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September 23, 2014

Capitalism vs. the Environment

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the stylishly cool, rather crisp and sunny island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this first day of Fall, the twenty-third day of September 2014, a day that is fit for a King–at least here in Hyannis/Hyannis Port where the leaves are beginning to turn that golden hue that brings warmth and anticipation for the holidays yet to come…

But not in Syria.  Last night U.S. and Arab Allies bombed the living b’Jesus out of ISIL (a group of radical thugs whose aim is global domination?) and apparently did not take any prisoners.  “Alli Babba that hurt! American infidels!  You bastardoes just took out my satellite, what am I going to tell the dudes over at DISH TV? They are going to be pissed I tell you!” Talk to Dr. Evil a$$holes, ’cause Uncle Sam and his pals are going to take you out but good!

All jeering aside, if we have to truly go into war for NOW for real, clearly what last night’s air strikes in Syria indicate, along with promised coming strikes–coupled with ‘advisers on the ground, just them, no boots of any kind mind you’, be careful of that one–is is evolving into, then WE should applaud our very fine U.S. President, Barack Obama–regardless of what side of the aisle you are on–for being THOUGHTFUL (as opposed to thought-LESS) about this real threat to the civilized world at large, calmly directing a seasoned and skilled diplomat in chief, Secretary of State John Kerry, to broker deals with 5 other Arab states whose goal to help our Commander-in-Chief only behooves them in the end.

For a radical ‘caliphate’ like this one is a joke to most if not almost ALL Muslims globally and our over reaction as a nation will temper a bit when it should be clear by now the only way to ‘destroy’ an ideology like the insane and Med evil behavior of a group like ISIL is through isolation and snuffing out the hate before it reaches the multitudes of dispossessed and desperate youth, who see no future for themselves or their families, if they even have any, thus, leaving them prey to cut throats and thieves that define this so called caliphate known as ISIL.

This ultimate goal of some kind of ‘utopian world peace’ every living human being, animal and plant wants right now more than anything can not be done through bombs and threats, spears or bullets.  No, only through a reasoned collective enlightenment–sparked by a change of heart, mind and soul–will this constant threat of war be eliminated permanently.  But it will not be war that does this deed no, it will be Mother Nature herself.  Thus, the fueling a joint Global Effort of WILL to survive what will surely be headed our way if we don’t act soon to curb emissions of carbon dioxide, Methane and other greenhouse gasses into the earth’s atmosphere–A GLOBAL WARMING CATACLYSM (are you listening China and India; ExxonMobil and Koch Industries?).

And then all of this talk and action of killing one another will be moot.  We real eyes one day soon I hope, that one is only as sick as the resentments one hold in one’s heart.  Those who seek power for their own vain personal glory will never find it whence they seek…  That Power is hidden and kept far from their greedy grasp.  Reserved and protected in the LIGHT that always destroys the dark.

Just by its’ basic definition of FACT.  As soon as it is introduced–the darkness is gone.

I don’t know what’s worse, the coverage of ISIL or the NFL. Both equally disturbing and I am an ex-football player, not professionally of course, but have always loved the NFL…  I never thought I would utter those two organizations in the same breath, but there you have it folks.  Michael Jackson wrote a song a long time ago called, “Man in the Mirror:”  Perhaps we could all do a little more of that.  What do you say “Supreme and Almighty Leader” of this vicious group of murderous animals big, bad, bag daddy ‘ole buddy?  Got any mirrors around Syria right about now?

America do not be tempted to jump into that horrible energy after 9/11.  That is exactly what a terrorist organization’s philosophical outcome demands–American outrage and action. A slow and steady race wins the race every time.  Just ask our friend Henry the turtle, my old pet from twenty years ago, who I let go in Walden Woods in Concord, Massachusetts when I worked in the John Hancock Tower in Boston.  He might, if he could talk, ask you to remember our own ‘American’ battle for Independence began where Henry I imagine still lives, in the fields that surround that now famous part of living history.  Perhaps we should leave most of this fight to the people whose fight it is to fight, in a part of the world we really would have no interest in unless they had OIL.

We have, as the hot wild fires continue raging in California, my heart goes out to all the people battling that King Fire, in and around the Lake Tahoe region, our own problems to conquer.  Namely saving this 238 year old democracy from the wolves at the door, i.e., the Citizens United decision by SCOTUS in 2010, opening up the flood gates of corruption.  For we all know that BIG CORPORATE MONEY=FREE SPEECH=A PLUTOCRACY.  Or rule by the wealthy.

“Hello, McFly! Is thing thing on, hello!, think McFly, think…” (credit the classic film, circa 1985 “Back to the Future”, starring Michael J. Fox)

And our democracy (with a little letter ‘d’), like our Global Climate is in jeopardy of dying at the hands this run away “free market”, who, like a shark, must continue to move/feed or ‘it’ will die.  Bottom line folks, it’s Capitalism vs. the ENVIRONMENT!

Have a great day everybody and steer clear of those wooden nickles thrown about by Steve Ducey and the ‘team’ over at Rupert, ‘arrrggghh matie’, Murdoch’s early morning brainwashing factory called FOX & Friends. Let me fill some of you voting against your own best interests–i.e. “Fracking Fields of Death” (coming to a small rural town theater near you soon!)–in on a little secret~ they are not your friends! Nor are their masters’ friends of the earth. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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