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December 10, 2014

Brutal lies

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the still misty, foggy and unsettled island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the 10th day of December, 2014, drying out a bit from what winter storm (named by Al Roker?) “Damon” dished out yesterday, with the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront experiencing 60 plus mile-per-hour gusts along with drenching rains, as the eye of the winter hurricane passed right over head, sun splashing down from the Heavens as dark clouds encircled the quickly fading light; heavy sheets of water raining down once again with authority…

An apropos weather day all along the eastern seaboard, what with the releasing of the much anticipated U.S. Senate report on CIA secrets, lies, torture, black sight prisons and, oh yeah, more torture back during the ‘good old days’ of the Bush Administration, circa 2001-2009.  It seems old Dick Cheney, former U.S. Vice President under then President George W. Bush, had the whole torture thing pretty wired, hence the man size safe in his office in D.C., opening up this great nation to torturing it’s prisoners like, well, take your historical pick.  Genghis Khan?

George Tenet, former CIA Director (during the “enhanced interrogation methods” commenced after the attacks on September 11th, 2001, sometime in 2002), professed profusely to CBS’ “60 Minutes” correspondent Scott Pelley that it, the torture, was not torture and that it was vital for ‘keeping people from coming to kill your family’. A sentiment echoed by President Bush in 2006, where he said the same thing to NBC’s Matt Lauer, stating, “…hey Matt, I know you have a family, this torture thing see, did I say torture?  I mean ‘enhanced interrogation’, yeah, you see, I can’t get into the specifics, but it was told to me that all this stuff we are not doing, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, is legal see, Cheney, I mean Tenet told me as much, and gosh darn it, look at the time, have you had lunch Matt?’…

And so it went right up until Bush left office in 2009, and after the Senate found out that the CIA had LIED on a whole myriad of topics–none so high as the fact they, the Senate, was being spied on while investigating the CIA in 2014–a bipartisan effort was put forward to investigate what had become more than just another government agency, it had become the government.  With Dick Cheney calling the shots.  Of course, the bipartisan committee investigating the whole sordid affair was not authorized to investigate the White House, because the Republicans would not allow it, thus, producing this six million plus document behemoth–chalk full  of fun torture facts that would blow your socks off. Although I would highly recommend viewing before eating anything, the content will make you physically sick to your stomach.

Safe to say ‘the CIA has no leg to stand on’ and that the release of this report makes this a good day for America. Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA), the chair on this oversight committee of our nation’s spy agency, the CIA, should be congratulated for her efforts to expose this sort of horrible behavior on the part of OUR government, while simultaneously implementing new rules (hopefully LAWS someday soon), that will prevent this from happening again.  To the people who say we should torture our prisoners to ‘keep American safe’, and that it ‘works’,  I say look at the report and the FACTS before blowing your horn.  I say that very act of torture makes us just as bad as our ‘enemies’–many defined by that term erroneously, just ordinary people caught up in some illegal war game the Bush/Cheney Administration cooked up to what?  Bolster Dick’s retirement coffers via kick backs from Halliburton (defense contractor where Dick Cheney was CEO prior to W.’s rise to glory)?, is that it?  Or was it personal on Bush’s part? Or were they just bored plutocrats out to make some trouble and a ‘name’ for themselves as what, “Liberators”?

Who knows and who cares!  The real history books, written by scholars, will show beyond the shadow of a CIA doubt, that the combination of the folly of the illegal Iraq War, the black sight prisons all over the world–not to mention the fact none of this crap was paid for, all put on ‘the credit card of the American people to the tune of 4.1 Trillion when all is said and done in both Afghanistan and Iraq; oh, and all of that blood, both American and Iraqi/Afghan, that was spilled–and the disgusting, prominent, rampant torture by CIA operatives, all under the constant, watchful eye of the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney, yes, the real history books will PROVE that the ‘winners’ in this story were not those washed up politicians aforementioned, or their LYING chief operatives at the CIA like George Tenet, no sir, the real winners are the American people today.  They have been given the gift of nature’s best disinfectant, SUNSHINE, for they will now know what we are capable of as a country, hence, be an ever vigilant LIGHT shining on the wheels of government, checking the people in power at present… Making sure those wheels don’t fly off and do what they wish to, thinking that they (people like Dick Cheney and George Tenant) have absolute power. When in fact that power was given to them by the American public to wit those history books will prove you betrayed that TRUST, broke it in half rather…

Colonel Jack Wilkerson, former top aide to great General Colin Powell, the 65th U.S. Secretary of State, under the Bush Administration, stated on “All IN”, with Chris Hayes (weeknights’ eight p.m. eastern, only on MSNBC) last night, “…George Tenant flat out lied!  They ALL lied about the secret CIA program(s), going all the way up to the top, to Richard B. Cheney”. And he should know, he was in on the ground floor of this whole dirty debacle in the early 2000’s…  A decade that many, including this reporter, would like to forget.

Have a nice day folks, steering clear of the fracking fluid they are serving over at FOX & Friends this a.m..  It’s not only glowing, but it is chalk full of over 700 deadly chemicals that don’t cause cancer.  So drink up America and pull up a chair at your own risk…  Steve Ducey and that insane gang has got some bat $hit crazy stories to tell ya!  HO, HO, HO!


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