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April 26, 2011

Boardwalk Bounty

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning here in the fine seaside village of Osterville, the twenty sixth day of April, 2011…a cool, breezy, somewhat foggy day here in ‘this neck of the woods’, and I bid you and yours a very fine adieu.  I hope you had a peaceful Easter week end, as we all now turn our attention to the GIANT LIES created by the republican party in the form of congressman Paul Ryan’s proposal named, ‘the pathway to prosperity’, when in actuality should have been called, ‘the pathway to poverty’, as Republicorp (credit moveon.org) is making it’s best effort to make the largest transfer of wealth in this nation from the poor and the elderly a reality–gunning for what’s left of the middle class and those just struggling to make ends meet, by DESTROYING medicare and medicaid, by turning it into a VOUCHER program that gives a measly 15,000 dollars to seniors already on the most popular social program EVER in this great country of ours, a bill signed into LAW way back in the year I was born, 1965, signed by the great President Lyndon B. Johnson, who told the people of this nation that ‘no longer will seniors be left out in the cold’, creating a social contract that affects every citizen of this land, whether you are a young person or whether you are in your senior years.  It is a JOKE and a LIE, as they use their confusing jargon of ‘premium support’, as opposed to what it really is–and that being a complete dismantling of what your grandparent’s count on to provide them with humane and caring medical care as they reach their latter years.  Combine this with the Ryan’s proposal to equally dismantle medicaid, a program for the ‘least of us’ in this nation, by giving states ‘block grants’ that would, in a JUST world, be doled out appropriately to those in the greatest need–you know, those who did not have all of the advantages that you or I enjoy–a good education, a job, if you are lucky enough to have one, and a roof over your head.  This draconian move on behalf of the Republicorp ‘men behind the curtain’, the real power in D.C. right now, goes against everything that Jesus, whom most republicans identify themselves with, stood for, when he said these words–‘what you do to the least of me, you do UNTO ME…” Talk about the highest order of hypocrisy this country has ever seen, all while they are busy at work, strategists like Karl Rove and Frank Luntz, who are muddying the waters with these concepts that are intended, another LIE, to balance the budget, something the Paul Ryan’s bill would not do until the year 2040.  Meanwhile, extension of tax breaks for the top one tenth of the top one percent will be dramatically increased, begging the question, ‘are these folks for real?  ‘Are they actually Americans?’  ‘Who do they really work for?’  We all know the answer to that one, as it is that top tenth of the top one percent who are steering the ship, with freshman congressman, mostly republicans, the puppets as I like to refer to them as, continue with yet another LIE that this is what “the American people” voted for when they elected these snake oil salesmen into office in November of last year.  With rallies at ‘tea party’ events now trickling down to a barren river, devoid of any water, this argument that the republicans are using as one of their many, corporate approved talking points, the bogus statement that they are doing what ‘the American people’ want them to do, based on last year’s election results, is horse $hit.  Over 80 percent of the ‘American people’ do not approve of this monstrous plan that will only hurt our grandparent’s and the poor, while reducing the tax rates even further for the wealthiest Americans, the top two percent, which will further the distance represented in my ‘Grand Canyon’ metaphor, the growing gap between the have’s and the have nots, making it impossible to see the other side of the Canyon unless you own a pair of high powered binoculars.  Their hope is that by muddying the waters in this reverse Robin Hood move by some pretty sleazy politicians, a statement I made only a few days ago on seacapecod.net, the American people will lose interest and just go along with the flow of that greedy, un-American stand of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’, as they make their best move to turn this nation into a true PLUTOCRACY, or rule by the wealthy, taking away rights, such as union collective bargaining rights, and making it harder for new voters to register to vote, taking away the voice of those who need it more than ever, while we all wait for the onslaught of Madison Avenue ads that will be pouring in and polluting the corporate owned airwaves–via the monies that are now available through the folly of the Supreme Court’s 2009 decision to allow corporations, (Citizens United) both foreign and domestic, to give unlimited monies to the puppets, I’m sorry, candidates of their choice, the employees of Republicorp if you will.  This all on the heals of the very dangerous ground those same republican tea baggers are walking in the way of considering not raising the U.S. debt ceiling, that will make the financial crisis of 2008 look like a walk in the park–affecting world markets, and destroying the fragile recovery that this very good President, Barack Obama, has pulled off, bringing us back from the depths of reckless spending by the Bush administration, the two unfunded wars, now three, the prescription drug give away to large pharmaceutical companies, called medicare part b, again, not paid for, and finally the HUGE tax breaks for the wealthy themselves, who received those GIANT tax breaks in 2001, and 2003, again, none of it paid for, while they literally let Wall Street go all casino on us, making bets with people’s mortgages, and their pensions, bundled pieces of crap, via complicated financial instruments called derivatives or credit default swaps, where the big banks, because they are “too big to fail”, and after they all went broke, simply went to the FED, the Federal Reserve Bank, and borrowed billions at 0 interest, and then turned around and lent it out to you and me at say, 20-30 percent (creating giant profits of Wall Street firms), such as in a credit card or the like, sometimes upwards of 440 percent if you look at the shady business of “pay day loans” that prey on the poor in this nation, who live hand to mouth, and are then stuck in a cycle of debt that they cannot dig themselves out of. Is this the America we want folks? I don’t think so.  