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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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December 16, 2011

‘Cat in the Hat’

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the warm, windy, sunny island of Nantucket! Howdy folks, how “ya’ll” doin’ on this sixteenth day of December, 2011, a Friday morning on Cape where one could walk out of one’s door, down the ‘Ancient Path’ a hundred yards or so to the ocean’s edge, on Cotuit Bay, put a blanket down on the soft white sands and have a margarita, explaining to yourself that it’s just a cool July morning, with the thermometer getting close to 60 degrees Fahrenheit on sun soaked Cape Cod later today, as prospects of that ‘White Christmas’ fall by the way side…this is all normal, right? The GOP debates went off without a hitch last night, as I missed them entirely, opting for a nice long winter’s nap instead.  I got the drift of most of it from “Morning Joe”, only on MSNBC, however, the fine morning news show that is the obvious choice over rival ‘Fox & Friends’, whose zany, madcap, kooky antics always make me smile, yet bring no real NEWS to the table, thus, must be couched for what it really is... unadulterated horse$hit.  What?  Too early?  Too harsh?   Yes, I caught the ‘drift’ of the whole thing in about thirty seconds, when I heard Michelle Bachmann go after the jugular of one Ron Paul, whose face was aghast like a grandpa who may be a little confused at the local Walmart, screaming on stage, ‘what are ya’ll crazy?, why can’t we just leave ‘em, all them Arabs, all of ‘em, alone, all of ‘em, all alone, it’s none of my business if the world blows up! Come on, that is not the role of the federal government, not the role ‘atol…’, with Bachmann coming out of her skin, looking more like one of the Swamp People than ever.  YIKES!  What a show!  Thanks republican party!  Who said there is nothing good on television anymore?  This is world class entertainment!  It would be that much better though, if we knew that at the end of the ’show’ WE all really, really knew that you were kidding about dismantling Medicare, privatizing Social Security, attacking Iran, deregulating environmental laws even further so as to insure OUR mutual destruction, you know, pure insanity, yeah, WE would all sleep a little better at night if WE really knew that you were kidding about all of that stuff, which, I’m sure, deep down, you really are, right?  Hello?  Is this thing on? Is anybody out there? (credit rock band Pink Floyd).  Hope everyone out there in this ’series of tubes’ called the Internet have a wonderful weekend, there are so many things to be grateful for during the season of peace, love and joy, and to have the opportunity to send out this ‘message in a bottle’ every morning is one of them for this humble reporter from little old seacapecod.net. GOD BLESS U.S. ALL! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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