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May 11, 2011

Cape Cod Bay

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the eleventh day of May, 2011, a beautiful morning here on Cape, if you like rain and wind, as I do.  A good day to either stay indoors and watch old movies or venture out and either walk in the woods by the kettle ponds, Joshua’s and Mike’s, that are right out my front door, or bike it on down to Dowses where the real action is, the energy that is the wide open ocean…although Dowses Beach looks out onto Nantucket Sound, which is not quite as dramatic as say, being on Nantucket, a place I once lived and worked, in the year 1998, attempting to make that move out of the corporate world and into the world of art, and art, for me, has always come in the form of photography and writing, with a little music thrown in for good measure.  However, that ’sabatical’ was not meant to be, at that “time”, therefore, it would not be until the fateful year of 2003, the year that my upcoming novel, (coming out in June) “Taking Fog to Nantucket”, explores in depth, giving me not only a great story, that I took quite a lump for, but gave me insight into all sorts of stuff I had no real idea existed.  On Nantucket, on a day like today, looking out from my old residence on Surfside Beach, a little neighborhood that sits a few miles from the center of town, if you had a really strong telescope, one could see Antarctica…which, of course, implies that, like Sarah Palin, I too, at one juncture, could see a foreign cold country from my house, or, as the case may be, continent, that, by the way, is melting faster than you can say, “retired talk show host and mother of five”.   As much as I would love to comment on the belligerence of the republican party and they’re playing Russian roulette with the imperative raising of the national debt ceiling, that, if not accomplished by August, will send interest rates through the roof, causing a global meltdown of confidence in the American dollar, that will only add to our very real problem of finding countries to keep lending us money to give back to the wealthiest among us by way of tax breaks, some say, dropping the already historic low of 35 percent, for the top two percent, to 25 percent, all while giving corporations GIANT tax breaks, while republican governors all over the country, like Florida’s Rick Scott, continue to stick it to the poor and elderly, making this a cultural war that is only now being understood by the public at large.  This has been going on, of course, for the past thirty years, much more subtly, since the initial days of Ronald Reagan, and, more importantly, his boss at the time of his inauguration, Donald Regan, former head of Merrill Lynch, the investment banking firm in New York, a monster of a company, and also President Reagan’s Treasury Secretary, who called the shots of Wall Street deregulation, that, combined with our military industrial complex and the continued tax payer subsidies for companies involved in the oil and gas industry, such as Exxon Mobile, who raked in record profits, I believe the number was 19 billion dollars of profit for 2009 alone, and yet received a portion of the billions of dollars that you and I add to their Profit bottom line every year, in the way of subsidies, for at least the past thirty, with a few breaks in between, but a general and very easily followed path of money nonetheless, nothing to shake a “big stick” at–as much as I would like to say something, I feel like hey, yeah, I am just not in the mood today, as we see the flooding in the Mississippi River basin, from Illinois, south to Memphis, Tennessee that will make it’s way south all the way to New Orleans, where they could see record flooding as well… However, I will say that the good news is this–I believe that America IS finally WAKING up and smelling the proverbial coffee, when the hear the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, say these words just yesterday to Today Show host Matt Lauer, “…raising taxes (on the rich) is off the table”, hey, but billy bob, you said only a few weeks ago that everything is on the table, what gives home boy?  People are going to start talking about you, don’t want to make you paranoid or nutn’, but didn’t your mama tell you that you can’t serve two masters?  One being the insane, corporate sponsored, via Charles Koch, (frack you KOCH BROTHERS!, see “fracking” via “Gas Land”, an HBO documentary) policies of the fake grass roots “tea party”, orchestrated by hedge fund groups (criminals) like ‘Americans for prosperity’, (theirs), where they are much more interested in a woman’s right to choose than they are in getting Americans back to work.  The other being that of your saner, older and more established traditional conservative viewpoints, where you actually promote real ’smaller’ government, in areas where we should have smaller government, such as in our over-bloated military, that has no real mission now, other than to “keep us safe”, a task that, of course, never ends, and therefore, keeps us in the never ending war zone former President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of back in the late 1950’s–the military industrial complex, a perpetual war machine that keeps companies like “Blackwater”, or, if you prefer, the sexier and more feminine, Xe, Blackwater’s (the world’s most powerful mercenary army, accountable to NO one) new name, but still with the same old scary, insane full metal jacket types, that are ready to go off and kill innocent civilians at the drop of a hat, in business, while the rest of this beautiful nation starves to death, both physically, mentally and most of all spiritually.  Yes, I am just not in the mood to talk about that today, so I will leave you this morning of the image you see above you, a gentle spring rain I saw only a few days ago in Brewster, at the elbow of Cape Cod, and as you look out north onto Cape Cod Bay, you can see a spring time rain storm out on the water, bringing in some moisture for all of the beautiful flowers that are just now coming in to full bloom.  So come on down and visit US, we’ll leave the LIGHT on for ya!  God’s speed to all those affected by the floods and may you and yours have a wonderful day. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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