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July 26, 2011

Castle by the Sea

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good to be back with you on this Tuesday morning, the twenty-sixth day of July, 2011, a beautiful one here in Osterville, as you look above at Saint Andrew’s church in Hyannis Port, the next village to the east and former home to the late, great thirty-fifth President of the United States of America, Mr. Jack Kennedy and his beautiful wife Jackie, along with the rest of that extraordinary family who saw this country not as hen house to be raided, but as nation that needed a hand up from the people who may have just a little bit more than others…  President Barack Obama sent a clear message to the people of this country last night in a nationally televised speech–the roughly 309 million souls who live and breathe within her borders and consider themselves just as much citizens of this great land as do the likes of Boehner, McConnell and Cantor, not to mention “the brother’s Koch”, (David and Charles Koch of Koch Industries) and their ilk who hide behind smoke and mirrors, employing bright, hypnotizing lights and noise designed to confuse and instill FEAR, as they manipulate public opinion through the likes of an Australian criminal News Corporation enterprise called FOX NEWS.  They consider themselves citizens as much as those who own private jets, three homes, a bank account in Switzerland, and lawyers who dodge taxes via the complicated tax code structured in such a way that you would have to have billions in order to take advantage of the many loopholes available, so many and so wide you could drive a Mack truck through the center with plenty of room to spare.  The President last night in his 15 minute speech asked the American people to stand up and make their voices heard.  Call your congressman or congresswoman and tell them that you don’t think that it is RIGHT to ask that this 14.3 trillion dollar national debt should be carried on the shoulders of the poor, the elderly, the disabled, the crumbling middle class, and the working poor (a debt created by the former Bush administration–i.e., 2 unpaid for wars; tab, 4.1 trillion, 2 tax breaks for the rich; tab, 4.1 trillion, a pharmaceutical give away, more corporate welfare, a credit card that is exceeding 1 trillion or so, as well as the lack of regulation on Wall Street; as greedy investment bankers devised the ’sub-prime’ mortgage fiasco (by way of complicated financial derivatives) that sent this nation into a crisis it has not seen since the Great Depression), all in the name of “shared sacrifice”, by dismantling Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, vital social programs that are complete successes, with Social Security solvent for the next thirty years and adding not one penny to the national debt…not to mention the EPA, Planned Parenthood, education, nutrition, head start, health care, the FDA, the FAA, regulators of the financial markets, such as the SEC, and the oversight of financial institutions by protecting consumers from those greedy banks via the ‘fine print’ they use in their contracts that rip off the ‘American people’ on a daily basis.  Last, but certainly not least, Republicorp of America wants to cut out any real regulation on the big corporate POLLUTERS, such as Koch Industries, Halliburton (natural gas), big coal and big oil, who bleed this country dry of it’s natural resources, profiting big time, while it leaves the streams, ponds, rivers, estuaries, bays, sounds and oceans sick and dying, dying because of all the pollutants left behind, be they the 596 deadly chemicals used in the ‘fracking’ process of attaining ‘natural gas’, or the chemicals and consequence of blowing up mountains in West Virginia and other states for coal.  This does not even touch upon big oil and all of the spills that are adding up, as well as all of the carbon emitted from that fossil fuel, warming the earth exponentially, and, when they do spill they add to our waters the deadly dispersant Corexit 3500 (banned in the UK) that is now, combined with all of that bp oil, all 500 million gallons of it, sitting at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, five inches deep, covering thousands of square miles, effectively cutting off oxygen vital for the ‘least among us’, the building blocks of our food chain… and as we all know, a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and the last time I checked, are you not, Mr. Boehner, and the rest of the knuckleheads over on Capitol Hill with an ‘r’ next to YOUR name, are you not still a part of the human race?  A race you apparently wish to see destroyed by greedy industrialists, who are killing this planet under the modus operandi, PROFIT OVER PEOPLE! Could you not just concede that?  When we start messing with the food chain, you know where that eventually leads…to the top.  Let’s make it clear, Mitch McConnell himself (R-KY, minority leader in the Senate) said recently that his (Republicorp of America) number one goal is to make sure that President Obama is a one term president.  That is the number one goal of the republican party.  Not jobs, not improving this economy by working together and coming to common sense solutions, no, their game is one Machiavelli would be proud of.  For what they really want is to rid the nation of all regulations and laws that prohibit touching programs like social security, Medicare and Medicaid, strip down government to the bare bones, keeping a ’strong defense’ of course, and allowing corporations to completely take over the legislative branch of the United States, no strike that, take over the whole of the United States, the Legislative, the Judicial (perhaps already sewn up for now) and, fingers crossed, the Executive, thus, assuring that a plutocracy arises in the new dawn of the new America, born out of the identity of a mythical republican patron Saint Ronald Reagan, but with none of his liberal ideas, ideas that would not get him elected dog catcher in any republican district anywhere in the USA today.  