 fallout;

…more cases, less tests, less ventilators, less PPE, equaling;

…more deaths.

Ratings though, we got that!

As pointed out by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, “…it’s time to get out of your Mom’s basement, put on some big boy pants, wipe the Cheetoh Dust from your filthy fingers, wash them germ infested hands, put your red truckin’ hat on and resign from office like a good boy.  Hand the baton to someone who might make a difference.  Someone who might save some lives.

Someone who gives a damn!

And that is most certainly NOT Mr. Panty waist, Jared Kusner, or Peter Navarro, playing a doctor on TV, whose relativity in this hot mess is akin to a child wandering into the room of adults conferring, asking the question;

“…how about the fish tank cleaning stuff? You know, it starts with a ‘c’, the Malaria drug?  Americans will buy anything if they SEA ;it on TV!”

Have a safe, secure, strong, serene and sacred Holy week ahead folks!

May the FORCE be with you!


April 4, 2020


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the still windy, cloudy, misty, foggy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Fourth Day of April, 2020, Saturday around 8 a.m., following up with yesterday’s ‘blog’ regarding an epic world event taking place today and tomorrow all across the globe.  Indeed, the “Global Peace Meditation” takes place here locally tonight at 10:45 p.m. and this humble reporter would highly recommend taking part, whether you believe in mediation or not.  It beat the ‘news’ these days I can guarantee you.

It is time to take action again!  It is time to take the destiny of OUR world in our own hands.  WE all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long, and the current timeline is not going in the best direction.  Here is our chance to collectively shift the timeline back into our OPTIMAL timeline for planetary liberation.  More about that in the future.

We are using the opportunity of the massive astrological configuration of Jupiter/Pluto conjunction on April 4th/5th to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and trigger the process that will solidify the optimal Ascension timeline for the planet and help humanity unite to overcome the current global health crisis.

Global mediations are the KEY to our liberation (from dark forces currently at work), and the quantum leap we long for in human consciousness.

Whatever your personal thoughts or beliefs about ascension/evolution might be at this juncture, we can ALL agree that it is time for us to advance our consciousness as a collective for the upliftment and healing of ALL BEINGS on EARTH.

This is the ONLY WAY we are going to evolve or Ascend as a society and put an end to all of this


Please consider this meditation tonight, tomorrow and well into the future.  Not only will it help you and yours immensely, it will indeed help OUR planet in the short and long term.  Ushering in more love, peace, communication, healing, empathy, kindness, gentleness, and harmony, again,

for all beings, be it from the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, or this human race in dire need of the LIGHT that will shine down in only a few hours from NOW!

Please Google globalpeacemeditation.com, subscribe and participate tonight, you will not be sorry!

Have a wonderful week end folks!


April 3, 2020

Hope Springs Eternal…

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Greetings and high salutations once again on this wet and wild Friday, April Third, 2020.  We, here at seacapecod.net wish to offer a glimmer of hope in this darkened time on our planet.  If one is familiar with mediation, even if not, there will be a global event taking place taking place, again, world wide, tomorrow and the next day, April 4th and 5th, via “Global Peace Mediation.com. One can listen to a short preview of this paramount LIGHT,  via YouTube, entitled,

“Ascension Timeline/End of Coronavirus Meditation.’

If one wishes to break free from the dark forces that are fueling the flames of this, please take this moment in your and yours ‘timeline’ to open the mind to what is about to happen to Mankind as we race towards the Age of Aquarius.

This may seem ‘out there’ and not real.

Far from it.

This global meditation will change your life if you allow yourself to experience the super natural energies that are now available to ALL on this little blue rock WE call home.

The times specific to your region will be posted on globalpeacemeditation.com, with New York, Boston and Cape Cod beginning at 10:45 p.m. on the 4th.

More on the details in tomorrow’s installment of seacapecod.net.

Cleanse the mind.

Open it up.

Find new paths that will eventually lead to ENLIGHTENMENT!

Peace be upon you.


Rain driven TRUTH.

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the rain driven, howling winded, raw, rough, rowdy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Third Day of April, 2020, Friday, broadcasting LIVE from stormy Ocean Street here in beautiful Historic Hyannis, listening to the grim messages coming from over the airwaves, lo, these incredible current events taking place right NOW all around the world, with America now at the epicenter of this viral pandemic that is taking more lives by the second, depleting life giving recourses, eliminating jobs; creating a ‘new normal’ that may be here for the foreseeable future…

This has turned out to be a partisan pandemic here in the States, for only in this country could we be facing such a once in a life time crisis that will test the souls of men, while politicians fight over their own trivial matters; dealing with a group who care more about scoring a political point than they do about caring for the people they;

claim to represent.

Take Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, poster child for nepotism, indeed, this dim witted, pasty faced, panty waist, fancy boy had the nerve to say yesterday, regarding the dire need for more ventilators all around the country,

“I am not convinced we need more ventilators”.

Who the F do you think you ARE?

Words that will come back to haunt this doomed administration as we go forward into the abyss of uncharted territory.

Not only are we lacking these critical machines to keep people alive, while giving them a fighting chance to come out of this nightmare in one piece, but we are also facing the very real possibility we will be short of medical personnel to meet the continuing sharp uptick of patients who will soon overrun hospitals from New York to the Red Wood Forests…

The naked TRUTH is we have no real leader in the White House, per the president’s insistence that the states take the mantle, the baton, the crown and find all that wacky, crazy, kooky, madcap PPE and such on their own, leaving many a U.S. citizen to simply die alone, twisting in the winds of apathy, arrogance and adult autism.

It is hard to say if the so called men and women in charge in our nation’s Capitol have a brain cloud or that they are willfully ignorant, just letting the chips fall where they may.  For after all, who is going to pay the highest cost for this fiasco, this fumble, this folly?

You guessed it!

It shall be the working poor (citizens who live pay check to pay check), small businesses (a huge chunk of our GDP and work force), the weak, the incarcerated, the homeless, the invisible, the elderly, who die needlessly and silently, as this admiration attempts to rebound an economy that will not bounce back for at least three years.

Make no mistake about it folks, when you have a so called Commander-in-Chief deferring judgment and our fate as a nation to a weak, feckless, fearful little boy named Jared,

“Houston, we’ve got a problem.”

