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June 9, 2010

Cape Cod Beauty

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket! I hope you are doing well this morning, as I am just getting back from Dowses Beach here in Osterville, after witnessing yet another spectacular sunrise a few moments ago… Samantha Joyce, a scientist from the University of Georgia (marine sciences dept.), made some startling comments on “the Rachel Maddow Show”, airing on MSNBC at 9 p.m. EST (a lighting rod for the truth), where she spoke of the whole problem with the dispersants that bp used, and, I am assuming, still do, to break up the oil into billions of “little oil spills”, thus, employing the tired old cliche, “out of sight, out of mind…”  Bp has used these dispersants for two very simple reasons.  Number one, keep the oil relatively “invisible” and hard to measure, thus decreasing bp’s ultimate LIABILITY in this epic environmental criminal act.  Number two, using these highly toxic materials will help in keeping the beaches relatively free of large oil deposits like we saw with the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska over 21 years ago.  This, of course, is another boon for bp’s liability fears, but it comes with a great price to the environment itself, for because of these dispersants, that, now rampant in the waters of the Gulf, we are now seeing an extreme drop in the oxygen levels of the water columns, thus, creating “dead zones” where no living sea creature, great or small, can survive.  This is the reason why Great Britain, ironically, banned these poisonous liquids from their shores ten years ago–for they offer no solution for an oil spill, rather accentuate it by making the oil, and now a toxic “dispersant”, almost impossible to take out of the water.  Just a little more background on bp’s “safety” record.  I told you yesterday that bp has had over 700 egregious safety violations in the past few years, with the next offender being Exxon Mobile with 8, but I was really shocked when I found out about a press release, by bp, on Friday of this past week.  In Texas City, Texas, at the bp oil refinery, where 15 bp workers died as the result of another explosion, five years ago, the plant has now admitted to a huge pollution dump in April and May of THIS YEAR!  State law in Texas requires that you must alert the state if your plant releases 10 pounds (or more) of cancer causing benzine into the air in the course of a day.  In April and May, bp said it pumped more than ten times that amount into the air for forty straight days!  Nice.  Or as Rachel put it, “Oops!”  Bp filed this paperwork on Friday (in the hopes it would be buried during the much less watched week end news cycle, thus, not creating any attention).  Or again, as Rachel so eloquently put it, “that we would be so overwhelmed with the other major epic disaster in the American South, that this one would seem like small potatoes, all acrid, cancer causing potatoes.”  Fortunately, this brings new LIGHT into who and specifically WHAT bp really is–a monster that would scare the scariest of monsters from deep within the unconsciousness of man…images from the “Black Lagoon”. Jean Michelle Cousteau was interviewed on PBS, or Pravda to our p.o.n. readers, who of course heads up the “Ocean Futures Society” and is the son of the late, great Jacques Cousteau, one of my all time heroes, and as he spoke, I could feel the anger and disgust build up within him, wanting to find some path out in the form of a scream.  His convictions that we should never, ever have given bp the right to use these highly toxic dispersants in our waters without any TESTING being done on them as to understand what effects they may have on the most basic of life in the oceans, the building blocks for our eco-system, the food chain, and ultimately the survival of life itself–all life.  Who gave them that permission?  Who?! With this bp disaster now at least 20 times the Exxon Valdez spill, with giant plumes that I’ve already reported on now being proven true by credible scientists, we are not even feeling the whole of the spill.  For it has been put out of sight by breaking up the oil into little tiny micro-carbons that are draining the ocean of precious oxygen, vital for any life on planet earth.  Again, who gave bp the right to put these chemicals into our oceans, for their gain, i.e. the liability issue.  To quote Mr. Cousteau, “we need to protect nature, because we depend on nature for our very lives.  It is an outrage what bp has done.”  If you want to see for yourself the deceiving nature of bp, google the words, “oil spill” and see what you find.  Bp has bought the entire algorithm for that search engine, and thus, when you try any number of combinations to the words I just gave you, you will find yourself looking at the top three or more “finds” with bp’s name on them–glowing reviews of itself.  These “reviews” or “credible news sources” were written by bp, probably by members of “worddoctors” or some other insane republican strategy group, lauding their “efforts” to put out bogus boom that is ineffective, as the oil just skirts underneath the water-wing like material being held up by bamboo sticks, not attended to, using “skimmers” to collect the oil off shore (not nearly enough boats) and their efforts to “clean up” the oil that is now beginning to come on shore.  This site, is of course, a JOKE.  This bogus site was designed to limit the liability exposure, for that is the primary aim of bp, and thus, limit the damage to the stockholders portfolios–the ultimate goal of the monstrous company.  When this disaster first struck, bp was quick and nimble, applying as much of the dispersant as possible to avoid a large oil slick that would cause an even bigger outrage than what we are seeing now.  It gave bp that “window of time”, like right NOW, to hoodwink the American public, the Executive of the United States, the Legislative, and soon to be the Judicial, although the Judicial will most likely be on bp’s side, just ask Justice Roberts, he’ll tell ‘ya! Bp has bought politicians since 1925, with an evil that is killing planet earth by the warming of the air, the rising of the oceans, then a slow pollution and decay of said seas, and ultimately a planet too toxic to sustain any life whatsoever.  “What you do to the least of me, you do unto me…” In this case we are talking about the building blocks of our eco-system, the beginning of the food chain. As we destroy the oceans looking for fossil fuels that, by burning them and “leaking them”, creating more destruction in the food chain, on both land and sea, (as fields dry up and we no longer can grow food), we, the most sophisticated of life forms on planet earth, needing the lesser forms of life to sustain its’ own health, activity and freedom–bringing about Joy, Love and Peace, (for that is our true essence that we share with every living being on this planet)–begin to realize that we have made a terrible mistake.  We allowed a faceless, heartless “corporation” to take our very life from us, and for what?  Saving 3 cents on a gallon of gasoline by the year 2030?  Think about it America.  GODS SPEED TO all of the people, plants and animals of the Gulf region, may your days improve rapidly! Have a wonderful day everybody!  Peace~ M

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