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July 21, 2011

Cape Coalition

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Thursday morning, the twenty-first day of July, 2011, another hot one on Cape and the islands, as the massive high pressure system that still stubbornly sits on top of the United States mid-section continues to send temperatures and tempers soaring, a blanket of heat that is slowly moving eastward as big cities on the east coast such as New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and even Boston will see abnormally high heat indexes that could top out at well over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.   An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll out yesterday revealed the TRUE majority viewpoint of said, ad nauseum, “The American People”, when asked about the looming debt ceiling crisis that our country faces, a crisis that would make the crisis of 2008 look like a walk in the park.  In that poll, 58 percent of Americans favor a balanced approach (mixing spending cuts while increasing REVENUES by way of reforming the tax code, closing some loop holes, etc.), while 62 percent of Americans believe the G.O.P. should agree to raising taxes on the most wealthy among US.  This so called ‘Gang of Six’ (a bi-partisan committee charged with coming up with a balanced approach to this 14.3 trillion dollar debt where we borrow 41 cents on every dollar we spend) plan, endorsed by President Obama, has raised the red flags for many of my colleagues on the left, and for good reason, for where is the fairness in putting our national debt problem on the backs of the poor, the working poor, once known as the middle class, the elderly, the children (by way of education cuts and cuts to nutrition programs), municipal workers, such as police and fire, teachers and janitors, not to mention the SYSTEM at large, that rewards, by way of it’s structure, the top earners who are on the ‘inside’, while the working man or woman has seen their collective wages over the past thirty years rise by 1 percent, with their counterparts on the flip side of the same coin have seen their take home pay increase by 278 percent!  The President knows all of this, but is willing to gamble, for by exposing these tough choices, he is the ONLY one who looks reasonable and compassionate to both sides of that U.S. political coin, while also knowing that the recalcitrant, ignorant CHILDREN in the U.S. House of Representatives with an ‘r’ next to their name would never, ever vote for (even if it was good for the country) a “grand bargain” that would include ANY tax increases, loopholes or not.  With this in mind, Senator Harry Reid, from Searchlight, Nevada, hello Searchlight!, a democrat and majority leader in the Senate is working with Mitch McConnell (R-KY), minority leader in the Senate, to construct a ‘plan b’ if you will, giving the President the authority to raise the debt ceiling, with a symbolic non binding “disapproval vote” by House republicans, along with some trillion dollars in spending cuts, leaving Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid alone for the time being.  High political drama at play this week in Washington, with the nation’s and indeed, world’s economies hanging in the balance.  A Pew Research poll recently concluded that the majority of Americans do not want these programs touched in the first place, even if it means not reducing the federal deficit–numbers like 50 percent of registered republicans, 53 percent of independents and 72 percent of democrat voters.  Begging the oft asked question here at seacapecod.net, “Who are these American People that Speaker Boehner, Eric, ‘you go girl’, Cantor, Mitch McConnell and the rest of that 112th republican caucus speaking of and to?”  The handed down talking points from ‘on high’, towering above the ‘little people’, sipping tea in the corporate ivory towers, have become tired old cliches the “American People” are not buying any longer… Talking points handed down to little men of little conviction or vision, whose arms and mouths must be tired from all of the exercise they endure every day at the hands of their master puppeteers, who hide behind a grand curtain, impenetrable, by design, and truly embodying the Frank Baum vision of “the man behind the curtain”, coming in the form of a wizard who is, after all, just an ordinary man once you take away the loud, scary noises, the blinding lights and the confusion of the dark fog meant to intimidate and interrogate simultaneously.  Do those aforementioned statesmen really have a clue as to what is REALLY going on around the country?  Do they see the economic pain suffered by so many?  Do they then truly stand by this never ending goal of GREED and the modus operandi of Republicorp of America ( creating a lasting “U.S.” plutocracy), while their constituents go hungry, get sick and remain uneducated with the only hope for their children coming in the form a degree at Hesser College?  (What, in law enforcement? or becoming a dental hygienist? earning a ‘degree’ so that your kids can either flip burgers for the rich, guard the gated communities of the rich, or work on the wealthy’s teeth, because no one else can afford your children’s services, services created by the fine, for profit on-line ‘higher educational universites’, such as Hesser ‘college’ or ITT Tech). I think WE all know the answer to that one.  That same research and poll company also let go of another number when it asked the “American People”, sorry, I just can’t help myself, which reflected that when asked what is GOOD about this country, 87 percent of those polled stated Social Security, with 88 percent stating Medicare.  So stay tuned, for as long as the crazy bat $hit congressman and woman (Michelle Bachmann) with an ‘r’ next to their name “believe”, or rather their over inflated EGOS believe collectively, that to not raise the debt ceiling is OK, there is still a danger it won’t get passed in time, and then, my friends, we will ALL SEE just how stupid and ignorant this teavangelist grouping of under qualified congress people really ARE, as hoards of ‘American people’ descend upon D.C. with torches and pitch forks, demanding their collective head.  Chanting out the immortal words of one Donald Trump–’you’re fired!”  Again, on a ‘lighter note’, Rupert Murdoch is still under the microscope of international investigations, from the British secret service and the Houses of Parliament, to the FBI here in this nation, as they look into whether or not Murdoch and his massive 40 billion dollar corporation, News Corp., broke any U.S. laws such as hacking into the phone lines of 9/11 victims, as well as illegal pay-offs coming in the form of bribes to police officers working at Scotland Yard (London Police headquarters) in Britain, other pay-offs, corporate espionage, and computer hacking of British and other nationals work on climate change, something I will touch on in just a moment–breaking these laws falls under the U.S. strict LAW of ‘the foreign corrupt practices act’ News Corporation is a U.S. company, and thus, falls under U.S. legal jurisdiction, therefore, even with the fishing expedition of grilling a master like Murdoch over for now, the old man of the sea will have a tough time explaining this LAW away, for it clearly states that American companies are prohibited from paying people off to gain an advantage. I think we can all conclude that happened in Great Britain and thus, would be a violation of U.S. law.  