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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 31, 2020

BOO! (4.0)

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the gorgeous blue skied, golden sun lit, cool zepher breeze led, brilliant sapphire saturated island of Nantucket! Great to  be with you on an incredible Saturday moooorning, The 31st day of October, 2020, here on famous Ocean Street in little old Hyannis, a sparkling day to be out with my Maine Coon cat “Tug”, a one eyed Maine Coon cat I might add, proving once again that I, William Montague III, I mean Bond, James Bond, is actually a double agent, posing as a humble reporter when in actuality, I plan to take over the world!

That’s right, me and my buddy “Kill” Gates, David Rockefeller, Jeff Bezos, yeah, we are all in it together!  So on this Halloween morn’, make sure you keep them masks over your masks that cover that mask we all present to our plantation day in and day out, yes, by all means, wear as many masks as you can, for believe you me, pretty soon, when you’re all chipped up and plugged into AGI, what you once did, thought, felt, said, smelled or heard will be a distant memory that we, the Elite, will not only have ownership of, via the patented RNA messengers coursing through your blood stream, yes, along with evil little, tiny, microscopic Nano bots, plenty of dead baby DNA and much, much more!, yes, all that a distant memory that we now;


New World Order…


Like a reflection, as above, so below baby!

Got it Comrade?

Yes, this little plot of ours is going along swimmingly don’t you think so slow, creepy, sleepy, Joe?

Tell us more about how your plan to bend over for the New World Order dictates to come, starting with your MASK mandate, coming martial law, forced vaccinations, FEMA detention/death camps, UN blue hat soldiers on American soil calling the shots, riots, burning, looting, murder, yes, tell me more PEDO JOE!

You and that sick, scary, crazy woman Kamala, “say my name wrong white boy and I’ll put you in a COVID coma on your way to an infested empty city hospital’, Harris, who very well may be running this circus if ‘Sleepy’ can’t hack it. “What did he say!  God Dammit!  I’ll beat him like a drum, where am I?  Who are you?  Is it nap time?” This communistic coup de tat now finally exposing the elusive “men behind the curtain” controlling USA, Inc., as the for profit at all costs corporation that it most truly IS.

I would not want to meet Ms. Harris in a dark ally, that I can advise.

The UN’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’, all 17 of them, coming mandates really, were all inspired by the fake ‘climate change’ issue, another false flag smokescreen to usher in totalitarian rule, mass genocide, famine, real bioterrorism coming in the form of airborne released, on purpose, contaminants, toxins, lethal to humans and all living things, transhumanism, cloning, singularity, AGI New World Order, RFID microchips, mass ever lasting surveillance 24/7, oh gosh yes, it’s a Hollywood produced horror flick entitled ‘Awful Angry Archons’, or, it’s first title,

“The Lizard People”…

We got a lot of push back from the reptilian community on that one, two strikes on YouTube, yikes!

The hallowing, hunger gaming, hunted, hammered, humiliated and haunting of America and what people think it once stood for will continue well into what Creepy Joe Biden calls, ‘the coming dark winter’. What an optimist!  He looked, at his rally yesterday in St. Paul, Minnesota, with Trump supporters heckling and honking hundreds of cars sending ‘ole Joe into a rage, calling them names and actually becoming, LIVE on national “TV”, that cliched ancient, warped, senile old man yelling at kids to get off his bloody lawn, God Dammit!  Good thing he had his Ray Ban Aviators on, ruining that style of sunglasses forever, so that you were shielded from his beady, little, evil black eyes that, if you look real close, reveal no soul whatsoever. He’s scarier than Michael Myers.  At least he only killed a few people as opposed to what the Elite have in store for US ALL.  He must have done some summer reading, “Operation Dark Winter”, circa 2001.

Look it up.

It’s the scariest movie I ever did SEA!

:Happy Halloween you crazy kids!

And please remember to social distance, wear your masks and for the Love of God,

stay safe in these ‘difficult times’!



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