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October 23, 2020

“Build Back Better”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun lit, lightly breeze led, mild, magical, magnificent island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this 23rd day of October, 2020, Friday, wondering on paper out loud, ‘is it still politically correct to say what a spectacular “Indian Summer Day” it is?

You’re a racist Mosier!


Isn’t 2020 wonderful?

A year ago today, in the year of 2019, right before Halloween, did you foresee a global hostile takeover, a real conspiracy, a world wide coup de tat? Did you envision that a year from now you and yours would be forced to wear deoxygenating, dehumanizing, silencing, bacteria colony building, isolating masks?  “Socially Distance” from all other people?  Complete with prison like markers on the floors in shops everywhere?! Did you ever in your wildest imagination think the whole planet would be subjected to Stalin like era lockdowns, quarantines, detention centers, forced, compulsory vaccinations with evil intentions added for no additional cost? and said world you once knew and loved coming to a screeching halt, in short, the destruction of our ‘normal’ way of life, forever?

Did you?

Welcome to 2020 and…,

The Great Reset.

“Event 201″ (please, for the love of God, Google!), sure did,

you betcha!

One with COVID, BLM, Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 21/30, Communism, Satanism;

they are all connected!

One plan.


New World Order.

The controlled ‘leaders’ of their nations are already pushing their pre-written scripts for their puppet masters, using the very same language as Klaus Schwab (founder/leader of the World Economic Forum, who, along with the UN, is orchestrating this next phase in ‘human development’, extinction rather…), the United Nations and a corrupt main stream media.

“Build Back Better”, a.k.a., Globalism’s new “Green” UN deal. is a slogan echoed from U.K.’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson (or “Bojo” the clown, as his friends call him), to even recently here in the U.S., Canada, France, Ireland, indeed echoing everywhere in one form or another.  COVID, the scamdemic smokescreen, morphing into the FAKE ‘climate change’, the fuel for the UN’s global ‘Sustainable Development Goals’;

…goals, it turns out, that do not include humans in that definition and hence equation of sustainability.

Unless they are good slaves.

And have strong backs.

Identity politics, CENSORSHIP, genocidal baby murder and anti-child bearing, climate change, MK Ultra (21st Century updated on steroids), brainwashing, all these things and more boil down to one plan, one Cabal, one goal;

…one sick Satanic family!

“If you think ‘COVID’ is a big deal, watch the rest of this decade, my lord and savior is Jesus Christ, not who they crown King of their coming global transhumanist communist regime.”

~David Icke

This “Great Reset” everyone is squawking about revolves around a new philosophy redefining world economic terms, hence a new normal corporate structure.  Gone is capitalism as we once knew it.  There will be no more ’shareholders’, rather, ’stakeholders’, ushering in this concept of ’stakeholder capitalism’.

Measuring ’stakeholder capitalism’ through top companies taking ACTION on universal ESG reporting (environmental, social, and governance). Investors are increasingly applying these non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities.

According to Colonel “Klink”, (credit: 1960’s TV sitcom “Hogan’s Heroes”, life inside a Nazi prisoner of war camp), of the communist party of Germany, Klaus Schwab, all companies world wide are to be measured/valued by these metrics.  These metrics will help companies demonstrate long-term value creation, and most importantly, their contribution to the “sustainable development goals” (SDG’s), marking a milestone in the implementation of ’stakeholder capitalism’ or what it really is;


How have we allowed this crime of the millennium by an extremely small number of ‘men’ to go unabated, unchecked, uncovered?

We, as a nation, have allowed the current ‘men behind the curtain’ to slowly demoralize and destabilize every aspect of our daily lives as citizens of a so called Republic, now a shell game of itself, just another incorporated territory owned by a Satanic Cult of Zionist banking scum;

…operated and brutally enforced by a CENTRALIZED STATE.

Got it Comrade?

Create a crisis, “CON”VID-19(84), and just like that, you’ve got violent change coming in the form of a civil war (as opposed to a revolution overthrowing current landlords of our national/self sovereignty), dividing and conquering the overall populace, who now beg for a ’solution’, the Hegelian dialect, creating violent upheaval and change, birthing the ‘new normal’ again, or the, drum roll please…,

“New World Order”…

The four pillars of this takeover, ‘reset’, are as follows, a) principals of governance b) planet c) people (or the lack therein) d) prosperity (for you know who!), so as the 20th Century sported 100 million deaths due to communism, perhaps we are looking at upwards of 7 billion deaths due to communism in this 21st Century?

After all, “Deagel”, (please Google!), forecasts that by the year 2025, the U.S. population will drop by 70 percent.  This is all out in the open folks, this is not a conspiracy “theory”!

This is a bloody WAKE UP CALL!

Like Yuri Bezmenor said,

“…when the communistic brainwashing is complete, the people in positions of power like most of the population, will be ‘trained’ (predictive programming in movies, TV, books, games, magazines, music, etcetera), to react to certain ’stimuli’, certain ‘triggers’ over ‘time’…”




The final solution?

“Gee, I hope not!”

Have an awesome week end folks!


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