Take the canning of captain Brett Crozier, of the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt, an aircraft carrier floating out near Guam, whose crew came down with the COVID-19 recently, brings this all home to roost.  His flare, a torrid letter to the Secretary of Defense, another clown at the top, spoke to the urgency of the situation, as the Navy dragged it’s feet in not only containment, but mitigation as well, turning a blind eye to it’s own.  A haunting image just in today of said captain ‘walking the plank’ if you will, his loyal men and women of the Navy ship cheering him onward and upward, an inspiring moment in U.S Naval history.  Instead of offering help, they fired him, a term that seems to be catching on quite well in this horrid Trump era of our deep and sometimes sordid history.

The only group that is ‘coming together’ are the American people at large.  Unfortunately, many get their information from bogus media outlets such as FOX NEWS or the radio goblin Rush Limbaugh, towing the line for this president’s empty words and even shallower promises, ‘thinking’, via powerful propaganda programming, the good ‘ole U.S. of A., will be just fine and everything is;

under control.

Whatever the course of this next few months, one thing is for sure.  At no ‘time’ in our 240 year history have we had a more uninformed, unfit, uncool leader who resides, when he is not golfing at Mar a Lago in Florida, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  History books will prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this man not only failed to act when he could and should have in regard to COVID-19 (testing, testing, testing, tracking, tracking, tracking, PPE, ventilators and the like), causing upwards of 100,000-200,000 deaths, but sent the nation into a deep depression, leaving it vulnerable to outside interests, as we become a third world country with the stars and stripes only a faint memory of the mind…

Let’s hope this humble reporter is wrong.

But, alas, I am not, for this is all going to plan.

A plan by design…

Have a safe, secure, serene week end folks and please keep it tuned to seacapecod.net!

“Same bat time, same bat channel.”


April 2, 2020

Forget logic at the door…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, soon to be quite stormy, windy and wild island of Nantucket! Good to be with you on another cool, windy, wet early Spring day here on Ocean Street in Historic Hyannis, awaiting that ocean storm to hit at any moment,

…sounds familiar eh?

It is the Second Day of April, 2020, Thursday, a little before nine a.m., with a nation on edge as she is dealt with the enormity of this COVID-19 virus that seems to have gotten a hold of the president to a certain degree, although one must beg the question,

“…what’s up with putting on a puppet show with military brass yesterday ahead of the virus itself?  Especially when we have doctors, nurses, first responders of all stripes begging for more protection?”

Mike Barnacle, of the Boston Herald, stated the obvious yesterday when he spoke of the Federal Budget being ’shrunk down to the size where one could drown it in a bathtub’ (credit: Grover Norquist).  Of course he was not speaking of the military budget, priority number one?, but discretionary monies designed to help the common man, woman and child in the Republic.

Especially in a crisis such as the one WE are facing.

There needs to be a Federal response to this, yet that does not appear to be on the horizon.  Governors across the country feel that they are truly on their own, with no direction home.  New York Governor Mario Cuomo revealed a startling chart in his press briefing yesterday, indicating that this could drag on through the Summer and into the Fall, where it most likely will, per the future folly of easing social distancing and the like, bring forth yet another wave of death to not only that region, but to many other municipalities from sea to shining sea.

Listening to the news 24/7 is depressing to say the least.  Akin to a ‘Chatty Kathy’ doll where one pulls the string and listens to said doll spew forth the same information from the day before, perhaps with more despair, depression and dampness in their collective voices;

and eyes.

Trump’s super genius, self described, logic put rogue drug smugglers and military cheerleaders ahead of nurses, doctors and first responders, the real soldiers in this strange new war, and real government, indeed putting this ‘war on drugs’ ahead of the aforementioned heroes plight.  Confusing the situation all that much more, perhaps the whole point, as it served as a nice distraction, or diversion from what will be a tough month for most Americans as they sit at home wondering;

… who is in charge? what’s next? how did we get here? why isn’t more being done? and where will we all be a year from now?

One thing remains crystal clear, the virus is knocking on your door! Protect yourself and your family, friends and neighbors from allowing ‘it’ to enter your lives by simply following common sense and the directives from men and women of science such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, the only Federal voice of reason in this fiasco.

“Forget logic at the door”.

(credit:  Nicholas Lambert; Light worker)

Have a nice day y’all!


April 1, 2020

Protect OUR Elders!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the illuminated, cloud filled, cool, 24 Karat island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this First Day of April, 2020, a quiet Wednesday overcast morning here on Ocean Street in Historic Hyannis, with very little in the way of human activity going on outside of this humble reporter’s window, but plenty of wildlife making noise, such as Red tailed Blackbirds, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Morning Dove’s, song sparrows, Chickadees, and Greater Black Backs all gratefully singing Dawn’s praises,

songs rising high above the ‘things of Man’…


A somber message per the President of the United States yesterday, speaking LIVE with his pandemic crew from the White House press room, indeed, a man who seems converted to scientific reality when it comes to the COVID-19 plague, voicing sobering numbers like;

“…if we do everything right, we could lose up to 250,000 people, many of whom will pass in the month of April, with some estimates, if mitigation is not adhered to religiously, per Dr, Anthony Fauci, the president’s point guard scientifically, reaching upwards of 2 million or more…”

How can some in power keep their heads in the sand?

Ron Desantis, Governor of Florida, refuses to adopt the simple guidelines set out by the White House, such as social distancing, hand washing, staying home, indeed, this moron is keeping restaurants and bars open, beaches open, sand bars open for partying like it’s 1999, as these mostly young people expose themselves to the virus, infecting others in the process such as seniors who are most at risk.  It is unconscionable what is happening in this big state, especially when you have a real conversion happening at the top, Donald J. Trump, who may be best served if he makes a phone call to this clown, demanding he shut down the state and adopt strict measures like they have done in San Francisco, Washington State and New York City.

This virus has no ‘time’ line, and who knows if it will cause all of that death and destruction.  Therefore, we must be vigilant and thankful that we are all, for the most part, pulling together, taking care of one another and praying for the soldiers on the front line, health care workers, who may save your grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, sister or brother, wife, your children, your friends, colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances.

Stay strong, safe and secure America!

God Bless you ALL!


March 31, 2020

Better Angels

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the peek-a-boo sun shined, cool, casual, marooned island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, The Thirty-First Day of March, 2020, broadcasting LIVE from the southern coast of a salty hamlet and hub, Historic Hyannis, Ocean Street, where eventually the people will return and life hopefully brings some semblance of normalcy;

…if that life ever looks the same again.