The defense budget is a dinosaur and the elephant in the room, and because we live in an eternal war, with our young men and women, hundreds of thousands of them, stationed all over the world, “to keep it safe”, from what, I have no idea, keeping what President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of in the 1950’s, that we are creating a monster in the way of an eternal military industrial complex, a big business for contractors and the like, as we start wars–such as Iraq, or the one in Afghanistan, that is now America’s longest and most pointless war, leaving out the insanity of Vietnam for a moment, that was equally useless, pointless and one of the bloodiest wars this nation has ever fought–starting these wars to MAKE MONEY for corporations like Hallibuton.  We lost that war, and we will “lose” the war in Afghanistan, that serves no real purpose any longer, as President Karzai and his corrupt government takes OUR tax dollars and moves those funds to places such as Dubai, where the wealthy, like the off shore tax sheltering countries of say, the Grand Cayman islands, hoard their money and continue to take, take, and take from the poor, hard working AMERICAN PEOPLE, who do the majority of the living and dying in this nation.  The congress is off on vacation this week, but rest assured, this fight will not go away any time soon.  The real deal is that this country does not have a ’spending’ problem, rather a REVENUE problem, where the rich and corporations have found ways to not chip in their fair share for a country that they all claim to LOVE so much, much like the profession of their LOVE for a man who walked this earth over 2000 years ago and said, as was quoted so well by my good friend from Boston, Mr. Lawrence O’Donnell, of “The Last Word, with Lawrence O’Donnell,” airing every week night at 8 p.m., EDT, only on MSNBC, when he chased down the lies of our pal and rodeo clown Rush Limbaugh, where he said, “what would Jesus do?”, well, really, “what he said was what would Jesus take?”  Lawrence, and I greatly appreciate what he has done lately in calling out these buffoons, said this in response to Rush, as he quoted Jesus and his words that have stood the test of “time”–words stated by a man who many believe to be the son of GOD.  “It is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of Heaven.” The translation of the phrase ‘eye of a needle’ is not what you may think it is, it is actually a practical metaphor for what was then, in the days of Jesus, narrow passage ways in ancient buildings or structures all over the Middle East at the time, where it would be impossible to negotiate a giant 2000 plus pound animal like a camel (representing all of the wealth some carry around with them) through such a narrow passageway, thus, not allowing that individual to pass into the Kingdom of GOD.  “What you do to the least of me, you do unto me…” This is a very powerful truism that the republicans cannot ‘talk’, or, rather, LIE their way out of.  Especially when it is the religion they all speak and spout about with such arrogance, and a ‘holier than though’ attitude.  The country is catching on to who these THIEVES really are, as they attempt to “throw (grand) momma from the train”(credit the film of the same name, starring Billy Crystal and Danny Devito)… a great guy I met when I was up at the Sundance Film festival in 2004, whose movies, such as “the Big Kahuna” gave us all pause to reflect on just how important ‘getting to the top’ no matter the damage one causes in doing so, really is, and how, perhaps, this country has truly moved away from it’s core moral values-with one of those being a promise that was born out of the “NEW DEAL” and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who passed another highly popular government program into LAW in the 1930’s–Social Security, that is not only solvent, but should not be put into the hands of the thieves of Wall Street who will only turn that horrible idea of privatizing it, into yet another money maker for the coming PLUTOCRACY, which, in a large part, is already upon us.  However, having said that, people like, as ED Shultz said on his show last night when interviewing my favorite Senator, the great Independent Bernie Sanders from the great state of Vermont, a state I call home as well, as that is where I attended college and can see the wisdom of their approach to not only health care, but to many other social issues facing the country today, issues that are not met with hate, fear and violence, but with compassion, grace, humility and fiscal and social responsibility, from everybody, not just those who are in power and in that position, for the moment, to gain the system.  The number one solution is to dismantle the corrupt tax code that must be overhauled in order to get revenue in the door and start living like we all live TOGETHER in a civil society, devoid of the demonetization and LIES promulgated mostly, if not exclusively, by those on the ‘right’ side of the aisle.   Stay tuned, same bat station, same bat time, again, not to be confused with the bat$hit station over at FOX NEWS, now all over the country, as they poison the well, night after night, with the LIES that are handed down to them, from on high, by the likes of ‘the brother’s KOCH’, again, not to be confused with the ‘brother’s GRIM’, although, even in those sometimes frightening fairy tales, do not even come close to just how scary these moguls, these ‘captains of industry’ really are and where they want to take this nation.  Have a wonderful day folks and please say a prayer, if you wish, for the good people of Japan, who are still struggling with the massive radiation leak that gets little in the way of press these days. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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