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May 18, 2011

Cape Social Engineering

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the eighteenth day of May, 2011, a wet one, again, here on Cape, as we have had a cool and wet spring thus far–I am not complaining, as I will take that natural air conditioning any day of the week.  I know that “ya’ll” have heard me “swaukin’” about Republicorp recently, the attempted coming plutocracy, that is, once again, attempting, please remember that word, to turn the United States of America into a plutocratic state, or rule by the wealthy, where the gap between the haves and the have nots is as wide as the Grand Canyon itself, ever growing, with the constant rantings of insane political puppets who call themselves, “young guns”, such as congressman Paul, “I told you to call me Bronco”, Ryan (R-WI) who keep on putting forth bills that are designed to slash the U.S. debt by 4 trillion dollars, via $hit canning medicare and medicaid, established in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson, who stated many moons ago, “that no longer will seniors be left out in the cold when it comes to health care…”, turning that most popular and effective government program into a boon for private health care insurance companies via the “voucher” system, a real JOKE, or what “men” like Ryan call, “premium enhancement programs…”, enhancement of premiums, hence revenues for private insurance companies, that will, or would have, devastated seniors in this nation, who are already hurting, in a big way.  Meanwhile, the poor would have taken a big hit as well, for Ryan’s (the collective corporations’ favorite puppet) plan would decimate this vital program for our most vulnerable citizens, by turning it into a state-by-state ‘grant’, whereby the federal government, presumably, in the insane minds of republican activists, a republican, god forbid, Executive, would allocate monies to corrupt state coffers, such as Florida, where newly elected con-man and Governor of the sunshine state, Rick Scott, who is a FRAUD, (google his actions in that state regarding medicare) will take that money and I am sure he will be more than happy to NOT give any to the poor in Lantana or Fort Walton Beach, who are on their last legs… Make no mistake about it, this well organized grouping of corporate interests--PROFIT OVER PEOPLE–is being played out on the fields of every aspect of your life in America today, whether you are aware of it or not.  Meet A.L.E.C., an acronym for the “American Legislative Exchange Council”, where members include just about every brand name corporation you could think of, or piece together a connection to, from KOCH INDUSTRIES (go ‘frack’ yourself brother’s KOCH!) to AT&T, who are both board members of ALEC along with the likes of Kraft, Walmart, Johnson and Johnson, Shell Oil, Texaco, do I need to go on?  Haven’t I had enough already?!  The democrats were not prepared for the corporate tsunami that washed out a state’s right to unionize it’s public employees, not only for fair wages and safe working conditions, but also to create a gathering place, to maintain an organizational platform, where a VOICE of reason and grace can rise above this constant drum beat of profits and wars, of doom and destruction, that is not based in reality, rather based in the minds of a sick few, who see corporations as not only people, but a higher class of people than the real live human beings that make up our citizenry and promote our good will, for our families and our friends, ever moving forward to create a more perfect union of ideals, peoples and the environment at large.  That will, in the end, parenthetically, win and win BIG.  This tsunami that wasted people’s rights in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana, not to mention Florida and New Jersey, and of course, Arizona, where S.B. 1070 came into being a little under a year ago, the famous “paper’s please” bill, or, in German, “Ver are your papers?!!” (screaming) bill that passed, yet is not fully implemented due to those pesky “laws”, is coming home to roost… do you see where I am going with this?  It is already having effects as we see diminishing campaign finance reform (Citizens United also helped destroy that), rolling back environmental protection LAWS, as well as consumer protection, Wall Street reform legislation on the books, the “affordable health care LAW”, and really, essentially, any program that HELPS that 98 percent of real Americans that do most of the living and dying in this great country, you know, the people you know and LOVE… Yeah, if only THOSE people could be marginalized, and perhaps even a little de-humanized, the profits would continue to mount northward, while “radicalized right wing social engineering” (credit Newt, “no longer a newt”, Gingrich) would finally come to full fruition, yes, then and only then would a couple of REAL AS$HOLES like David and his brother Charles Koch be satisfied, as they, and their equivalents, continue to bleed