341 health care workers in Boston are sick and quarantined, with police, fire and other first responders facing similar fates, begging the question, ‘how are we going to deal with the coming surge of new cases without professionals steering the ship?’

This global pandemic is difficult to wrap one’s head around, for there are so many variables it measures in the Trillions.  Small decisions by citizens, like ’should I go out and get groceries?’, make up most of these and yet we still have no real leadership, coordinated, air tight directives, that may save the lives of countless Americans as we say goodbye to March for this year and hello to April and beyond.  Staffing of these medical centers nationwide will be the story going forward, with the number of deaths reaching 3003 in the U.S. thus far.  Tents in Central Park are being erected, make shift hospitals to help with the overflow at conventional medical facilities, making this all that more eerie.

The citizenry of this great Republic are holding up their end for the most part, staying home; washing hands, social distancing.  But the underlying fear most are feeling at this moment is palpable wherever one may roam, many feeling that helpless limbo of not knowing if they are doing enough, or their government is doing enough, to protect them and their families.

We are all in the same boat.

Aside from the common sense practices aforementioned, please keep in mind that this too shall pass.  Remain strong, vigilant and kind.  ‘At the end of the day’, we, lo, the World, will emerge better for this test, even with the lack of COVID-19 testing, as it forces ALL of US to real eyes just how important ALL LIFE is, bringing our better Angels out en masse…

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, currently working on another COVID-19 relief bill in Washington D.C., spoke on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” a few moments ago, stating the reality of what we need; testing, testing, testing, PPE and ventilators. Remember and pray for the health care workers in hospitals nationwide, indeed, the grunts, putting their own lives on the line, working exhausting hours, bravely hunkering down in bunkers on the front lines of this strange war that is not only invisible, but savage in it’s effect on older people who are terrified and imprisoned in nursing homes from coast to coast.

No one being by their side in the twilight of their lives. Their sons, daughters, grandchildren and other loved ones cannot visit, as this is now prohibited.  The very people who gave life to those same children years ago, are now left to die a cold and lonely death without the eternal gift of the human touch, little human compassion, devoid of human LOVE.

It breaks one’s heart.

This job must be tackled by intelligent, inspirational, intuitive adults who care more about people than profits. If you are not part of the solution,

you are part of the problem.

Isn’t that right Mr. President?


March 30, 2020

Embrace the Wild!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the dark, cloudy, damp, mild, mysterious, muted island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this gloomy Monday morning, The Thirtieth Day of March, 2020, broadcasting LIVE from Ocean Street in the predawn hours, awaiting yet another day in paradise, the south shore of Historic Hyannis;


One of the benefits of living on said ocean can be summed up in a word;


Walking in silence upon the golden sands of Kalmus Beach, or any one of hundreds of beaches within the expanses of this salty hamlet, ONE with the seagulls, hawks, bunnies, chipmunks, squirrels, ospreys, cardinals, chickadees, whales, dolphins, sharks, seals, coyotes, foxes, wild turkeys, lo, strolling under the towering Willows, Oaks, Norwegian Pines, Sugar Maples, Elms, Beaches, Lindens, Locusts, scrub greens, thickets and amber sea grass flowing in the gentle breeze, gives one pause and brings a sense of belonging, love and peace;

…void of fear, loneliness and social distancing…

The natural real world we ALL share knows nothing of this global pandemonium coming in the form of a virus.  Like said COVID-19, it cares not if you are rich or poor, black or white, male or female.  This new perspective is powerful and persistent, offering clarity of mind, body and soul, for ‘it’ gently reminds everyone who has the patience and real eyes to SEA, every human being is part of this grand genius stroke of a benevolent creator who loves each and everyone if only we reach out and grab it.

Beyond a healthy discipline of hand hygiene, and social distancing, keeping away from large crowds and simply staying home, remember this, you still have ‘time’ to take advantage of the situation, during this pause in the crazy, madcap, kooky, fast paced, digital world we ‘think’ is real, yes indeed, consider embracing this ‘time out’ to remember who you really ARE!

Not the programmed robotic slave to consumption, callousness and over the top cautiousness.

Embrace the wild, be one with the wind, fly with the Osprey, live with the whale.

You might just surprise yourself in the process.

You are never alone…

Have a wonderful week ahead folks!


March 27, 2020

Dereliction of Duty!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, mild, breezy, beautiful, bouncy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this lovely Friday early morning here on Ocean Street, Historic Hyannis, The Twenty-Seventh Day of March, 2020; looking forward to some sun shine a little later on today…


The beat goes on, with the latest nonsense coming from “Trump’s Happy Talk Hour” yesterday with ‘Doctor’ Burks backing up this idiot-in-charge, by stating, and I paraphrase, “We have plenty of ICU beds in New York, we have plenty of ventilators, so don’t listen to those true professionals who say they are in dire need of said supplies”; a complete and utter DENIAL of how dire the COVID-19 pandemic-plus the lack of shortages (medical supplies, personnel), to combat it–

truly IS.

New York has lost 430 real lives thus far, with new hot spots coming from every which way.  Boston now has 160 medical professionals infected, with Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, New Orleans, St. Louis, San Francisco, Seattle, rural areas alike will fall prey to this deadly plague, all while this horrible flim flam man ‘in charge’ projecting that everything will be just fine in two weeks, demanding, like a five year old in a grocery store screaming for candy, the U.S. will be open for business and all will be right with the world.

U.K.’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson just announced he is also positive with COVID-19, yet Trump, along with his mouthpiece FOX NEWS, despicable noise machine,  cares more about this economy, that will fall into a deep recession, than he does about real, live, previously healthy human beings, indeed, the life and blood of this great Republic, far more important than this waste of space called “The Donald”.

His epitaph shall be summed up in three words,

‘Dereliction of Duty’.

The out cry from hospitals nationwide is startling, as real doctors, not on a staged, loaded stage filled with stooges in Washington D.C., save Dr. Fauci, are screaming, pleading, begging for HELP from the Federal government, which will most likely not come in time to save the tens of thousands of lives that will be lost.