This is WHY the republican ‘leaders’ are offering up yet another hostage release solution by way of taking more hostages.  For if the republicans wish to force the President, as they want to, to ‘release funds’, to the tune of 1 trillion dollars of spending cuts, for ‘one hostage’, raising the debt ceiling for six months, then, as the 2012 election draws near, six months from now, the republicans will again hold the President, the “American People”, and the world at large, HOSTAGE, via a real sick Stockholm Syndrome (that is beginning to crack under the enormous weight of it’s hypocritical ‘christian’ orthodoxy), demanding that ‘we must cut spending on entitlement programs’ such as Social Security, that, parenthetically, does not add one nickle to the national debt and is solvent, again, for the next thirty years, ‘in order to get our fiscal house in order’, code, rather talking points for what they really want which is to force the President’s hand and put him in a position where  he is damned if he does and damned if he does not.  The only problem with this little game is that the markets are not stupid and will not accept a short term fix thus, will react as if the debt ceiling problem still exists, for it will, sending interest rates soaring and keeping the ‘American People’ (the republicans speak so often about with LOVE and affection, central in their INTENTIONS I’m sure), down and out in Beverly Hills, wondering what the hell just happened.  Just for posterity’s sake, I thought I would share what our pal, John of Orange had to say– Mr. Speaker, what say you? Unfortunately, John is in the can, so here is a look at the bullet points of his also nationally televised response to Obama’s plan, via Harry Reid, the republican “two-step approach to hold President Obama accountable”, no really, that is the name of their ‘plan’…don’t use your plan John, there is still time to come back to the LIGHT!  Here are the finer points of, let’s call it what it IS, Republicorp of America’s plan for 98 percent of the “AMERICAN PEOPLE”… 1.  Cuts that exceed the debt hike (debt ceiling raise), 2. caps to control future spending, 3. Balanced budget Amendment (to the Constitution!- that must be ratified by two thirds of both houses of Congress), 4.  Entitlement ‘reform’ (paul ryan’s pathway to poverty, I mean prosperity) ’savings’, 5. NO TAX HIKES.  No surprise there, the old cut, cap (and crap) and balance, which of course, if you bother to do the math, and who does really?, IS DRACONIAN, as the top one tenth of the top one percent gains more of a foothold on owning this more of this country’s wealth than it ever has in the past, creeping up steadily, shredding one Constitutional vowel and consonant at a time, towards a pure, free market (vicious by definition) capitalistic society, a real PLUTOCRACY, or rule by the wealthy.  This is no secret, as it has been spotted on many manifestos of corporate mission statements viewed in secret meeting places, in secret meetings held by the various ‘men behind the curtain’, or the puppet masters who pull ‘John of Orange’s’ strings, moving his mouth to say just one word, over and over again, bringing life to the bought and sold political hack he IS.  That word, is, of course, when taken in context with the concepts of FAIRNESS, DECENCY, and SHARED SACRIFICE, “no”.  Just for a point of reference on John Boehner and the republican caucus in this sea of doubt, despair and disillusionment, just before last night’s little pep talk to his teavangelical base, ’stopping this runaway spending in Washington’… he appeared on the Rush Limbaugh show to explain his position… RUSH?  That appearance explains more than you think John, in quite clear terms, who the ’speaker’ of the House of the United States of America really works FOR.  Not Rush personally, for he is just a stooge, a poisonous snake of a mouth piece who dribbles on and on, with only one central theme to his insanity, HATE AND FEAR, no, it’s not Rush Boehner works for, it’s Rush’s employers, Republicorp of America, a complicated conglomeration of big business interests in this nation, as well as multi-national interests, whose goal is to, and I use the exact words of Grover Norquist, one of the junior high school bullies you should not be afraid to punch in the nose, “shrink the government down to the size where he (old Grove) could drown it in a bathtub.”  Nice group of Christian soldiers we got going on here wouldn’t you say?  Nice bunch of Christian folk like Michelle Bachmann who really want to ‘take care’ of the ‘American People’–a people that have been getting the shaft but good for the past thirty years under this illusion of “trickle down economics”, or voodoo economics employed thirty years ago by Donald Regan, Reagan’s Treasury Secretary and boss, spinning the lie that we need to lower taxes on the rich because they are the one’s who create the jobs…in the immortal words of Joe Wilson–YOU LIE! Don’t take any wooden nickles from these clowns my brother (and sister)!  You can fool all of the people some of the time.  You can fool some of the people all of the some of time.  But, my dear friends in the republican party, you can’t fool ALL of the people ALL of the time. What republican mad man said that I wonder?  “The American people may have voted for a divided government, but they did not vote for a dysfunctional one…”  Barack Obama    Have a nice day and week ahead folks and please keep those Somalian refugees in your thoughts and prayers…or donate as well to www.savethechildren.org or care.org. Thank you.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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