this country dry and villainize any stray republican mind, such as Newt Gingrich’s, who is making headway into the LIGHT, for questioning the Plutocrat’s very sick, narcissistic, paranoid and sadistic delusions of grandeur, for the only “grand” thing about the republican agenda, handed down to them from on “high” by Republicorp, and/or the members of ALEC, is the SCOPE in which they are destroying this country, be it from the land, the sea or the air, yes, they are systematically, from every “Angle” imaginable, in a very orderly and “legal” fashion, ripping this country apart at the seams, taking on the very glue that holds us all together, spitting on it, and it’s people, while it takes it’s massive amount of profits and reinvests those profits in themselves, their friends or other countries, and away from the principals established by our forefathers over two and a half centuries ago, before this country was even a realistic “thought”.  This all being done in the underhanded way of a scoundrel, of a  coward, of the likes a Charles Koch, who uses fear mongering, hate, racism and paranoia, via the media and airwaves he controls, as well as ALEC at large, to meet his objectives for that particular quarter–for his vision is only of the short term profit variety, a TRUISM that will be reflected on his grave stone.  His victims are, of course, the elderly, the poor, the weak, the under educated, the disenfranchised, the disheartened, and indeed, the disillusioned, whom he captured long ago with his “Americans for prosperity”, that goes hand in hand with the equally nauseating Paul Ryan’s republican, Republicorp’s plan for America, called, “America’s Plan for Poverty”, I mean, “America’s Plan for Prosperity,” whose plan we are still doing the number crunching on.  Madison Avenue wizards will turn whatever turd Republicorp puts out there, by way of a republican candidate for President, into a shining turd on a hill, what too soon?, and thus, the election of 2012, brought to you by the corrupt Supreme Court decision of 2009, “Citizens United”, will turn out to be one interesting carnival ride indeed.  Although, I would, as in any county fair, ask to review the county’s latest safety inspection reports, for you don’t want to be high atop the Ferris Wheel of rhetorical bull$hit, when you suddenly realize the “operator” of said ride forgot to put the lug nuts back in, as the “wheel” begins to fall away, as it is now clearly unhinged and you and the rest of your fellow riders go for a whole new experience of a free wheelin’ Ferris wheel ride across the plains and mountains of America, from sea to shining sea.  ALEC is an extreme right wing organization comprised of state legislators and powerful multinational corporations, including the corrections corporation of America.  Private prisons in the state of Arizona is big business, and ALEC is the most active lobbying group in Washington D.C., and you can see it all for yourself by logging onto www.immigrantsforsale.org, while you are becoming aware of these radical neo Nazi groups, whom law makers have very close ties to, in a big way, and make big money off of retaining ‘illegal aliens’, to the tune of $200 dollars a day per prisoner, $6,000 dollars a month, and $72,000 per year.  Can someone get me a copy of George Orwell’s “1984″?  This Arizona “law” or the abomination pretending to be a law, is being copied in the states of Florida, Utah, Ohio, Tennessee, Iowa, and I’m sure some other states not on the radar yet, and represents the perfect money making machine.  This group, ALEC, has been around, surprisingly, since 1973 and has over 300 members, such as the Bradly’s, the Coor’s, and the Scathe’s, all corporate private entities who come together, answer to NO ONE, assemble, and create legislative play lists, if you will, that become the puppet string that is used to move the puppet’s (congressman and Senators, as well as state officials, such as Governors and the like) arms and legs, mouths and hands, thus moving the pens, spilling ink on dead trees, and thereby creating the desired legislation in D.C.–an incredibly powerful organization that has, in many ways, flown under the radar for decades now.  The 2010 election cycle provided this group with over 700 newly elected puppets and is now affecting immigration legislation, public employee unions, collective bargaining rights (teachers, firemen, etc.) all while it, “ALEC, serves the 300 plus corporate membership well, but it does not serve the average worker in the United States of America.”  So says Andrew Gillum of “People for the American Way”, and so do I, for that, my dear friends, is the basis, the engine that defines the PLUTOCRACY that could have been, save for the FIRST AMENDMENT! Have a nice day folks and GOD’S SPEED to the poor folks in the spill way zone of the Mississippi River in the great state of Louisiana, who have known more heartache than they deserve. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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