To watch the hor$e$hit from that White House press briefing room every day is akin to experiencing the sound of someone scratching a chalkboard with their finger nails.  Unpleasant does not even begin to describe the nonchalant, casual, scripted nonsense that emanates from the podium, the ‘bully pulpit’ if you please.   The ‘man’ is a bully, a failed game show host clown, a mutt, a doomed president whose legacy will be one of callousness, carelessness, chaotic, cancerous, caca, with this bright light shining upon his shallow, hollow, haunted intellect, deep paranoia, narcissism, greed and corruption.

People will die needlessly BECAUSE of Donald J. Trump.

It is that simple.

Something must be done, we are NOT powerless, yet WE are witnessing a plane going down, with 55 percent of citizens ‘thinking’ the president is doing ‘a tremendous job’, continuing to listen to this criminal in charge, with one man taking Trump’s advice by ingesting fish cleaning solution.

We have a shortage of doctors, nurses, PPE, gloves, ventilators, testing, tracking, leadership, compassion, empathy, urgency!

Why the president is not enacting the Federal Defense Production Act is beyond this reporter’s comprehension.  He claims that this is a war, and indeed it is, yet he is acting like a man who is put out with all this, his ego answering for him unless his schizophrenia beats him to the punch.

The U.S has just surpassed China with the most COVID-19 cases, with well over 1300 deaths, with the peak three weeks away according to most qualified medical and scientific professionals.  Numbers don’t lie Mr. President, but you do.  This man should not be in charge of anything, save the buffet table at his new job as a bus boy at Denny’s, the only job he is qualified FOR!

God Be With US!

Have a nice, safe, strong, positive week end folks. Watch a movie, play some music, take a walk, offer some kindness to a stranger, loved one or the wildlife that shares this world with US.


March 26, 2020


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the grayish purple skied, windy, cool, cautious, 24 karat island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this fine Thursday morning, six thirty a.m., The Twenty=Sixth Day of March, 2020, a blustery one here on Ocean Street, Historic Hyannis, indeed very quiet and if one listens really intently, one can hear the waves of Kalmus Beach only a football toss from this computer monitor…


About this ‘time’ of year, Sea Cape Cod begs all to ‘come on down’ and pay US a visit.  To date, the Daffodil Day festival on Nantucket was shut down, the Figawi sail boat race from Hyannis to that fabled isle, cancelled, all stores from Falmouth to Provincetown boarded up and darkened, lo, all lights it would seem have been turned off.

The president of this great Republic, and his minions, demons and devils, have made no bones about stating that most senior citizens should sacrifice for the health of the economy.  In other words, grandmothers and grandfathers die, so just suck it up!

This macabre magician steals in scams, sacrifice and deals.  Make no mistake about it, WE are stuck with a dangerous president who does not react to anything but political pressure, self congratulations, propaganda, SELF preservation. Not people over profit.  He does not recognize TRUTH, nor the Almighty, whom will have the ultimate say regarding his ETERNAL future.  His old haunt of New York City, under siege with this virus, now witnessing nurses on the front line in overrun hospitals wearing garbage bags to protect themselves in lieu of a lack of PPE, is about to SEA just how bad this virus will turn out to be…

Even with this passage of a relief bill by the U.S. Senate, the economy will crumble, not because it is shut down, but because this president has surrendered in this ‘war’ via his insistence to reopen the economy, i.e. restaurants, bars, malls, etcetera, infecting more Americans, ultimately bringing more death and despair to people you may know and love.

WE could not have asked for a worse ‘man’ ‘in charge’ of a nation that is in dire straits, begging for leadership, medical supplied, medical personnel, testing, tracking, hospital beds, kindness, compassion, love and light.  New York City COVID-19 deaths rose 110% in the past 36 hours.  The national death number currently stands at 1001, with cases rising exponentially by the hour.  This is a tragedy that never needed to happen.  In 2014 the government stopped the development of anti-corona virus drugs to stop these kind of outbreaks, all due to ‘economic’ reasons.  Just like Trump scrapped, lo, FIRED the infectious disease task force because he didn’t like the way someone spoke to him, rather the lack of praise and celebration for the ‘great’ man he, Donald j. Trump, ‘thinks’ he is.

To suggest that seniors pay the ultimate price for keeping Boeing flying high is nothing short of demonic.  At no time in this country’s deep history has there been more technology, more innovation, more promise for the future than 2020.  Yet, because of a lack of leadership at the top, many people will die needlessly, perhaps on purpose, the economy will drop more points on the major indexes, businesses will go under, people will go hungry, with no S.N.A.P. benefit increases in this most recent corporate bailout, and the Republic as a whole will be significantly weakened, from the military to health care facilities and everywhere in between, leaving US open to many other dangers most are not even considering at this juncture.

Think about it.

Have a super day ya’ll!  Stay safe, stay strong, stay loving, patient and giving….

“If nobody told you they LOVE you today,

I just did!”


March 25, 2020

Easter Bunny and the President…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the lightened gray skied, temperate, towering, titillating, touchy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Twenty-Fifth Day of March, 2020, Ocean Street’s quiet Thursday, a quiet seven a.m. morn’, with birds of all feathers singing their Spring song without concern, care or caution.  Embracing this beautiful day holding promise for the future, for it is in them, and all wild children of earth, where OUR hope lies…


This just in to Sea Cape Cod, a leaked conversation between our very fine U.S. President Donald J. Trump, former game show host, real estate con man, general tool, yes, this exclusive exchange between the star of Easter, and the apparent “Commander-in-Chief.”


E.B.: “Howdy high there “The Donald”, may I call you Don?  Matters not, for you are merely a mortal human, where is I am a mythical, magical bunny who delivers, hides, paints and procures mystical eggs as well as candies for children of all ages, reminding all that Spring is the time of rebirth and regeneration, reset and renewal.  Thankfully, with you in charge, it will be a season of regret, regression and rugged individualism, with you’re administration failing the U.S. citizenry in every way possible.  And upon hearing of this deadly virus that is affecting so many of my customers, coupled with the FACT you are doing so little in defeating ‘it’, especially when you wish to open up the country ‘for business’ on my big day, well sir, I am incensed. I am angry, livid and truly pissed off!  Excuse my rabbit anger;

What say you Donald Trump?”

