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May 14, 2011

Brewster Tulips

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you and yours on this Saturday morning, the fourteenth day of May, 2011, and with the dawning of a new day, I felt an obligation to send out this post card, as sometimes it feels like “Postcards from the Edge”, a classic film by Meryl Streep–from the little sand bar created 11,500 years ago during the Last Great Ice Age–Cape Cod being on the “edge of the world”, while we do our best to report on that world that truly IS on the edge, the edge of sanity, as we look forward to the upcoming onslaught of punditry and poetry from the, count them, eight republican leaning politicians, with a few pundits thrown in for good measure, that are slated to appear on the Sunday morning talk shows in a little over than 24 hours from now.  Yes, for every eight members of Republicorp, the corporate owned airwaves felt that they should at least have one democrat on, and that will be Senator Dick Durbin, who will be by his lonesome tomorrow, on former venerable political shows that once stood for something other than posturing, and as we watch these fools, such as Newt, “she turned me into one”, Gingrich, speak out of both sides of their mouths, offering up one hypocritical stance after another, most will be spell bound and as the collective audience’s eyes glaze over, the networks, in their infinite wisdom, will sell more pharmaceuticals than they did the week prior, making Sunday morning the place to go for pain relief, and if you can’t afford your medication, Astra Zeneca might be able to help… full disclosure, Astra Pharmaceuticals was once a client of mine when I worked as a consultant for the world’s largest brokerage firm, Marsh Inc., working in the Boston office, housed in the John Hancock Tower, so I thought I would bring that up, you know, like Brian Williams brings up the fact the GE is the parent company of NBC/Universal, which means what to me exactly?  It is just one big happy family is it not?  The corporations own the pundits and politicians, as well as the networks, or the right to that “air” time, thus, can push whatever agenda is on their plate at the moment.  These people are going on the air to promote the “ideas” of less taxes for themselves and their buddies, while sticking it to the poor and the elderly in this nation, make no mistake about it.  Getting back to the oil subsidies we were discussing yesterday, not to mention the firm statement, made by both Speaker of the House and Senate minority leaders, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who have both said emphatically, “that tax increases are off the table…”, I think we can all see a pattern here, a pattern of abuse and greed, moves that will harm the “American People”, as they like to say so often and so shallowly, to the tune of 4.1 trillion dollars added to the debt (tax breaks for the top two percent) as well as the gravy of the estimated 20 billion dollars saved from eliminating the oil and gas subsidies to monstrous corporations that take EVERYTHING from society and GIVE nothing back, save Brown Pelicans covered in thick, toxic oil mixed with a deadly dispersant that sits at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, 5 inches deep, (in case you were wondering where all of the oil went) as the dispersant did it’s job in taking that oil that was spilled over a year ago now by bp and Transocean, back in business by the way and doing just fine thank you very much, yes, in taking that oil and taking it, as it is combined with the Corexit 3500, a substance that was banned in the U.K. over ten years ago, for this very reason, to the bottom of the sea, where it stifles LIFE itself, robbing those thousands of square miles under the Gulf of Mexico, of vital oxygen and thus food for the basic building blocks of LIFE as we know it on planet earth, creating dead zones that go on for thousands of square miles, thus, taking out the fish, that takes out the whale, that eventually takes out the man.  I am so happy that we have these eight, count them eight, pseudo intellectuals, who are really money grubbing thieves who care nothing for the fate of the American people, rather the fate of the corporations they do business with, I am so happy they will be on tomorrow to soil my television set, I will be sure to send them the cleaning bill, or should I just send it to bp?   We all watched in horror this past week the five CEO’s who were paraded out to be grilled by a joint session, a hearing with both members of the Senate and House, an ‘ethics’ committee if you will, a stretch, anytime you combine the words ethics and congress, sad, but true, although not always true, for this particular group of law makers was quite impressive, especially one Senator, I believe from West Virginia, Senator Jay Rockefeller, who spoke both loud and true to these losers from the oil and gas industry, all there to lay claim to the GIANT subsidies we give them, while this country, and more importantly, it’s people, struggle to put food on the table.  There was one exchange I must share with you this morning that pretty much sums up what we are talking about here, from a macro level.  Senator Rockefeller asked one of the clown CEO’s, “…how much profit (p.s. ask yourself who is making the profit on now $100 barrel oil, when in reality it still only costs $20 dollars to produce, the price it was only a few years ago) on a barrel of oil do you have to create to not be needful of those subsidies?  That you don’t need, yet you say your very life depends on them?  And at some point you won’t need the subsidies, I say you are there already, so at what point do you think you won’t need those subsidies?”  Oil CEO number one, (refusing to use his name because they don’t deserve any recognition) “I don’t think the American people (he did not just say that, oh, and parenthetically, that is the source, not the original source, but close to it, where the famous talking points come from, the ones used ad nauseum by the right wing politicians who are really just puppets on a string) want shared sacrifice, I think they want shared prosperity.”  You bet they do as$hole!  Who the heck do you think you are?  Yes, we all want prosperity, but don’t you see that it is the corporations, at large, that are robbing the true AMERICAN PEOPLE of that dream becoming a reality?  But don’t let me tell you good folks that, please allow Senator Rockefeller to continue… “That’s a lovely statement, but do you understand how out of touch that IS?  