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October 31, 2013


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again, spooky cool and cloudy, misty and murky ‘isle of Nantucket!  Arrrrggggghhh maties!   Great to be with you and yours on this 31st day of October, 2013, Halloween afternoon, just before ‘ye ‘ole sun sets ‘ore ‘ye ‘ole sound, while the ghosts and goblins get ready to take to the night in search of high fructose syrup, dressed up as Senator Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, the gang from “FOX & Friends”, Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Paul Ryan, Speaker John Boehner, oh, and don’t forget the wicked fun likes of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, along with that sassy Ann Coulter, yeah, the whole f$%king lot of the crazy far right crew coming to your door in just about one hour from now…I can’t think of anything more frightening can you?  Actually, I can.  Many now call it “The Hunger Cliff” as epic hunger has become a giant problem in this rich nation, you know, that city, shining city, on a hill.  As Chris Hayes (host of MSNBC’s “All in with Chris Hayes“, airing 8 p.m. eastern weekly) reported on last night’s show, the hunger problem in this nation indeed becoming an epidemic.  More and more cuts are going into effect, such as the 5 billion dollar hit tonight because provisions for the 2009 stimulus package expire…a direct hit to the S.N.A.P. food stamp program, not to mention the most modest republican proposal of cutting 4 billion that will affect millions who live (on average) on $133 a month, or $1.50 a meal.  Here are some sobering FACTS regarding the hunger crisis in this country, you know, the good ‘ole US of A.

1. 50 percent of food stamp recipients are children, with seniors making up the majority of the rest.  2. 47 million people rely on food stamps or 15 percent of the population.  3. For a family of four the cuts coming down the line equal 24 fewer meals per month. 4.  The republicans in the Senate want to trim the program in the farm bill (S.N.A.P. being a part of said bill) by 4 billion, with the House republicans wishing to cut it by 39 billion, kicking 4 million people off of the program.  5. Some republicans have tried to spin these cuts as humane, such as Steve Sutherland, congressman from Florida, who said to the Washington Post, “being dependent (on food stamps) makes you more vulnerable.”  Paul Ryan, popular congressman from Wisconsin hinted we were doing the poor a favor stating, “we don’t want this safety net turning into a hammock, that lulls able bodied people into lives of dependency and complacency, that drains them of their will and intentions to make the most of their lives.”  Or this gem, “the one who is unwilling to work, shall not eat…”  So sayeth the LORD!  Oh, sorry about that, it was merely Stephen Fincher, a republican congressman from Tennessee, who must be close with ‘the Lord’ as he raked in 3.5 million dollars courtesy of the U.S. tax payer, via tax payer financed farm subsidies.  Subsidies provided by the same farm bill portraying food stamp recipients as “lazy moochers”.  6. 4 in 10 children who enjoy food stamps live in a household with at least one person working and those who don’t are looking, desperately.  Take for example, a single woman, mother of three.  She has a Master’s degree but just cannot find employment.  If it were not for food pantries and the S.N.A.P. program, most likely these children would go hungry.  7. Because of the sequester food banks and pantries are dealing with a 5 percent reduction in federal subsidies as they see the need increasing due to cuts in food stamps.  I challenge any of the members of the House or Senate (loud mouth cowards) to do a little Halloween experiment…   Have a licensed doctor temporarily (all safe and FDA approved!) remove your ability to remember stuff, like where you live, how much money you are pulling down, how many cars and garages you own, your dignity, basically the essence of what your ego has built you up to believe you ‘actually are’, ha, yes, take all of these gifts from you and cast you out into the dark, into the cold, into the abyss, doomed to an existence of living hand to mouth, soup kitchen to soup kitchen, homeless shelter to homeless shelter, wondering how you are going to feed your children while you struggle to keep the heat on for one more day… Yes, all of this while the television stations keep blaring in your ears, blinding your eyes with illuminating visions of politicians and lobbyists, pundits on cable news shows that never end, who all, in a dejavu kind of way, seem too familiar, yes indeed, as all of this is going on, as you stare vacantly into their dancing eyes, voicing their disapproval of the poor and their plethora of plasma TV’s and refrigerators, those dirty moochers, those ‘lazy blacks’ who don’t want to work, just a handout, you realize that is you and that you should feel sorry for one of your captors, congressman Fincher who was blessed by the plutocratic gods 3.5 million times!  That is what this reporter would enjoy seeing, just for once one of our friends on the ‘right’ come out and say enough is enough!  Feed OUR people, not our politicians!  What say you?  Anyway, have a safe and wicked spooky Halloween and a BIG congratulations to OUR beloved RED SOX, 2013 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!  Well done boys!  Well done indeed!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS!

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