D.T.:  “Hey oooh! Easy there bunny rabbit roo!  I have nothing but good things in store for this great country, I mean, why would I wish anything bad for these little people? They go to my casinos, they voted me into office, they made me even more famous with my hit show on TV called “The Apprentice”, that, ironically, was training for my current career today, they wear my sad, ugly, cheap red trucker’s hats, in fact I love ‘dese people, except for ‘dat Mitt Romney, jeez, I hate that guy and I wish he still had ‘dis virus, cause he is just another Senator who doesn’t die Easter eggs ’cause he’s a Mormon.  What does ‘dat even mean?  Mitt Romney is an enemy and I don’t care if he is negative or positive for COVID-19. Get ‘dat straight.  And I can tell ‘yous ‘dis, I plan to invoke an executive order to ensure all the good Christians will pack the churches and shop, get drunk at your local watering hole, you know, like normal on ‘dat glorious Easter morning.  Go back out to bowling allies, bars, restaurants, malls, parties, you name it.  What do you say about ‘dat you beautiful big, furry, cuddly bunny rabbit?”

E.B:  “Hate to break it to you Mr. President, but I lied to you, just like you have lied to the American people, and I dig that about you man!  I am not the Easter Bunny, well, I am, but I suffer from schizophrenia, and my alter ego, perhaps my true self is far from what you may assume of said Easter Bunny, for my real name is Harvey. I am your imaginary friend who will help you in turning the U.S. into the epicenter of COVID-19, making sure, via your genius executive orders and incredible intelligence, many more people will die than have to.  Your botched leadership will cost this nation not only it’s status as the only super power in the world, but many a fine citizen who dies a needless death.  Don’t fear, for I will be with you, indeed, the giant imaginary bunny rabbit named Harvey is on the case, making sure, via dirty tricks, terrorizing and tainted taunting, you will retain your, with the help of the Russians, “the Russians?”, tragically faulted and failed experience as the President of the United States.  Forget about the experts, your advisors, your so called friends and members of your family, you are mine now and you will do what “I” say!”

D.T.:  “Thank you giant bunny Harvey for this sacred meeting.  I know you are real, even if they can’t SEA you!  You’re right senior rabbit, I don’t care what ‘they’ say anymore, like ‘dat rat New York Governor Cuomo. He is stealing the lime light from me with his well thought out, caring, compassionate, tough minded, logical and focused press briefings! It’s all about him, ‘dat I can tell ’yous!  His intelligent, calm, collected leadership makes me sick to my stomach.  I will not longer listen to what ‘dese experts on my staff, like ‘Fast Eddie’ Fauci, say, like ‘dis is some kind of a hurricane coming on shore. A metaphor ’dat horrible Joe Scarborough is spouting right now.  Listen Joe, ‘dis ain’t no hurricane, it’s just a bad flu, and we don’t shut down the country because of a little rain and wind, after all, it’s just some morning dew…”

E.B., a.k.a., “Harvey” the imaginary rabbit, Trump’s senior confidant::

“Keep it up Donald!  The storm is coming and we, the dark spirits, are all counting on you to nothing but resurrect the Republic for endless consumption and carelessness!”

Have a super day folks, stay safe, stay positive, stay healthy and stay afloat!


March 24, 2020

Dollars over death…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the blown driven drizzled, chilly, chatty, cocooned island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this dreary, dark six a.m. hour, broadcasting LIVE from Ocean Street, in Historic Hyannnis, The Twenty-Fourth Day of March, 2020.


Alas, it is yet another day of self quarantine, isolation, fear, frustration and ignorance. All thanks to COVID=19, an acronym, lo, a deadly virus, that has taken over life as we once knew it, indeed an atomic bomb that takes lives, destroys economies, and shifts perspectives.

The latest chapter of the White House produced “Trump’s Happy Talk” droned on and on yesterday, painful as peeling paint, bringing very little in the way of information, applicable data or real guidance, but it did give insight into the insanity and true ignorance of this current president.  Trump has stated under no uncertain terms,

“Yeah, eh ohh, listen, in two weeks we are going to open America back up.  Fuck the experts, ‘dats why “Fast Eddie” Fauci is not on stage, nor the token Surgeon General, ‘dose guys ain’t nuttin’ but doom and gloom.  We gotta get ‘dat 500 billion dollars, cause yours truly is going to be in charge of who get da money and who don’t, capiche?  Forget about ‘dat Ariizona woman who took ‘dis new Malaria Chloroquine stuff, my new miracle cure, too bad about her husband, he died?  Oh, well, gotta break some eggs if you are going to make an omelet! Guess they should not have taken my advise eh?  Listen, everything is going to be just great, we are doing a tremendous job, really terrific, dat I can tell yous!  I mean who dies more?  Auto accidents, da flu, lots of death, more dan dat damn Corona Virus, ‘dat I can tell  ‘yous! And the reality is ‘dis, I am in charge and I say, let ‘er rip.! Trump out!”

This gibberish back ground noise flies directly in the face of prudence, protection and palpable logic.  This idiot-in-charge will put dollars over death, or the very real possibility of it, via loosening social density, thus, spreading the virus exponentially more.  Experts say that 2 million people could lose their life if proper safety measures are not applied as they were in China and South Korea.  Reopening the economy in less than 15 days is, in a word, FOLLY.  Not to mention the confusion it will bring, as millions of Americans struggle with who is telling them the truth and who is lying through his teeth, ever looking for praise, not pause, as this nation flounders in a SEA of ignorance, intolerance and insolvency.

To put it in terms that one can digest, we have a president with a teen age mentality.  No longer able to fill that giant void called EGO, with rallies, flying Air Force One, Mar a Lago, hello!  No sir!  This poor man is all cooped up at the White House and feels suffocated by this new foe that he cannot SEA.  This was supposed to be a great year for Trump, rallying the morons of this nation, God Bless them, but not that much, in his bid to be a two term president.  But instead, it has become a nightmare for the man, with these crazy press briefings serving more as a hostage situation for most of the reporters who are forced to cover this crap.

Opening up the economy in two weeks, is akin to the movie “A Perfect Storm”, where the “Andrea Gail”, famous sword boat (now actually docked here in the Hyannis Harbor named “Lauren”), went down in the Atlantic tragically due to the captain insisting on heading directly into the breach, mostly because he did not want to take a loss on the huge catch he made far from the shores of Newfoundland; a massive storm that took no prisoners…

Gloucester remembered.

We shall SEA!

Have a nice day.


