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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 5, 2010

Cape Cod Light

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Greetings and salutations from the shores of Cape Cod and the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On this Monday morning, I hope you are well wherever you are.  The weather has been spectacular in Osterville, with another beautiful day on tap with abundant sunshine and temperatures in the mid 60’s.  The dawn of a new Spring has sprung, as I look around the little village of Osterville, with the Magnolia trees in full bloom along with every flower of imagination springing to life in the town’s park–Armstrong-Kelly.  As I have mentioned in previous blogs, Armstrong-Kelly park is a sanctuary amongst the noise and haste of every day life.  Hundreds of volunteers are responsible for the upkeep of the park, spending long hours planting bulbs, new trees, feeding the Coy in the “grumpy old man’s fish pond”, cutting the green grass and putting in the customized boards on the long boardwalk that winds through the park with names of loved ones carved into the wood–bringing a real sense of community to the experience.  Perhaps this is a model for what America once was and can be again…a place of diversity, that breeds strength and solidarity.  I wonder.  My heart is heavy when I write about the deep division that now exists within this country of ours.  If, God Forbid, the P.O.N. were in charge, what would “they” do differently to make this country a better place for all?  For is that not the central message defined via the Constitution of this great assembly of diversity and dogma?  “Bring us your huddled masses?”  Would the P.O.N. have attempted to bridge the ever increasing gap between the have’s and the have nots?  Would the P.O.N. have derailed the monopolies being formed by the insurance cartels, banking industry, big oil, big coal, and globalization of the work force?  How is this country going to fill the vacant jobs created by corporate globalization?  How can we create new jobs, green jobs, when we have an infrastructure that is solidified in maintaining the current system that is in place right now?  How?  Most of our manufacturing has disappeared completely due to corporate globalization.  The financial industry is only interested in making money, creating new financial instruments designed to play the system, make bets on what will win and what will fail, with no fear, for if they lose those bets, because they are “too big to fail”, the tax payer is on the hook to bail them out.  This all while those same institutions give out huge bonuses to executives all in the name of “good business”.  Good business for whom?  The current system of rewarding the top 1 percent and to hell with the rest.  What is the incentive for a family in the mid-west who is struggling just to put food on the table? The tea party is a straggling group of frustrated citizens in this great country who are mostly misinformed, but also know that something “stinks in Denmark”… Unfortunately, these folks are led by insane talk show hosts, both on the radio and television, and more importantly truly believe the lies that are being fed to them, and thus, have a radical point of view that has exploded into violent rhetoric and action, creating an illusion of fear, that is very real to them,  and ultimately colliding with the core principals that our founding fathers set up to begin with.  It all comes down to this.  Who do you believe?  If one were to tell you the truth, would you know it if you heard it?  Of course you would, and so would they, if they had some accessibility to the truth.  That is the game that FOX News is playing and will continue to do so, for it is not about moral fiber for these folks, it is about profit over people. The old saying, “don’t believe everything you read”, applies doubly now in this day and age of instant “information” that many read into as gospel truth.  This seed of inaccuracy and indeed falsehoods, is echoed on a 24 hour basis for everyone to be sucked into, brainwashed and thus, controlled by a sick, insidious agenda promulgated by corporations like Koch Industries, one of the leading contributors to the tea party movement.  The Wizard of Oz, “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”, is the battle cry of these deliquent “businesses”, and I can assure you of one thing, Mr. Koch does not shop at Wall Mart.  He goes home to his million dollar mansion and sucks down a couple of martinis and yucks it up with his cronies, laughing all the way to the bank, and literally laughing at the stooges who gave him all of this power, profit–knowing full well, that he could not have done it without you–the people.  It is a shell game, a joke, a ruse, a con game, a crime.  The current banking system will fail again, and why?  Because the banking system and the men who run it, know full well that they will be bailed out.  The cycle of boom, bust and bailout will be the demise of this great country of ours if some one does not stand up and fight for the little guy, who does most of the living and dying in this country…along with the working praying, loving and fighting.  Is it too much to ask for these hard working Americans that you “embrace” to offer them the TRUTH?  No, that would be socialistic, progressive and wrong.  The truth, to them, is a pliable, finacial instrument sold on the Glenn Beck show, spelled out on an insane chalkboard of nonsense.  If you want proof, head on down to New York City, to a bar by Rockefeller Center, and take a good look around.  Listen to the conversations.  Make up your own mind, as you hear them say, “Long Live the Corporate Plutocracy!”  Have a great week folks and God Bless us ALL!  Peace~ M

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