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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 7, 2015

Boo! (2.0)

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sun struck, searingly beautiful, tranquil island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this hallowed 7th day of October, 2015.  Why is it hallowed?  Because every day is.

What can one say about Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders? Democratic challenger to Hillary Clinton.  The unions in this country must have a smile on their collective bargaining faces.  In fact those unions that made this country great, a FACT, have taken a beating over the course of this shady ‘New World Order’ coup, none so glaringly as in the great state of Wisconsin, where miraculously Governor Scott Walker is still ‘in charge’.  Thankfully not running for president anymore though.  The new democratic approach “Bernie” is taking to revive the Constitutional Right of people to form unions is all over the airwaves and WILL be noticed by the vast majority of working folk in this great land.  For how else will WE get a fair shake? The effect unions have on society is enormous, none so much as the creation of collective bargaining; forcing livable wages, health care and other essential benefits these greedy companies can most assuredly afford. When people are well fed, safe, secure, and hopeful about the future only good things can happen, and that only enhances the lives of everyone, including those at the top. Can the Republican party not SEA the writing on the wall?

WE shall witness the rebirth of this outstanding nation, mostly due to what Pope Francis calls a Miracle for Mankind, namely this here “Internet”.  A series of tubes, as it was explained to me, releasing Truth and LIGHT for the ENTIRE World to Judge and thus, Act upon for the greater good. All deeds done according to their Principals, not one’s shoved down their throat by FOX ‘news’, some hate shock jock radio a$$hole, or some schmuck corporate CEO, whose ring you not only have to kiss, but adhere to his/her outdated ‘moral compass’.  Perhaps never realizing ‘the employee’ is nothing more than a man or woman controlled by big banks, enveloped within the FOG of the ‘Fractional Reserve Banking System’, a cunning system that controls Labor by controlling the money supply, i.e. the Federal Reserve, as ‘Federal’ as Federal Express…  A system that has economic slavery at the core of it’s business model.  All hail Zod, ever bowing down to the new, or old, religion of choice for this ‘free market system’, ‘the economy’, worshiped far more than the man whose sins he died for.  Indeed, give it up for the monetary-market system, creating money out of thin air, 9 times that air right boys?  In this fractional reserve banking system, it’s weapon of choice is DEBT (or a loan), and the ammunition is accrued INTEREST.   For the interest owed, payed in money, will always be higher than the supply of money on the street, keeping society, mostly working poor, in a perpetual debt cyle, thus, controlling the money supply controls that cheap labor, growing cheaper by the day…


Have a great Wednesday folks, considering, if you so desire, throwing a smile or a buck to someone who is less fortunate than thee…


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