March 23, 2020

“Blood, toil, tears and sweat…”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool, purple skied majesty, magical, miraculous island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this somber Monday morning, The 23rd day of March, 2020.  Still dark clouds greet this new day here on Ocean Street, Historic Hyannis, and this humble reporter takes in the “Morning Joe”, only on MSNBC, attempting to wrap his head around the insanity of leadership at the top, revealing that although there may be a light on in the White House this six a.m. hour,

…no one is at home.

We need, according to experts, 3.5 billion masks now, the administration cheering their efforts to create several million.

Well done sir!

The U.S. Senate failed to reach a deal on the new COVID-19 relief bill, with 500 billion in relief for corporations, not enough for the ‘little people’ in this country, thereby Senate Democrats shot it down late last night.  Trump is only interested in getting reelected, keeping the economy afloat long enough for that to happen.  He refuses to invoke the Defense Production Act, giving sweeping powers to create the gear needed to battle this invisible enemy.

500 billion dollar slush fund indeed.


This is a war, but it’s mutating into a chaotic chess match.  Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell, a clown’s apprentice, mirrors this vain attempt to ‘help’ the American people with these generous bail outs that serve only to keep afloat the cruise lines, airlines, and other corporate entities, as the nation slips into an abyss;

the deep, dark, daunting waters of OUR ‘time’.

“if you’re here and I’m here, I believe it’s OUR ‘time’”

Right U.S. Senator Rand Paul?

You want to break into the Senate Gym and take a swim? Sets a great example doctor!


(credit:  “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, circa 1982)

We could not have a worse president ‘in charge’ at this paramount moment in this great nation’s history.  Trump is no more a leader of men going into battle, than a dolphin is biking the dunes of the Cape.  His insistence that governors take the mantle and ‘find supplies on their own’, sums up the lack of a real foothold into reality when it comes to this tough test for America.

The man may have been tested for the Corona Virus, but has he been tested for schizophrenia?  Let the record show Trump says one thing out of his mouth and acts in a 180 degree contradiction.  This is not leadership, this is insanity.

The markets look bleak this morning, with futures down big time because this bill did not pass, due to, again, the giant slush fund to none other than people like Trump and his horrible hotels around the world.  He will point his bony, old finger at those U.S. governors if this goes south in the next few months, for the economy will follow the health of the people who participate in it.  Thus, the impetuous must be on testing, tracking, self isolation, social distancing, and ramping up our health care centers such as hospitals, where the real battle will be fought.

Not at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This new ‘reality TV show’, called “Trump’s Happy Time”, on every station, every day, usually around High Noon, if one can sit through the whole thing, will usher in the egregious and error filled nonsense served up by this so called “Commander-in-Chief”, creating fog and folly, not pin point strategy former real generals used in wars gone by.

This man is not fit to be in a war he cannot win.  Many Americans will pay a high price for a sad, tragic, feeble effort of ‘acting’ as though he is a white knight in a battle that has yet begun.  We are at code red, with spring breakers, taking in the beaches of Florida, soon to infect seniors who make up most of the population of that great state.  There is no coordination whatsoever, we are flying blind, bandages here and there, as the nation’s largest metropolitan area, New York City, reaches 10,000 cases, with the mayor, Bill De Blasio, stating they are about to run out of equipment to protect the health care workers, with no real commitment from the Federal government to provide the very basic bullets needed in this fight.

Bluster and bravado will not carry the day, we need a real leader to tackle this from the perspective of REALITY. Slush funds for the cruise lines is an outrage, not to mention all the other pigs at the trough.  If the Senate does not pass this bill, or new bill by High Noon today, there will be hell to pay.  We could lose up to 2 million people, put that in your pipe and smoke it “Joker”…

As the great Prime Minister of Great Britain stated in regard to World War II,

“…it is going to take blood, toil, tears and sweat”.

“I know Winston Churchill sir, and you, you Donald J. Trump, are no Churchill!

Have a safe, positive, powerful week ahead folks!

God Bless!


March 22, 2020

Silver Linings…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun led, puffy white cloud decorated, chilly, charming, charity filled island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this 22nd day of March, 2020, a quiet Sunday morning here on Ocean Street, in lovely, yet deserted, Historic Hyannis, with a few souls spinning on by via bike or foot, car or boat, breaking free of the indoors for just a moment in ‘time’ to take in some exhilarating, fresh, cold salt air, hopefully clearing the COVID-19 cobwebs from the collective psyche that has taken hold from coast to coast, continent to continent, ocean edge to oceans’ edges…

Only a month and a half or so ago, ’social distancing’, ‘washing hands’, ’staying home’, ‘quarantines’, cancellations of life events themselves would have been the last thing anyone really expected in this mighty nation called the United States of America.

But, as WE ALL witnessed the effect the Corona Virus was having on China, South Korea and other Asian nations, it became more clear that Italy’s deep suffering could indeed fall upon our shores.  We did not prepare until just a few short days ago, when the Executive began to pull it’s giant head out of the proverbial sand.

Ironic is this pandemic, for again, only a month or so ago, we were practicing social distancing already. Our best friend was the ’smart phone’, all looking down at that tiny screen, hoping to get a like or just ‘reach out and touch somebody’ via a cold, impersonal ‘Tweet’, ‘Text’, ‘E-mail’, ‘Facebook’ post, “Instagram” message, or some derivative therein.

We took for granted a hug from a loved one, a solid, firm handshake, going to opening day at Fenway Park, going out to eat with friends and family, taking in a rock concert from one of your favorite artists who may.

“…never come this way again.”

Now, with those being outlawed by governors, mayors, presidents alike, WE comprehend what we have been missing, which, again, ironically, is bringing out the best in human nature. Our better ANGELS.  For the world has become more compassionate, more empathetic, more kind, more loving than it has been in quiet some ‘time’.  We SEA the importance of the whole, and of the individual parts that make up that whole.  Realizing that ALL of US are an equal and valuable member of this tribe we call the human race.  People notice the homeless more readily now, with many coming to grips with just how lucky they are to not be in that position, viewing their loved one’s with more urgency and love than ever before.

This is the silver lining.

Take advantage of this wrinkle in time, for it will never come again in this life.  A great opportunity to reset, re-prioritize, to remake one’s life into what it should have been all along.  To rediscover who one really IS, not what the world programmed him or her to be.   A life one would be proud to continue on into the mysterious future, devoid of fear, only filled with hope and gratitude for things to come our way in a new and glorious day.