I think you’re out of touch, deeply and profoundly out of touch (it happens, forgive yourself) and deeply committed, deeply and profoundly committed to SHARING NOTHING!”  Awesome statement SIR!  Five little lonely CEO’s wandering around the hallowed halls of D.C., where they had to face the Ire of the likes of a Senator Rockefeller or a Senator Chuck Schumer of New York who were ready to have these lads for lunch.  Senator Schumer nailed another of the CEO scum bags from the oil and gas industry when he asked what he would do in the tough choices between say, continuing to give out oil subsidies, tax payer subsidies, to an industry that is seeing the highest recorded profit margins and over all profit numbers in the history of mankind, or giving that money to people in this country who really need it, say the millions of college students in the form of Pell grants, or home heating oil for the elderly and the poor, with a response, a milk toast, weak kneed response of, ‘well those are two different things, two different things you have to weigh…’ and then the  Senator responding with steely eyes that seemed to burn right through the pale and weak looking CEO, “we do have to weigh those things, Sir.” That is the rub here, the republican puppet show hopes to dim the American people’s LIGHT, by offering up horse$hit misinformation, that they are betting the public will buy, because the corporate owned airwaves have them covered by way of Sunday morning talk shows that appear to be on the up and up, but, in reality, are on the ‘down low’, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, and don’t give a rat’s ass about the majority of the ‘American people’–for to them, they are just another number that buys their collective products because they have no other choice.  As the politicians like McConnell exercise their puppet arms and legs, via the strong puppet strings of their corporate masters, their hand is now quite transparent for all the world to see.  These “men” are in bed, literally and figuratively (see MMS sex/drug scandal with the oil industry they were supposed to be regulating) with the oil industry, as well as the “natural gas” industry (frack you ‘brother’s KOCH!) while the public pays these clowns salaries, like the 11.26 million dollars given every year to the guy who said, “I think the American people want shared prosperity.”  Great, let’s start with you sir, please fill out these forms so that we can apply your former salary to building those homeless shelters you have been dreaming of, you know that dream of GIVING BACK to your fellow man?  Rachel Maddow, the great reporter from my favorite station on television, MSNBC, whose show, “The Rachel Maddow Show”, airing every week night at 9 p.m. and midnight, EDT, only on MSNBC, is a must watch if you want the truth exposed in an effective and meaningful way, eliciting emotion as well as producing results in the way of waking people up to what is really going on in the dirty world of Washington politics, just ask Mr. Ensign, ‘he’ll tell ya’, yes, whose show this past week also gave us the lone Senator from the great state of Utah, a Fred Rogers stunt double, Orin Hatch, who backed up the oil and gas industry much like Joe Barton did a year ago when he apologized to bp for the mean old President of the United States, who dared call bp out and demand they set up a 20 billion dollar fund to help in the clean up and financial damage caused by the massive oil ’spill’, and begs all sorts of questions that Rachel put out there to an absent Orin, whose appearance on TRMS is as likely as his appearing in a Salt Lake City GAY PRIDE parade, with Orin being the keynote dancer, dancin’ his little heart out to his favorite rendition of “The Village People’s”, YMCA, yes, Orin Hatch, of Utah, a red meat state, dancin’ to the oldies on the Rachel Maddow show and afterwards going out for some drinks at the local gay bar…  Oh, the humanity! One of the questions Rachel would have liked to ask Orin, what kind of name is Orin anyway?, “when will oil profits equal jobs”, as the profits continue to soar, yet jobs are continuing to be shed in that industry, and two, “when will oil profits lead to lower gas prices?”  Three, “why did oil industry reverse itself in ‘05″ (at a similar hearing where oil and gas execs stated they no longer needed subsidies, when they were not making nearly what they are making now), and fourth, “why do we need to incentivize the industry at all?”  Especially when the combined REVENUES of the big five oil giants, just last year, was a whopping 1.5 Trillion dollars.  That is TRILLION with a capital “T”.  The oil industry is the most profitable industry in the history of mankind, and are directly responsible for the untold inhumane and criminal environmental damage to the GULF of Mexico– to the animals, plants and birds, to the people, the businesses and the lure of the beautiful Gulf waters…  It is so shameful and disgusting, that protocol prohibits producing any more further evidence today.  The human mind and soul can only take so much in the form of deception and run away greed that is destroying this nation from the inside out, the definition of the republican party, or, as it is known for posterity’s sake–REPUBLICORP–something stinks in Denmark indeed. I believe the definition of insanity is giving the oil and gas industry another red nickle for their damaging “work” that is so out of touch with the realities of global warming, they would need a lobotomy to see the LIGHT and change their ways.  These “men” of the oil and gas industry are merely drug pushers, the drug of choice, oil, for most American consumers, and they know it.  They also know that the American public has a short attention span and that they will believe almost anything they see, a good majority of them, on FOX NEWS. Therefore, the game is pretty easy and when the gig is up, and peak oil is upon us, after raping and pillaging our lands, it’s people and it’s wildlife, they, the corporate shark fest, will be long gone (my apologies to real sharks everywhere in the waters of the seven seas today), drinking daiquiris on the beaches of the British Caribbean, having known full well that they LIED to the American people–that is who you are subsidizing my friends. Have a great day and please check out the Sunday republican talk shows, see through them and beyond them, for it is keeping our enemies close that opens up the doors to Truth, KNOWLEDGE and the real American WAY.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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