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December 6, 2020

Bojo the clown!

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Greetings and high salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun lit, breezy, cold, clear, calculated and quite cautious island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on a windy Sunday morning, pure azure endless skies above after an impressive Nor’easter dropped feet of snow and rain to all of New England, wicked high winds especially felt right here on little old Cape Cod…


If one could simply wave a magic wand and all of this bloody evil nonsense would just ‘disappear’ I believe that just might be the only Christmas present we could all collectively agree on, unless, of course, you are Klaus Schwab, Chairman of Davos and World Economic Forum, author of “COVID-19 and the Great Reset”, yeah, that a$$hole!

He is banking on mass genocide via vaccines, wars, famines, electromagnetic frequencies (5G), transhumanism, ‘the internet of everything’, mRNA killer vaccines, one centrally controlled (AI), world governance, one world currency, digital, chipping and surveilling all citizens currently of ‘planet’ earth, yep, ‘ole “Colonel Klink”, ‘Satan’ Klaus, would not be so keen about people waking up to the FACT this whole bloody psychological operation, “COVID”, and all the ‘new normal’ ‘mandates’ ‘rules’ ‘lockdowns’, all of it, is simply a mass smokescreen (conflated with quack ‘climate change’), and conditioning for what is about to happen next.

Why do these viruses, I mean “vaccines” need to be kept at -70 Celsius?

As previously written on seacapecod.net, the PCR tests (never meant for detecting infectious viruses of any kind per it’s creator), are not only bogus–as they can turn up the dial, amplifying genetic material found in all humans upwards of 45 or more times–like a Xerox machine–where practically anything can be found, hence more and more testing ‘positive’ for said ‘CON’VID-19(84). The increases in deaths are attributable to the mass decreases in deaths of cardiovascular disease, pneumonia, cancers, etcetera, all roads of death l rubber stamped ‘COVID-10″ baby!  This all leading up to that ‘final solution’ with all the necessary hysteria over a virus that never was, not really, for it brings us all to the MIRACLE, to the vaccine;

…the end game after all is said and done.

Just ask “Kill” Gates, he’ll tell ya!

Always TRUST the ‘experts.’ Like software developer, ‘philanthropists’ Bill and Melinda (the malevolent one), Gates, who have seen record profits in the last six years as this vaccine industry has tripled in that time.  Father, ‘Fast Eddy’, Fauci on the board of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation…

Trust the ’scientists’ please.

Moreover, we should not call these ‘tests’ at all, for they are actually delivery systems of small nanobots that break the blood/brain barrier via the long swabs that are inserted through the nose, as they collect that small sample of genetic material they can manipulate any which way they wish.

Like the fraudulent U.S. 2020 presidential election, you need more votes? No problem!  We’ll just create a water main break and get busy, you got your “80 million votes” Sleepy Joe!

Need more ‘positive’ tests in Wyoming?

To justify more lockdowns?

No problem Houston.

This was an actual advertisement in “Ted tenders electronic daily”, and it reads, “…description of procurement.  The MHRA urgently seeks Artificial Intelligence (AI) software tool to process high volume of COVID-19 vaccine ADR’s (adverse drug reactions), and ensure that no details from the ADR’s read in text are missed.”


“I’m sure it’s perfectly safe Al.”

“Bojo” (the clown), Britain’s bad boy Boris Johnson (UK Prime Minister), had a Freudian slip yesterday when he meant to have said ‘vaccines’ when that pesky truth came to the surface in these words,

“…the virus must be kept at a very cold temperature, -70 degrees Celsius”.


I am quite confident ‘ole Bojo meant ‘vaccines’, right?


Like our 35th U.S. President, Jack Kennedy, warned America in a famous 1961 speech, to the American Newspaper Publishers Association in New York, “…for we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means to expand it’s sphere of influence…”, our 28th U.S. President Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921), stated these chilling words,

“…since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately.  Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the fields of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, of something.  They KNOW there is a POWER somewhere so organized, so subtle (TV), so watchful (mass deep state surveillance), so interlocked (the internet), so complete (AI), so pervasive (COVID-19), that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in CONDEMNATION of “IT”.”

For the Love of God, do some research on your own;

make up your own mind!

Stop acquiescing to the so called ‘powers that be’, or were, for they only ‘have’ said POWER because you gave it to them!

You CHOSE to give YOURS away; (for ‘peace and security’…),

…surrendering it freely to them.

Mass Madness!

When the dust settles and the air clears, this will all make perfect sense.

But until then, keep tuned to seacapecod.net, we, like many others world wide, are slowly cleaning out the cobwebs of this ancient black magic, soon clearing all negative dark, evil, parasitic Archon energy. With  only desire for more of our fellow human beings to SEA the LIGHT and take back their God given rights and freedoms before it’s too late~

Have a super Sunday folks!


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