To witness places like New York, Boston, San Francisco, Rome, London, Milan and even here on little old Cape Cod, yes, to SEA the emptiness of the space that once held many a care free soul walking, biking, swimming, or sailing joyfully though life’s endless ocean’s and avenues, beaches and boardwalks, gives one pause.

Reflecting on the fact that you’re all I got.  And being apart from you is painful, sad and sometimes lonely.

Making this new normal just that much harder to bear.

Never give up hope.

For WE will come through this like a ray of sunlight through the fog, and as that ground cloud dissipates, WE will all reenter OUR collective societies a little wiser, a little kinder, and a little more willing to offer the LOVE we all crave to give;


Have a blessed Sunday folks, stay strong, stay safe, stay silver!


M.A.S.H. 4077

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the drizzled, dreary, depressing island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this gloomy Thursday morning, The Nineteenth Day of March, 2020, broadcasting LIVE from Ocean Street here in historic Hiyannis’ Waterfront, anticipating some heavy rain during the coarse of the day…


The Corona Virus has moved from warm on the stove to red hot high.  WE have an inept Commander-in-Chief, “Mr. Kung Flu”, who is in way over his head regarding this epic, once in a life time event that is ravaging America from coast to coast, not to mention globally.  Economically, the stock market reflects how confident investors are in this current president, per the fact “Trump’s” Dow Jones, yesterday, lost all of it’s gains since the inaugural, dipping below 20,000, with U.S. futures sharply down today, pushing ‘The Donald’ to revise his game show, I mean presidency’s definition to a macho ‘war time president’, akin to U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

How about Gomer Pyle!

“Supplies, supplies, supplies!”

Testing, ventilators, masks, all PPE’s, respirators, gowns, gloves, hospital beds, swabs, ICU beds, medical personnel, all lacking, disturbingly deep, point to a ship wreck that will rival war time death rates.  Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, begged the question with growing anger,

“Who’s in charge!”

Is it Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, the wonder boy with the sub 100 IQ??

Are you f’ing joking?

He has 0 practical experience in this monumental crisis, or any other, save his marriage perhaps, especially when considering that it, COVID-19, has been likened to a Tsunami, especially when it comes to U.S. hospitals.  If one ‘thinks’ he is FDR, then call up Detroit and make some ventilators WWII style you jack ass game show host! 

“You’re fired!”

Your words Mr. President, the verbiage you used on the ‘pandemic’ department at the Executive level.  Words that have come home to haunt and roost don’t you think? No one in the Trump administration is getting along, back biting and such, thus throwing a monkey wrench into a fantasy called a public/private partnership, creating more problems than solutions…

Currently, because of a lack of masks, the administration is telling medial professionals to use bandannas, “my dirty red bandanna”, hospital gowns, homemade masks in the interim, putting medical professionals at risk big time.  The White House cannot do anything physically.  It’s up to the agencies, hundreds of them, to come to the rescue.

That ain’t happening any time soon.

There will be a 500 billion dollar bailout for the American people who desperately need these monies in order to stay afloat as the ship sinks lower into the cold, rough, dark, daunting, deep waters.  Many small businesses are not going to make it, like the citizens who acquire COVID-19, due to lack of leadership, vision and guts, thereby changing the very face of this great nation.

There is a subtle yet growing anger that could, at some juncture, lead to civil unrest and chaos.

Chilling images of Paris, France, such as the giant rotary around the Arch de Triumph and the Champs Elysees drive this whole fiasco home.  A real ghost town in the ‘City of Lights’, coming to a city near you soon.

Trump recently restated his original, commenting just yesterday,

“…if you are rich and famous, you may have a test.”

  • As this humble reporter took his daily walk around the horn of Kalmus Beach, here in Hyannis, I was struck seeing children playing in the golden sunshine on a beautiful day in March, scratching his head, saying out loud to the seagulls flying about, ‘time’ seemingly out of place;
  • ‘…what day is this?”

We are in a leadership and logistic vacuum with little sunlight to make it’s way through the Hazmat suit.  Liken this pandemic to the Korean War, where M.A.S.H. units played ‘meat ball surgery’, prioritizing patients as to who will live or die, lo, praying a cease fire and ultimately a treaty to arrive and miraculously bring US back to normal.

A normal that may never come again.

Alan Alda, where are you now?

Before you discount yesterday’s blog on Sea Cape Cod, keep this in mind, false flags exist!  Do your own research!  War is a racket to line the pockets of the powers that were! They are started on purpose in order to create vast wealth and POWER! With no care for the citizenry of the nations involved, mostly playing and financing both sides.  Don’t believe everything you read;

or SEA on TV!

The truth is silent, sincere, sacred and consistent.

The truth doesn’t need defending!

Be safe, be strong, be positive!

Have a good day.


March 21, 2020

“Reality” TV

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the purple and gray skied, mild, mysterious, magical, marvelous island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Saturday morning, The Twenty-First Day of March, 2020, looking out the window to true beauty upon the waters of this little hamlet created so many moons ago by retreating glaciers of another ‘time’ and space…


The new ‘reality’ TV show (brought to you by Monsanto, where good, semi-poisonous GMO food stuffs are never in short supply; if one can call it ’food’; always available at your favorite grocery store, with no worries of shelf life, and after about ninety years can be reused in the garden as weed killer, for after all, that is why Round Up was designed in the first place….), named “Trump’s Trash Talk”, broadcasting LIVE most week days on every station around High Noon, ushered in the old Donald we all know and love, void of humility, honesty, grace, compassion, kindness, empathy and LOVE, “…it’s beautiful”! Taking out his frustration on an unsuspecting reporter from NBC/MSNBC, Peter Alexander.

Sea Cape Cod has attained the alternative realty transcript of what was said in a parallel universe durning the very same press conference. However, in this one the president pointed his long bony finger at the fine journalist asking a soft ball question summed up, “…the American people are scared Mr. President, what can you tell them?”, with ‘The Donald’, face red as a tomato, stating with visible anger in said fat face,

“You are a terrible reporter.”

