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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 2, 2016


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again foggy, misty, mysterious, magical island of Nantucket! Third times a charm! Great to be with you on another day for ducks, ‘down on the docks’ of ye ‘ole Hyannis Harbor, The Second Day of October, 2016. The ghosts of the days of ‘yore now take over the quiet streets, beaches, forests, and dunes once roamed by tens of thousands, lo, millions of people from all over this ‘big, spinning, blue marble’ NASA’s CGI created to cover the truth. Hallelujah!

“The masses can’t handle the truth!” (credit: Jack Nicholson, in the 1992 Hollywood ‘blockbuster’, “A Few Good Men”).

Back when they made movies that had human actors and a plot making some kind of sense. Then again, perhaps these pieces of excrement released over the say, past fifteen years, chalk full of all that yummy predictive programming, get closer to that truth of what the ‘men behind the curtain’ really have up their sleeves; sorry for the mixture of the metaphors. Also starring in this ‘feel good’ film was everybody’s favorite sell out and wacky member of that hilarious, mind controlling cult of “Christian Scientists’, Tom Cruise… Beautiful Demi Moore going head to head with the brilliant Kevin Bacon, who ‘fought the good fight’ for the military industrial complex. Providing US all that famous quote that has probably been used by most adults living in the United States today; good show!

“So I lost almost a billion in ‘95, and haven’t paid taxes in 18 years? What’s the big f’ing deal? Just ask my pal Chris Christie, ‘dat beautiful, tubby, angry, paid thug.  He just said on all the scripted ‘news’ outlets ‘dat he thinks it’s a great American story of self, ah, perseverance, and ‘dat’s because I fought my way back, you know in ‘dat unique  ‘American exceptionalism’ kind of horse hockey, making all that fiat currency back and ‘den some!  Just look at my many jets!  I rest my case your honor. I ask yous’, you simple people, look at where I am now, and ax yourself this, do I not represent success and ‘dat American Dream?  More so than you know who, ‘dat I can assure you.  I became the president of ‘dis here great land, and you just don’t know it yet, what’s it called now, the North American Union? I will tell yous this, if I make another 3 a.m. call, it’s gonna be to ‘dat Hillary, leave her some of ‘dat sweet snap chat, tweeting like a crazy man, twist of a turnip if you know what I mean, tango, I love the tango, listen, if yous’ think ‘dis running for president is fun, try it!  I have aged people, please buy my product…  In closing, I would like to say that most of them masses can’t handle the truth, because we want them to think ‘dat way, keep them controlled and corralled like the sheep they truly ARE!   Stay real, ‘the Donald’ out!”


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