Would we all not also concede that WE live in a nation of laws, not personalities that border on the sociopath?  Senator’s Barbara Boxer from California and Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia have sent a letter to the Dow Jones Company, an independent sub-committee if you will, that was set up by the founders of that fine paper, before Murdoch bought it, in hopes of retaining it’s entrenched traditions of honesty, integrity and journalistic excellence, asking for the TRUTH as to Murdoch’s business practices, helping the ongoing investigation to get to the bottom of this man’s incredible reach around the globe, and, moreover, to what extent has that “reach” been compromised by illegal and immoral ‘journalism’?  The most disturbing hacking provided by the old shark and his motley crew was accomplished in 2009, with the hacking of computer files on a number of professors at East Anglia University in the U.K., where scientists from around the world are studying the effects of mankind’s activities on planet earth, namely, why are the earth’s temperatures rising so radically and what will that mean to our entire global weather systems, our animals and plant life, and our lives as human beings in general–how will those activities (such as the release of millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every day) ultimately lay claim to our polar ice caps, glaciers, and regions like Greenland, a solid sheet of ice, as they continue melting at exponentially alarming rates?  This business of hacking into these credible and, most would agree, BEST scientists (and their work) we have in the WORLD, who are working diligently on this HUGE problem on our behalf, for political and economic gain, is, perhaps, the greatest crime against humanity Mr. Murdoch WILL face.  For he muddied the waters enough that even the lame ‘cap and trade’ bill that died in congress a few years ago, had his finger prints all over it, allowing his puppet brigade over at FOX NEWS to all say at the same time that ‘global warming is the greatest hoax ever played on the American people.’ Keeping the majority of the ‘American People’ in the dark about the real dangers of global warming and the chief cause of it, mankind’s insistence on the continuation of carbon dioxide output en masse–this is not only irresponsible, but immoral and insane.  But, to accomplish this by illegally HACKING into the very private scientific documents and emails of prominent scientists from all over the world, threatening them in some instances, is more than over the top, it must be investigated and handed down to REAL AUTHORITY for the proper punishment.  Our children will look back on this time period and say, as they look out into the open ocean that is now the top of the world, the old ‘North Pole’, as Santa had to move to gig to Stockholm, and say, “our parent’s and their friends must have really believed that old wind bag Rupert Murdoch and his television news stations, as well as his news papers, as they all were claiming, years ago, that global warming was not real?  Are you kidding me?  And, with all of that information, did nothing to stop it’s destructive progress?  Wow, I guess that is what they mean by WILLFUL BLINDNESS.”  I wonder if the kids in Iowa today think ‘global warming is the greatest hoax ever played on the American people’, well to be fair, if they are in one of those ‘creationism’ charter schools, they just might.  Not only did Murdoch hack into these systems of TRUTH, but proceeded to manipulate it to make it appear there was some kind of disagreement between the preeminent scientific community that deals, by definition, with REALITY, adding to his long list of dubious credits that will dog him for the rest of his days.  So, aside from paying off police to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, using them in so many double agent scenarios, giving rise to questions about the POLICE in general, with two heads rolling already, the top two officers at Scotland Yard in London, hacking into little girls’ cell phone, deleting messages from a girl they already knew was dead, hacking into the Royal families phone lines, celebrity phone lines, hacking into the phone lines of victims of the London 77 terrorists bombings and the families of dead British soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and paying for the legal fees of fired journalists for the “News of the World”, whose fees were paid for via the commanded silence of said ex-employee, who may have just told the whole ball of wax to the world about what a real scum bag Murdoch certainly seems to be, yeah, so aside from all of that, I’m sure Rupert Murdoch did not know a bloody thing.  I also have some swamp land in Florida I will let you have for a song.  All of this coupled with the HUGE settlements (1 million pounds or 2 million U.S. dollars given to one individual who must have had quite a lot of dirt on the old Wallaby) offered to victims of the hacking, in exchange for their silence.  Rupert Murdoch represents everything that is wrong with the world of Journalism today, and hence, reflects the world at large in that way, an alternate reality if you will, forcing the media into a black hole of ignorance, betrayal and theft, portraying the world as ‘they’ see it, not as it TRULY IS.  By manipulating the truth, men like Murdoch can sway elections (owning the politicians, via a Machiavellian design, and carrying them around in his pocket like so many nickles and dimes)  because he can sway the electorate, or at least he used to be able to, brainwashing them into believing anything that comes out of his crooked mouth–orders that are designed for HIS gain, not the nation(s) at large.  I don’t buy into this “I don’t know nothin’” routine, right out of the classic film, “The Godfather”, and I pray that the FBI does not believe it either, for if this is truly ‘the HOME of the BRAVE and Land of the Free’, is it not reasonable to ask that the ego of Rupert Murdoch be stopped, as it has hurt enough lives already wouldn’t you say?  Rupert Murdoch has no claim on the TRUTH, in fact, he is quite scared of it right now, and it WILL CATCH UP with him and his 40 billion dollar ‘news’ organization, that as a whole (News Corporation) offers less with it’s entire history of programming than one hour of a FRONTLINE documentary on PBS. Have a wonderful day folks and may GOD please be with the 3.5 million Somalian refugees who are streaming into Kenya, East Africa, where a real FAMINE is taking place as I write these words.  Please offer a prayer if you will, and should you like to donate, please dial into www.savethechildren.org or care.org. There has never been a greater human need than this one! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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