Going on to say as he continues to wag that dirty little index finger, “…that was a particular nasty question, and you are making the American people even more upset than they already were.” A moment in ‘time’ during this national emergency where the president of these United States could have taken that mantle of leadership and said something like…

“You know Peter, I’m glad you asked that question, you are a terrific reporter, that I can tell yous”, for it seems to me, like our great World War II president Franklin Delano Roosevelt said so many years ago, “…we have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” Indeed very applicable now, March 2020 and beyond…

Without FEAR, simply go forth with your lives, considering the guidelines sent forth by true medically trained, science based professionals who are asking you and yours to keep up social distancing of six feed, washing those hands often with warm water and soap, avoid gatherings and stay at home as much as possible, riding this wave out with your families that you love and care for so much.  Indeed, taking this moment in ‘time’ to reflect on just how lucky We all really are, reaching out to not only our loved ones, but to neighbors, and strangers alike, offering a smile and that socially distant hand to help out in any way you can.  That act of kindness will go a long way.

I know the angst many of you and yours are suffering through these days and I appreciate that. I know we should have taken the tests months ago from the World Health Organization, but we didn’t.  That was my fault and I take full responsibility for that and the lack of testing around the country.  We are working 24 hours a day and night to rectify that fact.  Also, we have evoked the Korean WarWW II style of war time management to retool vacant hospitals, create make shift health care units, ramping up our sincere efforts to create, out of whole cloth, ventilators, while simultaneously mass producing masks, swabs, gowns, PPE’s, and the like so that our brave men and women on the front lines of this fatal virus can be as effective in the fight as is humanly possible, keeping them safe and secure.  Make no mistake about it, the governors of this great land, such as Mario Cuomo of New York, have done to date, FAR more than I, and for that I am eternally grateful.  I plan to give them whatever they need to flatten that bell curve and bring the country back to normalcy as fast as I can as your Commander-in-Chief, a title I do not deserve after that botched job I have done so far.  I ask for your forgiveness in that, although that won’t go far in helping out our fellow citizens in need.  I realize I have been self centered, thin skinned, making this all about ‘me’, and mostly just being a giant asshole that you all know that I most truly AM. However, I’m all you got, God Help US! so I will roll up my sleeves and get to work, keeping my big trap shut and doing what the experts tell me to do, say and act upon in the general concern and care for the American People, in other words, BE a real leader like JFK or FDR, towing the line and keeping my narcissism in the psychiatrist’s office, where it should have been left long ago…”

“Any more questions?”

Have a nice calm, positive, peaceful day y’all and stay tuned to seacapecod.net,

same bat time, same bat channel!


March 20, 2020

“We’re not a shipping clerk”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, warming, socially isolated island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Twentieth Day of March, 2020, a quiet Friday six a.m. hour, broadcasting LIVE from Ocean Street here at historically appropriate Hyannis Waterfront…


To rub salt into the nation’s wound, it seems some members of the U.S. Senate have been bad little monkeys, for instead of thinking about the American people, these clowns, such Richard Burr (R-NC),Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), Diane Feinstein (D-/ca), dumping millions, or our old pal James Inhoffe (R-OK), pulling their money out of stocks that would do poorly as the specter of COVID-19 began to make it’s presence known.  In short, insider trading is alive and well for law makers, the rich and the powerful.

Profiting, morally illegal, during an epic, once in a life time national crisis.

Shame on you ALL!

That said, the lies continue at the top, with hospitals crying out for masks, let alone ventilators, gloves, goggles, gowns, swabs, protective equipment, with nurses setting up sewing machines to create their own masks out of whole cloth.  Some using bandanas and scarfs to fill the gap?  This colossal perhaps by design fumble by the Trump administration putting health care workers and everyday Americans at risk, is on par with blind genocide. This insane group of goof balls who claim the mantle of OUR ‘leaders’, will go down in history, this live record of history, as the politicians who left it’s people to die a sad and lonely death, “socially distant” and isolated from the one’s they LOVE. Theirs and their families fate, twisting in an otherwise uncompromising, uncaring and callas wind of folly, futility and fooorget about it!, are in the hands of, ironically, a classic narcissist. A man whose only goal is to hold onto office and bring the market back to it’s peak, only a month ago, of almost 30,000 points, now 19,514…


Not likely.

This joke of a president is taking first responders out of the fight; doctors, nurses, policemen, firemen, EMT’s, leaving them home in self isolation or worse, turning them into mere spectators, like the current leadership, to the very real possibility that they will witness up to 2.5 million people dying of this viral demon. Hospitals soon to be overrun by a populace in dire need of medical care.  Assuming these hospitals have any supplies to help in them first place.

VP Mike Pence stated yesterday, when asked if masks will be available soon,

“…they’re available now.”


We own the U.S. post office hello, so, ipso facto, WE ARE A SHIPPING CLERK!

You giant buffoon!

“Eh oh!  Like my new red hat?  It’s made by a sweatshop who makes my stuff via Saks Fifth Avenue, who sadly had to close it’s stores along with Macy’s, what a shame, yeah, so ‘dese guys had the time to make me a special “Keep America Great”, yeah, a hat I wear with great pride, because we have done a tremendous job with ’dis stupid virus ‘ting, you know, da fake news media is taking ‘dis way out of proportion, in fact you should be feeling sorry for me, ’cause dey are a bunch of bullies. But, ‘dats OK, I want you to take notice of my new ‘reality’ show, every station, every day on all ‘da stations, yeah, my words will calm and coerce, showing what kind of a guy I really AM.  I am doing ‘dis new “reality” TV show pro bono, again, proving what a guy I AM.  Did I say we are doing a terrific job?  So what if people need to use a one time only mask for five days, don’t be such a baby!  I haven’t played golf in a week, don’t tell me about sacrifice!  Dis 2400 dollars ‘dat are going to the little people due to ‘dis China Virus, yeah, ‘dese monies will go a long way in helping dose who have lost der jobs and are stuck at home.  We have seen 20 percent unemployment before, suck it up!  Ok, if ‘dere is no questions whatsoever, I must go now, I normally take my afternoon nap at dis time, so if you don’t mind, please listen in to my number three, Jared being the real number two, Mike Pence, who will entertain you with another hour of gibberish, lies, and whoppers, putting you more in the dark with a hint of irony, as more and more people catch ‘dis virus, a fate that was not my fault, my response and complete lack of judgment, clarity, intuition, leadership and over all seriousness regarding this global pandemic is most definitely not my fault, and I take no responsibility for the lack of effort on my part, ‘dat Ian tell yous’…   Trump out!”

Have a nice week end folks;

…be healthy, be strong, be loving, kind and compassionate.

Ushering in Intuition, Consciousness, Enlightenment and LOVE!


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